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Speed Strip is the ultimate strip planking material for many applications in boat building, repair and restoration.
Speed Strip has been successfully used to build mono-hulls and multi-hulls up to 200 feet in length. Even with complex shapes, Speed Strip planks snap together quickly and securely without a tendency to override each other when twisted.
Speed Strip is manufactured and supplied in the United States exclusively by Maritime Wood Products under license from Joseph Thompson & Co. For more information about the advantages of building with Speed Strip Planking System, please click here. From vertical grain lumber for stringers to flat sawn lumber for laminated curved stems, Maritime Wood Products sources and supplies the best clear Douglas Fir available. We source select Khaya Mahogany and can supply custom milled planking in any thickness for cold molded construction. Do rust stains mean the fasteners are failing?The boat is ironed fastened and has stains bleeding out on some of the fasteners. If the boat's to your liking and the boat has only been half done look at the price, if its cheap do the math, ask a ship wright.There's a few simple tests that cost little, like ask who did the work, or you like it take the plunge, make it the head turner that got your attention.It's just wood and bolts and they move and you will hear lots of stories like why did I sell that boat?
Yes I agree with the comment to pull a few fastenings to check out their in wood diameter.Having a sprung bow plank in a gale off the cape is not the time to find out that the rust stain was a tell tale "colour sign" of a deeper fastening issue. If you wish to add more photos (or videos) to your post or if you have any problems loading photos use the link below (there is no need to resize or adjust your photos). So, before selecting your photo please use the 'Message Box' to indicate to which post the photos belong. Over the decades I have amassed literally tons of great boat "fix it" stuff and have just about everything from A as in anchoring to Z as in zincs, for commercial and private vessels.
The one below has descriptions of all kinds of boat batteries, wet cell, gel cell, absorbed glass mat, NiCad. How they are built, how they are charged, how they are discharged, the scientific and electrical properties. And of course, a worldwide manufactures and dealer network site for every electronic gadget you can install.

Along the past decades, more and more people have learned how to use hand and power tools for their diy wood working projects and a lot has been done lately in the diy boat building area. A lot of these people are turned off by the thought of making something that is not all square corners.
Constructing the first boat, doesn’t matter how small it is, is an experience not to be soon forgotten.
In this article I would like to show you some types of boat bottom that is commonly used in boatbuilding.
You can see on the picture in the post the essential differences between the framing of flat,  vee, arc, and round-bottomed hulls. The profile, which is precision machined to a tolerance 0.015 mm, allows room for the tongue to rotate up to 7 degrees while holding firm in the groove.
It requires half the mold stations and frames, minimum fastenings and less glue (because of reduced glue squeeze-out).
Matched and sequenced boards are also available for applications such as classic Chris Craft and Riva restorations. So I would be wondering what type of fastenings were used in the refastening below the water line and replace with a galvanically compatible metal as the old galvanized iron fastenings are no longer available in some areas. The owner says that they do not need replacing- but the boat- 43 foot sailboat was built in the 30's. I believe the website had been done or is being done while the boat is out cruising, so some photos of that are in there to break up the technical dryness.
Boat building process usually involves bending wood or other flat material to form curved shapes and that discourages people.
Watching a hull grow from flat paper drawings and flat material into a shapely form provides hours of fun and is super therapy after a stressful day. The relative merits of the hull types are argued far and wide, but just about everyone will admit that there will never be a v-bottomed hull as handsome as a well designed round-bottomed boat, especially for a sailing craft. Although the lower ends of the frames in the round – bottomed boats are shown butted against the keel, it is sometimes possible, depending on the hull shape, to install them in one piece, extending from the deck on one side to the deck on the other side.

The self-fairing, precision fit of Speed Strip planks eliminates the need for scarfing and edge fastening, while cutting fairing and cleanup time by up to 70%. My question would be, what is a galvanically compatible metal to iron and zinc assuming the wood surrounding the old fastening is probably full of iron and zinc ions ready to do the watusy with any new bronze or stainless steel fastening that replaces it and possibly cause early corrosion.
Also, check my links page; I have some commercial and private vessel regulatory information links on there.
Captains Magellan and Cook took every possible new gadget they could find!  Before when we ran DR's in the fog, it was run a little then turn off the engine and listen for breaking surf or freighters and hold your breath, now you turn on the radar linked to your GPS and sip coffee. When they look into boatbuilding plans and see that it usually starts with a lines plan and the attendant table of offsets that dimensions the curves they usually don’t move from there. When the job is carefully done, the finished vessel is a source of great pride to the builder. The simplicity of the process not only reduces labor hours, but also allows for the use of less skilled labor.
The boat was refastend below the waterline- and sits on a morring year round with NO auto bildge pump- it does not leak!The highest concentration is the bow area.
I have lots of other battery information, like how to install as per ABYC standards, U.S Coast Guard regulations for commercial boats, the CFR 33 and 46, etc, etc., that's just batteries! And unlike a piece of furniture, which is often put in a corner and soon forgotten, a boat is used over and over for owner’s pleasure for quite some years.
On the other hand, frames are spaced farther apart than in a round-bottomed boat, so the frames are fewer in number.

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