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Every boat enthusiast has the boat of their dreams sketched in extreme detail in their mind.
The current Sea Doo Boat Fleet is made up of nine models, which are broke down into four categories; Recreation, Musclecraft, Sport, and Luxury Performance. The Sea Doo boat Recreation category is made up of the 230 Challenger (SE and SP), the 180 Challenger (SE and SP), and the Islandia SE. The Islandia SE also seats up to twelve individuals, and is offered with a 430 HP power package.
Sea Doo Boats has strived to offer a quality product for virtually any type of water sport enthusiast. The size of the engine, the exact shade of burgundy on the pinstripe, and even the exact song playing when it jumps to life.
Sea Doo Boats prides itself on offering the consumer both mid range and high range quality Jet Ski boats. One way to understand the difference in variations is that the SP tends to be the standard models, and the SE’s are higher quality.
The Islandia SE also has comforts such as a changing room and a porta-potty, thus making it a family oriented favorite.
The 230 Wake and the Speedster Wake combine style and performance in a very contemporary way. You can edit the content that appears here by visiting your Widgets panel and modifying the current widgets in Sidebar 2.

The most powerful in this category would be the 230 Challenger SE which can top out at around 510 HP, and seats up to twelve individuals. Both offer a focus on wakeboarding by having the WakeBoost System, as well as the Perfectpass Wakeboard Pro.
Or, if you want to be a true ninja, you can add your own content to this sidebar by using the appropriate hooks. Sea Doo Jet Boats are made with jet motors, whereas most of the ski boats on the market today are offered with either V-Drive or D-Drive. If a boat enthusiast is looking for something that will meet the thirst for speed then the 200 Speedster and the 150 Speedster are worth more than a glance. These enable the driver to adjust the speed and wake size to accommodate whatever the skill of wake boarder currently is. The one feature that this model sports that many of the others do not is that of a depth finder.
It is in excellent condition and although there are a few small marks on the boat, would suit someone who is looking for a near new boat.
The 200 Speedster sports twin Rotax 4-TEC engines that operate at around 430HP, and can seat up to 7 individuals. Although there is no hour meter, I would estimate the total hours of use to be no more that 150hrs.
If you are looking for something different with real performance and handling, self draining floors, comfortable hugging seats, swimming platform and sun deck, then do‘t go past this boat.

Top speed in excess of 90 kph and a sheer delight to operate and the steering is finger light with just ove half a turns from lock to lock.
Comes complete with CD radio and waterproof speakers, icebox, 2 anchors, lifejackets, first aide kit, flares, braked trailer and both trailer and boat are Qld registered until April 2010. I have replaced the trailer runners to full nylon, so the boat glides easily on and off when launching and retrieving. Hull and deck colour is basically white and blue and upholstery is white ,silver and purple.
The boat has always been kept in a shed with its fitted Seadoo cover on (Cover is in good condition but a bit faded). I am a bit of a boat nut and believe in keeping them in as close to perfect condition as possible. If you would like more information please email Phil at or phone 0425 210432 The boat is located at Yandina Queensland.

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