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Back in the early days before small engines, when Whitehall rowboats were considered the best working boats on the harbor, the 17′ Whitehall traditional rowboat was the favored size. For the traditional rower, this model represents a boat that is practical and perfect for rowing in lakes, rivers, or on the ocean.
We encourage you to contact us by phone when placing a boat order to ensure that details are handled in the best manner possible. The Whitehall Spirit® 14 Sailing rowboat is fast under sail and can easily exceed its rowing speed of 5 knots as it slips lightly across the water. First Time Out by Stephen Hodges - Stephen Hodges of Tallahassee, Florida forwarded us this letter he wrote to another admirer on his new Whitehall Spirit 14 sailing model’s first day afloat.
The mainsail and jib are identical to those on the regular sailing model, although a clew outhaul tackle is included on the boom, and the mast is 6″ longer and rigged to hoist the roller furling light air jib. The mast simply lifts out to stow within the boat and easily breaks down into two parts for easier onboard storage. This sailing rowboat features built-in buoyancy forward and aft, and is shown here with the optional removable solid teak floorboard system. To download a PDF to your computer, right-click on the link and select “Save link as”, “Save target as”, or “Download linked file”.
Please note that I now have built a newer pair of oars, with smaller diameter handrgrips, and large weights made of wood inboard of the rowlocks for oar balance. Please note that this is the axle system I am using now, however I have upgraded to a solid steel 16mm diameter axle, as the hollow aluminium axle was not strong enough.
Note that I had worked on the lines for quite some time, making small changes here, small changed there. A finer bow may create a faster boat, yet a more full bow will rise up into a heavy sea, and in so doing keep the water out.

Now each of the twelve rowboats above has their plusses and minusses, I might go into a little discussion about each of the above and why I chose not to build it. Shenandoah Whitehall - a much easier boat to cartop as it is way lighter, possibly not ideal for very rough weather, maybe I am just unduly cautious when it comes to skin on frame in open seas. This was the rowboat that could be easily handled by one person alone, but could also carry up to six people plus cargo.
The woodwork is solid teak finished in hand-rubbed oil, meaning maintenance is not an issue, and will require only about three hours per year. Thought you’d like to know that I got my Whitehall Spirit 14 out on the water for the first time this weekend. The mast is also built in two parts with a carbon fiber sleeve, enabling compact stowage inside the boat.
An “Ocean Tender Floor” is available as well, which adds substantial extra reserve buoyancy (an important safety feature) to the boat, perfect for when the boat is used as a ship’s tender or shoreboat. A rowboat is compromise between many competing factors, for example a narrower beam might give better performance in very rough conditions, as happens with a dory, but at the expense of the boat being less welcoming for those less used to small boats. Trouble was Caravelle was built after I built mine, of all the boats here Caravelle is by far the most similar, a very good boat indeed. In those early days, Whitehall boats were used by everyone from the harbor police to water taxi operators in ports like New York City. Copper rivets and roves are used on the gunnel, and the metal fittings are custom-cast bronze. Boat speed can easily be maintained for smooth tacking in light airs, in spite of the long tracking keel. The mainsail on this standing lug style rig can be tacked across in full control using only the mainsheet.

Possibly could do with a fraction more beam in the bottom panel (3cm or so), a bit lighter would be a plus too. If the boat is too tender, then although the boat may have excellent rough water capabilities, if people are not confident in using it, then if will not be used. In North America we will custom deliver your Whitehall Spirit® right to your door, dock or marina.
The jib is useful in heavy winds when the main can be dropped, rolled on the boom, and stowed inside the boat next to the gunnel. A removable center thwart would be a plus, so I could sleep in it more easily, versus the fixed thwart I have now.
When taking a group of passengers for a ride, using only the forward rowing stations works well.
We can arrange for worldwide shipping by air or sea and have provided crating and export assistance for over twenty years. It is hand-rubbed with three coats of our special outdoor oil – teak does not require varnish finish. This sailing rowboat is perfect if you want to travel long distances, explore coastal waters, lakes, or rivers, or if you would simply like the best of the best. Needing only 6 inches of water with the keel and rudder fully retracted, it can tuck into quiet, unexplored, and uncrowded spots.

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