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CatBuilder Previous Member   Crosslinked PVC vs Balsa Core for Foils Would you use crosslinked PVC foam or Balsa for core material on foils? The application is for kick-up rudders and for dagger boards with crash blocks on my catamaran build. A perfect core material for such application would be KIRI wood (Paulownia tomentosa) But it is hard to get. It is nearly as light as Balsa but several times stronger, and the shear strength is far better than in any other common core material.
Location: The Netherlands I doubt between high density Core-Cell and Balsa. CatBuilder Previous Member   Ok, same question, but for the deck and deckhouse. Originally Posted by apex1 A perfect core material for such application would be KIRI wood (Paulownia tomentosa) But it is hard to get. Richard Interesting point richard, we actually have found a good paulownia retailer and are trying it out for a paulownia version of a cedar strip canoe.
Location: The Netherlands If it is not available in the area that the topic starter is in, then it is useless. In terms of durability: There is no great need for a high impact strength on decks, so with balsa you are OK. I have seen damage in foam cores spread just as fast and do just as much damage as in balsa cores. The problem in my eyes is with owners that do not understand their boats, and salesmen that shade the truth or lie about the characteristics of the boats they sell. Originally Posted by Herman If it is not available in the area that the topic starter is in, then it is useless. Anyone drilling holes thru a deck without taking appropriate measures shud go back to stocking shelves or whatever they did before.
How do i sand an inside curved surface » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Pro Balsa End-Grain Balsa core MUST SALE !!!!
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Thermally Efficient – 50-70% more energy efficient than stick framing and fiberglass insulation.
Primitive foam panel technology has been effective in dealing with the issues of weight in the aerospace, transportation and commercial building industries. Sing Architectural Foam Panels are possibly the most significant improvement in building materials in the last century, allowing architects, designers and contractors to expand their imaginations and bring their dreams to life. Especially in large oversize designs and projects, no other structural material can retain true flatness and structural integrity over long spans. Sing Foam Panels can host a metal bonded exterior, like aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel or any other metal material that gives the standard foam panel unique properties that raise-the-bar so high for lightweight building materials that nothing compares. Sing Metal Foam Panels are commonly used in industrial and commercially in exterior applications, like metal roofing that is easily installed due to it’s being so lightweight, reducing energy usage, transportation and labor costs (not to mention reducing on-the-job injuries).
Sing Industrial Foam Panels are specially constructed to meet the performance requirements of the most high-end industry experts and are perfect for exclusively expansive buildings and project, including warehouses, schools and shopping centers. Unique attributes of Sing Foam Panels are visually appealing, have high insulated R value and are an affordable alternative to other expensive foam panels that are not as effective. Sing Marine Foam Panels consist of composite foam with our patented vertical grain torsion box structure offer superior insulation while effectively dampening noise created by engines, generators, and other equipment for a quiet, more enjoyable experience for the sea-faring vessels.
The marine industry benefit from Sing Marine Foam Panels’ increased thermal performance when used in used in walls, roofs, and floor applications for the best  performance in comparison to other materials, durability, sustainability and value. Sing Foam Panels offer the best lightweight, insulated foam panels for quickly building some of the most energy efficient, healthy, environmentally sound responsible temporary housing that can replace tent housing and effective temporary shelters in disaster relief. With Sing Foam Panels you can build your project much quicker, saving 30-40% on labor costs. High R-Values combined with reduced air infiltration make Sing Foam Panels a superior insulation system. The absence of rot and light-weight advantages of Sing Foam Panels are actually an Eco-friendly alternative  to wood and other  traditional core materials.
All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order.
If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.
Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order. Sing Sliding Doors are light as a feather, solid as a rock and stronger than steel pound for pound. In ecumenical Foam sandwich grammatical construction in the following assumes the use of the is applied in sheet form over group A male mould surgery form to make the hull of the The foam acts atomic foam core fiberglass boat construction.
PDF Boat Wood Classic how to build a boat from woodfree boat bed plans boat wood classic Boat Fails and Wins. Location: Maine foam core versus wood core Hello evryone, I am currently a student at The Landing School in Maine and we are just starting our own personal projects.
Foam or balsa can be used in a transom to make it light and strong but its a whole transom thing you need to look at Plywood in the middle where a motor is mounted with through bolts and clamps etc etc and a shamffered edge and glassed over then outside that use strong H80 or higher density foam then shape to fit so it can also be totally encapsulated with glass , use double bias and unidirectional glass .
If you introduce shape into a transode designe then you can vertually completely eliminate using core at all and just have plywood where the motor mounts and the rest can be 100% glass !!
Every one is locked into it must have a core thing we its dosent!!Do you see core oin car doors ?
This what i made all from glass on my work bench and then chopped the old transom off and got rid of the water soaked wood and terrible grubby glass . I stepped the out board 450 mm out the back and made the splash well much smaller and because the outboard is a 25 inch its very dry boat . The boat is 1975 and the hull is totally glass with no wooden floors or frames any where just one square of ply where the motor is mounted and bolted through !!, i used shape to give strength !! I have made a few other transoms and simply used the same concept and they all worked really great !!

Location: maine Tunnels, I agree that plywood is not necessarily required throughout the whole transom, only in the area of the motor mount. I was foreman of a small power boat manufacure for a while saw all what goes on an was a part of it all .
Location: Milwaukee, WI End grain balsa has been used successfully on transoms of smaller boats. Location: Maine This is a great conversation and i am enjoying and considering all of your replies. Originally Posted by sports fan This is a great conversation and i am enjoying and considering all of your replies. Location: Jupiter, FL I am in the process of doing the same thing with minor fiberglass experience.
Location: Mid Atlantic Also building hardtop about 6 x 8 feet I am also building a top.
Is it possible to get a rigid foam board (pink insuation board from home depot) and simply glass that or will the resin eat it up? If you have some glassing experience, Youll probally know that the glassing part is relitivly easy, however the finishing is or can be a bear !!
To do this method you need to make a table at least the size of the job you intend to build. You will start by coating your entiretable table surface with release, then gel coat this surface.
When this is throughly cured (about 1 >2 days ) you can lift the core and glass laminate free of the table surface. The whole thing will be still flexy so don't try lifting right off the table and care is needed when parting from the mold surface of your table. When these upper laminates are cured completely you will have a ridged curved surface that will need finishing on the out side upper surface only and of course the edge. This is generally an easy surface to finish and if your intention is to walk on the top, you'll use a non skid paint (no gloss except border) so this even lessens the the required standard of surface finish. Your under side surface (shiny table side ) should be good or at least just need a sand and a spray paint. There are many things I have omitted telling that don't actually take any longer but are just what I consider the way to do it !!
This method works equally well with a laminate of ply, nida core and then another top layer of ply then followed by a final surface layer of glass.
As you will see on my Blog, (hard dodgers) I offer a design service for this type of thing, so I can, if you wish, supply a totally complete step by step process with diagrams for a fee.
Any how whilst this may sound like a bit of mucking around you will be able to create a really beaut top. Originally Posted by 31 Silverton Is it possible to get a rigid foam board (pink insuation board from home depot) and simply glass that or will the resin eat it up? I remember when I bought this boat it was the first boat I have ever owned that didnt have to be rehabbed. Location: Eustis, FL There are foams that will work and of course ones that don't. Maybe lay up one side and flip it over, then bend it over spacers before glassing the other?
If you make the panel flat, the outer skin will try to stretch and the inner skin will attempt to compress, meaning the inner skin will likely wrinkle or pucker, while the outer skin cracks. Location: Indialantic, FL Need help to finish my restoration project I need some assistance please.
After a long and painful exercise, my restoration project of a 19' center console outboard boat is close to being finished. I've made a mess of the inner liner, spilled some epoxy, drilled some holes, but still probably only affected 0.5% of the surface area. I need to fasten to the deck, a leaning post, and clips to hold down a poly livewell tank under the leaning post.
The joint was made with self-drilling tapping screws with a small bead of white adhesive (came off easily, probably was silicone).
Scott Nichols of Meridian, Idaho, spent many hunting days wishing he could set up under the waterfowl cruising the center of the Snake River or near rafted ducks on nearby reservoirs. Nichols set about designing a layout boat with four criteria: The boat had to be simple, inexpensive, seaworthy in flowing water and provide a stable shooting platform. First step is cutting two 1-inch-by-8-inch pine boards 81 inches long with a 45-degree angle on each end. The Luan wing supports the foam core and establishes the finished contact area on the water. Shape the foam with a handsaw and rasp, using sandpaper attached to a wood block for final finishing.
Cut a 10-ounce, non-woven fiberglass mat base and top layer of woven fiberglass cloth to fit the entire boat, then bond both layers in place at the same time with System Three surfboard epoxy resin.
I suppose a lot of things would work, though, the specifics to depend on the actual application.
As I have said so many times before, balsa and unprotected holes through the sandwich is a bad idea.
But do protect your drill holes, and put a note in the logbook, with instructions on how a well protected hole should look like.
The problem isn't wood rot of course, but hydrostatic preassure that will pulvarize the foam. You will find industrial applications of Sing Foam Panels will include metal wall panels, insulated walls, roofing panels and industrial cold storage. Design flexibility and custom manufacturing make Sing Foam Panels an attractive structural and insulation solution for architects. The energy efficiency of Sing Foam Panels reduces heating and cooling costs while maintaining a more comfortable living environment.
Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system. This is one panel that is 32 feet long and 4' wide to build a fold up room dividing door for a high end hotel.

The roots of Introduction to Foam marrow Boatbuilding foam core fiberglass boat construction.
Items 1 15 of 16 This file is an excerption from the foam sandwich boat building instructions foams for the methods we describe downstairs are Divinycell Klegecell CoreCell and We will create vitamin A froth hull form.
Its much lighter than a whole plywood and glass transom and way stronger and will last a long long time !! The junky ply that gets use is criminal in some boats just because it sprayed with resin they think its sealled but its not after a few years its just the glass that holding everything together the ply has disintergrated and is just rubbish !!
To cut building time I was thinkin of laminating some thin peices of plywood and with some weights in the center to give a little bow.
I told my Mom that the only thing that was missing from this boat was without repairs I had no relationship with it.
When cured, I remove it and place it into the off cuts, as an female mold and then do the inside. When filling a compartment with 2-part PU foam, make a top form out of a sheet of plywood, covered with plastic sheeting. He wanted a layout boat, so he studied plans and articles for many years before trying to make his own. Circumscribe a 6-inch arc around each corner of the head end and use a router to remove excess Luan. To mark the outside edge of the wing, measure 12 inches from the inside of the hull at the foot corners and 14 inches from the inside of the hull at the head corners where the arc begins. The sides and combing ride higher than those of a traditional layout boat to stave off flowing water and large waves. Three fiberglass rods inserted into aluminum tube sockets along the interior sides add support for a roofing rubber cover, which is attached with Firestone Bonding Agent. On a cruising boat, for example, tough and impact-resistant will likely take priority over light weight- while a racer might want lighter, though less durable, cores. If you are building for durability, there will be a time that either some holes will start leaking, no matter how much care you have taken in sealing them, and second, a boat deck is one of the rare occasions where end users, or next owners, will drill holes in and do adaptions so many times. I have had a four hundred pound halibut going berzerk, 21,000 lbs of cargo on deck, spilled bar-b-que, gaff hooks, a rock slide, a 1lb. Before i go to my teacher with my plans i would like to get your thoughts on core versus wood, just so i can argue my point if needed. Then attaching a small 2 inch lip a couple inches in from the edge all the way around the underside to snap the curtains to. I would think you would need some kind of wood in areas where the op would mount to the verticle mounting posts. For this application (structural panel) you'll need a higher density then is common in the low cost foams.
Stability is important for layout boats, however, standing in a layout boat is dangerous and not advised. Next, cut a 22-inch and 26-inch length of 1-inch-by-10-inch pine for the footboard and headboard. Attach the floor, leaving a 1-inch to 3-inch overhang to allow a router to remove excess wood, creating a perfect hull taper.
After the glue dries, turn the boat over and glue two more foam layers to the top of the boat. Combing for the curved head end is created with five layers of cardboard bent to shape and laminated in place with System 3 Sculpwood filler. Great Stuff foam spray fills any large holes and the gap created by the Luan wing between foam layers. And many of these people do not have the knowledge to properly protect the balsa from moisture.
He is a great teacher and wont lead me astray i just like to have ammo just reaching out for suggestions. The minimum would be a 5 pound foam, but I'd be inclined to use a heavier (say 8 pound or better) if much foot traffic was expected.
First time the jig saw blade hit it, the core failed, not the bond to the glass, the foam itself failed. Using a table saw, cut a 45-degree angle along the long edges of the footboard and headboard to provide a flush surface with the bottom. Glue and screw 5 mm Luan the top of the hull, extending at least 12 inches outside of the hull.
Each layer is 2 inches narrower than the underlying layer, and each piece is placed with the factory edge to the inside of the boat.
If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.
Made popular aside big expensive impost race boats in sail and power foam substance The biggest advantage of building with foam epoxy and fiberglass is that it.
Two more lengths of 1-inch pine are cut to 22 inches and 26 inches by 2 inches wide, with a 45-degree angle along the bottom side to return the head and foot interior walls to a 90-degree angle.
A perfect core (in fact the only stuff I accept as core material), and a perfect deck when proper supported (sheathed or ply covered). Trust me everyone wants to get rid of wood, but when I explain the difference in price and weight, the composite wins.
This forces the foam into the shape you want it in and creates a tough skin next to the plastic, and saves you from having to cut off any foam that spews over the boundaries.
I have done it as a hand layup with 4mm okume as a sandwich for non structural furniture, and so far it is working out OK. The edges of the putty are cracking away from the surrounding fiberglass, and the reflective cracking looks like it needs to be fixed so it won't surface when refinished. When the liner was flipped over, I filled the screw holes from the deck side with thickened epoxy.

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