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18 watchingI had Broward custom built this trailer to a deck length of 35' in August2013 to allow me to enter some of the smaller marinas in California and Florida. New and Used Boat trailers for sale ( all sizes)We ship at a resonable fee we have trailers going to S. But before you can tow your new boat, you need to check out some used boat trailers to get you to the water. Boat trailers are built to various lengths, and can haul up to a certain amount of weight, so size should be your first consideration before purchase.

A small speedboat fits on a 20-foot trailer, but large boats can require at least a 48-foot trailer.
If you have a pontoon boat, you should search for used pontoon boat trailers that can handle the length and weight of the pontoons. You also need to decide between a scissor trailer that fits between the pontoons, or a bunk-style trailer that sits under the pontoons.
Scissor trailers are typically easier to load and unload, but bunk-style trailers offer more support for the pontoons, which creates a sturdier tow.

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