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In stock we have: Baja high performance power boats, Crownline cruisers, Mariah fishing boats, American Offshore, Cigarette high performance offshore powerboats as well as Boston Whaler fishing boat. 1999 Boston Whaler 16' Dauntless fishing boat for sale Gulf Coast Power boat is dealer for Stingray & Ocean Express catamaran fishing boats dealer near Houston.
During an early fall fishing trip, Mike Mitchell, my son-in-law, and I were fishing in Jones Lake when we noticed a serious looking storm approaching from the northeast. A more recent picture of my Wife, Layla, the wonder Dog, Spike, our 1982, Jeep Scrambler, and with the old ranch house, now my office, in the background. Several other anglers were in line and waiting their turn to retrieve their boats and I was fourth in line. The storm hits us full force, a deluge of rain, lightning popping all around and the wind shaking the jeep. Brad and Randy pick me up at the hospital the next morning, crutches and all, and we head off to meet Mac Windsor, Rick Smith and R. Putting together a collection of my stories about all of the storms and natural disasters I have been in, one comes to the fore and shows how conditions can quickly move past hazardous and become deadly!White OutIn the spring of 2005, several months before I retired, I had planned to get an early start on a Saturday morning and drive to Goldthwaite and arrive before lunch. Nothing to load up so I climb into my 4WD, Suburban and head out noticing that there is about 200 yards of visibility, again not strange. The low railroad bridge across Highlands Bayou, Bayou Vistaa€™s outlet to Galveston Bay and Jones Lake, prevented large boats from passing under it, so I became a 2 boat fisherman.
That something was a 13a€™ Boston Whaler, no motor, no steering controls and a worn out trailer.
New Yeara€™s Eve of 1981 was a memorable event because we, the three couples that collectively owned the house in Bayou Vista; Jerry and Sammie Masters, my brother-in-law and his wife, Jim and Pat Buck and my ex-wife and I, decided to jointly put on a big New Yeara€™s Eve party in our new beach house. Bayou Vista is a community of over five hundred homes nestled between Highlands Bayou on the north and overlooking Jones Lake to the south. From Boat Rentals, Boat repairs, or if you are looking to buy a boat, need parts or service in the Dallas Fort Worth area see our directory of Boating Services.

A June 1, prior to turning over the boat keys to its new owner, I took one last trip into Jones Lake and it paid off with three nice Reda€™s, 21, 23 and 26 inches long.A  Releasing the fish I thought of all the memories, fun and excitement I have had in my over, fifty year relationship with the Gulf Coast and a twang of regret flashed through my mind that it was over. I see Mike head under the bridge over Highlands Bayou and for a degree of safety, using the boata€™s motor to keep it headed into the wind. Roy Collins a former Galveston Bay fishing guide, and I trailered it to the base of the Texas City Dike, put in there and go screaming of to the northeast to drift around Dollar Point.
Local Get Ratings Reviews on Boat Rental Charter with Photos, Maps, Driving Directions and more. Definitely a€?big watera€? and not the best place for a 13 footer, even a Whaler!There were probably a dozen other large boats drifting in the Dollar Reef area. Location Fulton, Texas condo rentals, Fulton, Texas beach houses, Fulton, Texas cabin Incredible fishing and boating with Kayak and boat rentals available. I dona€™t know why he is pointing, so with only a bikini top on the jeep and the windows rolled up, I might as well be standing outside in the rain. It is a highly elevated, curving, exit to the west and the fog almost, it seems, touches the Suburbana€™s top!Clicking on my blinkers, the traffic report comes on, every 20 minutes on weekends, instead of the 10 minutes on work days, and reports heavy fog on Beltway 8 around Texas 288, The Nolan Ryan Expressway, 5 miles ahead. Never having drifted in the Whaler before, I mistimed and misdirected my first drift and before I knew it I was drifting into a twenty-three foot Mako. Located on Lake Sam Rayburn Marinas and Boat Rentals – Sign up for our email updates and stay in touch with the Lake Sam Rayburn community. The wind is rocking the Jeep, so I maneuver to point the Jeepa€™s hood directly into it.Now as I glance upwards, I see what Mike was pointing at, a tornado curled up into the cloud above us. Slow going for a ways!On the a€?Racewaya€?, er Beltway, posted speed is 65 MPH, which is ignored, and most motorist clip along a 75 or 80, but today wea€™re down to 40 and nearing 288, traffic slows dramatically, red lights glaring, hazard lights blinking and we enter a white world. The radio blares, a€?There has been a series of major accident on Beltway 8 between Hillcroft and Cullen, and reports from the scene say the Beltway is closed.a€?Closed it is and the fog is so thick I can barely make out the reflections of the cara€™s lights to my front. It resembled a black corkscrew, twisting up into a dark gray cloud and coming down out of the cloud, directly toward us. Behind me I hear a grinding CRASH, and brace for a hit that never comes.Wea€™re stopped and nothing to do but listen to the radio, that is now getting a better report from the authorities. It hits like a bomb, knocking mud and water a good one hundred feet into the air and goes of skipping across the marsh, over the railroad tracks and then back up into the cloud.The rain lets up, the wind dies down, out peeps the sun and we load up the Whaler.

The Beltway is closed both ways and at least 100 cars are involved in the chain reaction accident on the inbound side and around 1,000 cars are stuck and fogged in.
Deaths and injuries are reported and we are still 2 to 3 miles from the accident site.Sirens are blaring from every direction as police and sheriffa€™s officers begin to arrive all along the Beltway.
They begin moving cars off of the Beltway and soon Ia€™m on the access road, still heading west, but stopped.
We creep along and in some places the fog seems so thick that it must be impenetrable.After about an hour, we begin creeping along side the scene of the most deadly accidents and then, the fog lifts, just like that! Cars are piled into each other and resemble accordions, reminding me of scenes from a€?The Highway Of Deatha€? in Kuwait; some cars are upside down on the grades leading up the overpasses, with radiator fluid, gasoline and oil pooled on the road surface, people are milling around stunned and law officers are everywhere. We continue our creep for 600 or 700 yards and up ahead I see the law directing us back on to the Beltway, in bright sunshine!We couldna€™t get out of our vehicles and help since we were being herded along. All I could do was say a prayer for those involved and thank the Lord that I was 15 minutes late. Blinding rain and the next thing I know water is up around my ankles, the gas tank is afloat and the rain is still pouring down! At the time I didna€™t have a Tempo Two-Way drain plug on the boat that would have let the water drain out, so the water keeps rising and we start bailing. I pour the shrimp out of the thirty-three quart cooler that I was using as a bait bucket and seat, and we finally make headway against our small flood.Ankle deep, the rain stops. I reinsert the plug and we go screaming back to our trailer, and I think to myself, no more big water for this little boat.I will say one thing about the little Whaler, it didna€™t sink. These boats are made with positive flotation, and as their advertisement shows, you can cut one in half and it wona€™t sink!I bought and installed a Tempo Drain Plug that afternoon.

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