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TK Watersports along with our affiliates and sponsors is your sourse for New and Used boats from MasterCraft, Malibu, Correct Craft, Natique, Moomba, Supra, Supreme, Calabira, Tige, Centurion, Axis, Sanger, MB and More. Dont forget to SIGN UP on our VIP GUEST LIST her at the mansion and well to upgrade them boardshorts from last year to some new 2013 boardshorts as you dont want to be rocking a new boat with your old gear! With names like Nautique, Tige, Moomba, Malibu and many others, if it has a board rack and a boomin’ stereo, good chance this is the place for you. With summer in full action and tempatures rising its a must to be in or around the water in your home town.

Now for most people we know that the only way you are getting to the lake is if someone invites you as you probably dont have the boat just waiting for you at the dock, nor can you just hook up the one from the garage, halla at your friends, pack up the rig and tow it down to your nearest lake for some serious action. So with that being said we know now that many people are in the shopping mode for a new toy aka boat (Ladies – Best Gift for a Man) to join us all at the lake next weekend. So as we rock last years 2012 wakeboard boat this summer we encourage all you boat shoppers and enthusiast’s to have a sneek peak at the all NEW 2013 Tige Z1 in the video below. This 21ft master piece is just what one man needs to get on the lake and to get cool instantly!

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