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A common policy of most boat manufacturers is to prohibit dealers from publishing any price other than MSRP.
Can you please tell me how to use HDPE tubes as floaters, and how to connect the pontoons to the structure.
If there is no price listed for a new boat, it is because we are complying with the manufacturer's requirements.
I have 3 solar panels of 130W each and 4 of N200 12 v batteries.I have an inverter for the microwave and coffee machine.

I think 4 panels and another 2 batteries would be better.Biggest draw of course is the fridge at 50W.
We like the recyclable feature.Hopefully we can make it fully solar powered, with minimal reliance on petroleum (if at all).
Just through bolted across the tubes with an internal plate to brace (like a big washer but 100x100x12mm). Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials.

Will get 4000 rpms but not sure what speed it is doing then, quicker than most!Weighs 7.5 tons all up with 1000L of water.
Nice to have never needed a a generator or motors to boost for 5 years - so peaceful compared to the others you hear chugging away at anchor.

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