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Ranger Industries installs only top quality MADE IN CANADA aluminum gutter guards from Alu-Rex.
It has an original "high gloss" finish that has been maintained over the years with polishing and TLC.
Ranger boats have a mystique all to themselves among many bass fishermen, and some people will not fish with any other type of boat. Their patented design is strong, well engineered, and they carry a 40 year no clog warranty.

In the automotive wheel and tire industry, many wheels are categorized as either a€?hub-centrica€? or a€?lug-centrica€?. Fortunately, with a wide inventory of 15-inch 6 lug wheels on eBay, doing just that is simple. For example, 15x8 5 lug wheels and 15x10 6 lug wheels are available, so you can find what fits your car. Made from metal materials such as steel and aluminum, the wheels are designed to hold up against the elements when exposed to the road.

The wheels come in finishes including chrome and black, though some are painted for added flair. A wide variety of designs and spoke patterns are also available, giving you even more to choose from.

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