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When Sea Ray called to say it had implemented a program that reduced noise levels aboard its boats by as much as 12 decibels, I politely reminded the company that I wasn’t the type prone to wearing a cap lined with tin foil.
A decibel is a ratio representing a 10-base logarithm and used to measure the loudness of sound. The main sound culprit aboard is vibration from the engine, props and action of the hull moving through the water. One of the coolest implementations I saw was a material that looks like Kraft paper, which Sea Ray uses in its hull laminate.
As the boat got quieter, the engineering team discovered more and more sources of noise, and attacked them. Still, a 9 dB reduction is outstanding: the average sound level for similar boats at that speed, according to our test database on our website, is 94 decibels.
All of these areas of the 260 Sundancer showcase the quality that people expect from Sea Ray.
By purchasing a used Sundancer 260, substantial savings can be realized when compared to purchasing a new one.
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I’ve been collecting “dB(A)” readings for Boating boat tests for 16 years and never saw noise levels reduced by anywhere near that amount.
Thwarting vibration at these various sources and preventing vibrations that can’t be damped from traveling to the ears of the crew are the prongs of the spear with which Sea Ray killed the noise. Examples include a gasket beneath the windshield to prevent air leaks from whistling and acoustically insulated drink holders to keep noise from entering the cockpit.

Additionally, the boat without Quiet Ride produced a threecycles- per-second thrum in the soles of my bare feet. This is an important consideration;  exploring nearby shores and towns can be fun, but within a couple months the itch to go see other areas will set in.
Sound is cumulative, coming from a variety of sources and adding up to the racket that makes conversation difficult, wears us down sooner than we’d normally tire and can even cause hearing damage with prolonged exposure, according to experts. Anyone looking for a boat to take on trips will find the used Sea Ray 260 Sundancer to be a superb value. This model is suited for anything from a day at a nearby beach to a week-long outing at nearby marinas. On sunny days, there is plenty of room for people to enjoy the pleasant weather on the deck. The quality is seen in everything from the mechanics of the boat to the comfortable cushions.
For more than a half century, they have been building some of the finest power boats on the market.
Sea Ray says the fabric creates no loss of strength or integrity, a fact I confirmed in talks with other boatbuilders. Sea Ray is considering developing its own blower motor to replace the noisy ones currently on the market. Even the simple details, such as handy cup holders, were not overlooked during design and manufacturing.
You can easily see that Sea Ray installed gaskets or bumpers on all hatches and doors aboard. Bulkheads and panels surrounding the engine compartment are constructed with acoustical insulation.

Sea Ray’s Quiet Ride technology proves that it doesn’t have to be part of the boating experience. The full galley is large enough to hold food for several days; it also is spacious enough to prepare meals in without a hassle. Power and Associates and the National Marine Manufacturers Association for excellence in customer service. Perhaps the savings of a used Sundancer 260 could be used for the first trip on the used Sea Ray. You might also notice the rare earth magnet used to secure the swim ladder hatch, and the robust dog latches that now replace the rattle-prone slam latches used widely in the industry. Running identically powered 250 SLX bowriders, one with Quiet Ride and one without, I recorded a 9 dB(A) reduction in noise at 4,000 rpm while seated at the aft bench.
This quality reassures purchasers that their Sundancer will be dependable for years to come.
So I boarded an airplane to the boatbuilder’s Knoxville, Tennessee, headquarters to judge the new technology it’s installing in select model boats, called Quiet Ride, with my own ears — and a decibel meter.
The sturdy spring brackets used to stow accessories like table pedestals also add to the hush. Robotic drilling assures precise installation of hardware, so cleats, chocks, hinges and other deck jewelry don’t add to the din.

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