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If your requirements lean to the hard-core equipment side, Lowe's totally redesigned 2009 Roughneck Jons are your ticket.
Finally, a Jon boat that doesn't need any additional assembly to meet your serious duck hunting and angling requirements. Lowe surveyed hunters and anglers nationwide to determine the specific features dedicated sportsmen demand.
The removable driver's seat is constructed from super-tuff polyethylene for years of service. Like the skid-resistant bedliner in a pickup, super-tuff Gator-Skin™ is weather and impact resistant.
Roughnecks are built to take a pounding, so we use H-34 marine aluminum for its high tensile strength and flexibility. Roughneck boats are specifically engineered to integrate their key components including the outboard, trolling motor and trailer to ensure optimum compatibility and maximum performance.
SuperLock™ is a fully integrated design and construction technol-ogy that ensures that every com-ponent from gunnels to hullbottom are bonded together inone cohesive unit.

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This added toughness is what gives the Frontier series the advantage over typical jons for hunting, fishing and work applications.
As a result, most of the requested features like massive bow storage boxes and livewells, a bilge pump, built-in pedestal seat bases and running lights that are now standard in '09 Roughnecks - simply aren't found in competitive jon boats. Its unique sprayed-in Polyurea® coating seals the interior and acts like an insulator to dampen vibration for a quieter ride while moderating extreme hot and cold temperatures to the touch. These blinds are built for serious duck huntersthat demand maximumconcealment whileproviding bowto transom boatcoverage. While that may be OK for the casual angler or hunter, Roughnecks are designed to meet the requirements of the serious sportsman.
Gilmore Marine is a premier dealer of Bass, Crappie, Mod-V and Deep-V aluminum fishing boats. However, to match your specific requirements, Roughnecks are available in Tiller, Side Console, Center Console and Tunnel Hull Center Console configurations.

The extruded center keel and formed in running strakes add torsional strength and stability, improve tracking, cornering and planing all while generating less spray.
Hulls, transoms, bulk-heads, decks, stringers, ribs andgunnels are assembled as a trulylocked-together, bonded system.Aluminum decks andfloors with no woodprovide a lighterweight, highlydurable boat.
They feature a massive internal grid of longitudinal stringers running from bow to stern combined with transverse ribs placed on 10" centers with sprayed foam tying the entire assembly together in a fully bonded unit. Massive bow storage boxes, a bilge pump, pedestal seat bases and running lights are all standard.
Optional colors include Sterling for a dressier finish and hand-applied camo for hunting; including Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and Mossy Oak Break-Up patterns.

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