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Are you getting bored with too many articles and stories about Grantham Stardusts, Victress S1As, Chicagoans, and Glasspars???   Seeing too many Byers, Woodill Wildfires, Venus Sports Cars, and Le Mans Coupes in museums and shows?   Well good news gang!  I have a new hobby for you….
Hope you enjoy the pix gang, and let me know who’s the first to get a forgotten fiberglass boat to hook up to their forgotten fiberglass car.
Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. The outboard performance boat scene took a major step forward with Hydro Stream introducing their Viper model. They were a part of the model mix that took the small company to the level of building 25 boats a week. As outboards got bigger in weight and horsepower the little Viper was too small and too short to controllably handle the highest Horsepower engines.
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They certainly reflect the concave-convex hull and deck treatment that gave all the Hydro Stream boat models strength and stiffness at a light weight.
Another speed secret was a rather complex hull bottom shape from the company’s boat designer and company owner Howard Pipkorn that took more of the hull out of the water and into the air than his competition. Then the Coast Guard made a rule about horsepower limits in various sized outboard powered boats, using a formula to arrive at a Horsepower limit for a given boat. It comes with a good running 70hp Mercury motor that is on the boat and a 60hp Flying Scott with all the controls that I don't know if the Scott runs or not. Air is less dense than water, therefore the more the boat “flies” in the air the faster it goes for a given horsepower engine. It also comes with the trailer and all the accessories that are in the picture with the Scott engine. This show quality boat was restored by Rob Dapron (PacificNorthwest Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society). Most of Howard’s boats used shapes that progressively narrowed the amount of running surface in the water as speed increased and this is seen with the Viper boat design.

Described as“PRISTINE” in a feature article in Boating World Magazine, I have extensivedocumentation, photos of restoration and letters from the top local classic boatmechanics describing the boat to be in great mechanical condition. Without a lot of hull in the water, waves, chop, and boat wakes can impact your high speed run.
I have 8year old twins that love to get pulled around the lake a few times everysummer, the boat is currently winterized or shrink wrapped for transport. These earlyboats do have a shallow hull compared to modern boats, so you have to take iteasy in rough water. Feel free to contact me if you have anyquestions, I am not very mechanical- I just like to relax on the water Dave(801) 404-3566Great boat to pull with a classic car or vintage pick-up truck. Great fins.Prefer $500 down payment via PayPal and remaining purchase price on pick-up or shipping arrangement.

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