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Fishing boat designed varied greatly by nation, region and even individual shipyard as much as by function or intended catch throughout the age of sailboats.
This kit is not a Woody Joe kit, but Woody Joe's Hacchoro and Yakatabune kits are probably most similar to it.
I've been in communication with Douglas Brooks and I should make an attempt to scratch build a traditional Japanese boat, but this will help me get a better sense of how they go together.
In fact, I'm feeling like I'm almost able to build one of the complicated coastal transports from scratch.
Unfortunately, that means there's no mail service today and I just checked tracking and the kit just passed through US customs in neighboring San Francisco yesterday.

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This kit is rare enough that I may just have to build a copy of it from scratch and keep the original intact.
I'm anxious to start a build log, but I should probably wait until I actually have the kit in hand! I have to say also that the Woody Joe kits I've built have definitely helped me develop a better understanding of Japanese traditional construction. I wasn't home and it was shipped via EMS, a fast Asian shipping service that requires signature, so I had wait until Saturday to go pick it up at the post.

It's also the same scale that traditional Japanese boat builders generally use for drawing their plans. Even though the kits aren't built in the same manner, the overall design is more apparent to me now. At around $140, it was a lot cheaper than other projects I've been spending money on, so I grabbed it up.

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