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Time at the lake is precious, and lifting docks heavier than your boat will end your season with a hernia. With nothing more than a wrench or two and 5 minutes of your time, you can convert your heavy, cumbersome old dock into an easy to install roll-in dock. Is that heavy old dock making your back ache?  Are new docks from the local marina just too expensive?
These do-it-yourself boat dock wheel kits take the hassle out of removing and installing your lake docks every year. Please remember to check out our Zero Liability Return Policy so you can order with confidence! A: There are 2 key points you must review to ensure the roll-in wheel kit will fit your dock.
A: The dock wheels are the best wheels on the market and can support a weight of 700lbs each, so no, they will not crush under normal use. Use your cordless drill to lower the Easy-Level™ leveling legs until the lift is level in the optimum water range and the wheels are off the bottom.
There are now a good number of options on the market to assist with the installation and removal of a freestanding boat lift. This system is designed to remain in place throughout the season; the wheels can be raised to allow the boat lift foot pads to rest on the lake bottom, which eliminates the need to remove the wheels as in other installation kits. The system is set up to be manually adjusted with a socket or wrench but due to the newness of this system we haven’t had enough feedback at this time to state one way or the other the effectiveness of this system in deeper water conditions.  Some customers have reported that the bolts that hold the attachment plates in place on the lower frame needed to be reversed to prevent interference with the lift cradle, and others have remarked the cost was prohibitive but overall the system has been very popular.

This system is economically priced when compared to some of the more “high end” systems on the market and has proved very popular. This system from Craftlander™ is rated at 1000lbs per unit and designed to get your boat lift over any terrain and into and out of the water using standard 5-bolt automotive tires.  The system uses a similar attachment setup to the Craftlander™ poly wheel kit but has the added axle and hub assembly allowing any 5-bolt auto tire and rim to be used on the lift. ShoreStation™ makes a very similar product to Craftlander™ in that the Spindle and Hub assembly from ShoreStation™ is designed to use 5 bolt automotive tires but has the added feature of bearings in the hub assembly.  This system is also rated at 1000lbs per unit and the addition of the wheel bearings makes for a smoother movement of the tire. This system is good for getting your boat lift in and out of the water but is designed mainly for open road transport of your lift.  There have been instances, when in use, of the grease caps coming off and grease oozing out of the fittings, a situation that can be quite messy, but which doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of the system as a whole.
This wheel kit is a fixed spindle set that requires the wheels to be removed in most cases when the lift has been set in the water. At Northwoods Dock, we know buying a used boat lift or dock accessory is a difficult decision.
State-of-the-art mechanical NFB steering system with extra mechanical advantage and larger engine capability.
Locates on the same mountings as the Teleflex SAFE-T Quick connect helm, allowing easy upgrade from your SAFE-T system to an NFB system.
The Boat Lift AdvantageA boat lift accounts for only a small percentage of your boating expense, yet it greatly reduces maintenance, pays for itself, and adds enjoyment to your boating experience.
Factors to considerFactors that you should consider when choosing your FLOE or Sunstream aluminum product. By far, the most familiar and popular are wheel kits, so we have provided some information below about kits that we have used.  All of these kits have proven effective in getting boat lifts into and out of the water regardless of the state of the lake bottom.

The system can be easily operated with a cordless power drill, wrench, or socket and will raise and lower your boat lift with speed and safety. This particular type of install kit is probably the one you are most familiar with, given the ease of attachment and use it has proven to be very popular among boat lift owners. This axle and hub assembly is very effective, however the use of automotive tires does add some weight and unless you have some spares on hand you may have to acquire some from your local used auto parts warehouse or junkyard.  The other thing to consider with automotive tires is that they are prone to going flat unlike the poly tires used on the other systems. If you have to transport you lift any significant distance seasonally, then this installation kit from ShoreStation™ can be combined with a tow hitch attachment to get the job done, a design feature missing from other installation kits on the market. We hope you'll contact us and give us an opportunity to answer any questions you might have.
The mechanical NFB steering helm contains a patented clutch mechanism that engages when the wheel is not being turned and automatically disengages whenever it is turned, providing the driver with improved comfort and control. All the images in this website are the property of Paradise Dock & Lift Inc., Sunstream Boat Lifts and Floe International.
Our product line-up consists of a wide variety of choices suited to both freshwater and saltwater.

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