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Canoes were developed over the course of thousands of years by the native peoples of North America.
North American Indians are responsible for creating the more well-known version of the canoe - a frame of wooden ribs covered with the lightweight bark of birch trees, and sometimes elm or cedar trees.
These boats, which have remained virtually unchanged in design for thousands of years, proved to be ideal for travelling the numerous streams, rivers and lakes of North America.
The finish and details are magnificent and our focus on detail shows up in our quality models. According to Ken Brown, author of The Canadian Canoe Company & the Early Peterborough Factories, the company was formed just weeks before the Ontario Canoe Company burned down in May 1892. These seagoing boats were used by the Carib Indians of the Caribbean islands, and were made of large tree trunks which were shaped and hollowed, and were strong enough to travel between the islands.

Birchbark was the perfect choice to build canoes because, not only was it lightweight and smooth, but it was also waterproof and resilient. Ship Model Superstore has assembled this fine collection of hand crafted models just for you!
As well, the birch tree was found in almost every area of Canada, except for the western subarctic region, where spruce bark had to fill in as a substitute.
The joints of the canoes were held together by the root of the white pine and then made waterproof by applying hot pine or spruce resin. Rogers, formerly president, general manager and one-third owner of the Ontario Canoe Company owned 4% of the new company and became manager in 1893.
The company continued to build the wide-board, cedar strip and cedar rib canoes much like the Ontario Canoe Company had before them.

The fur trade became so large, in fact, that the French set up the world's first known canoe factory at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, around the year 1750. Many of the canoes that fur traders used were capable of carrying a crew of up to 12 people and a cargo weighing around 2400 kilograms (5280 lbs).

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