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Buried somewhere in my corrugated iron garden shed, which is classified by the National Trust as a blot on the landscape is a set of grown t1-tree knees that is exactly my own age.
Two Sydney architects John Crawford and John Howard, commissioned the 9ft Nipper form builder Nigel Shannon for a number of reasons. Nipper now sits in the reception area of their converted warehouse office, hopefully as an inspiration to the designers, builders and tradesmen who cross their threshold. Nigel Shannon, of Shannon Boats from the Sydney suburb of Balmain, built a half model, then the real thing.
John Crawford says Nipper satisfied the nostalgia for a 9ft clinker dinghy in which he learned to sail as a child. The fittings are Bronze; items like rowlocks or the bobstay-forestay fitting on the spirit, are beautiful castings. John Crawford says he enjoys his foyer’s centerpiece because of the skill involved in building it and a love of the materials used. Sydney Wooden BoatsSydney Wooden Boats is a specialist timber boat building and restoration yard.Established by shipwright Simon Sadubin in 2000, the business operates out of a shed on Darley St, Mona Vale at the top of Sydney's Northern Beaches. Woodcraft BoatsWoodcraft Boats is a small boatyard in Sydney specialising in building and restoring wooden boats.Woodcraft Boats work with both traditional plank-on-frame and epoxy laminated boats, from dinghies to large sail and power yachts.
The Wooden Boat Centre - MelbourneThe Wooden Boat Centre builds wooden boats and provides facilities for individuals to build their own boats.
Wooden Boat Association - Wooden Boats AustraliaThe Wooden Boat Association was formed in 1989 for people who enjoy wooden boats and wooden boat building. Wooden Boat Association of NSWThe Association is based in Sydney and is part of a national community of wooden boat enthusiasts whose purpose is to enjoy, share and promote an appreciation of wooden boats of all sizes.
Wooden Boat Association Queensland - Wooden Boats AustraliaThe Wooden Boat Association of Queensland is keen to support the sharing of information an ideas about building, restoring, and generally messing about with Wooden Boats. A stunning display of vintage wooden boats was the backdrop for the launch of the 2016 Classic and Wooden Boat Festival at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Museum director Kevin Sumption announced the dates of the 2016 festival, 15 to 17 April 2016. Darling Harbour will come alive with a diverse selection of historic and well-preserved wooden boats.
In planning the strategic direction of the festival the museum has undertaken considerable consultation with a number of stakeholder groups including the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, the Wooden Boat Association, the Halvorsen Club, the Historical Sailing Skiff Association, the Steam Boat Association of Australia and Sydney Heritage Fleet.
Representatives of the boating community were present at the launch and a selection of their vessels joined the museum’s historic in-water fleet on display at the museum’s wharves in Darling Harbour. Vintage and wooden craft from all over Australia share the limelight at the Classic and Wooden Boat Festival.

The Australian National Maritime Museum’s Classic and Wooden Boat Festival is a weekend celebration of vintage and wooden boats from all around Australia. The Wooden Boat Association of Victoria is a friendly, warm and welcoming association that was formed in 1989 for people who enjoy wooden boats and wooden boat building. The Wooden Boat Association of Victoria has always taken great pride in the way that we welcome anyone who has an abiding interest in wooden boats. Whilst our Association is based in Melbourne, at the Albert Park Yacht Club on the Albert Park Lake, we also have a branch on the Gippsland Lakes, catering for wooden boat enthusiasts in East Gippsland. The Wooden Boat Association of Victoria has sister associations in every other state and territory of Australia. The CYAA was formed in 1994 to promote the ownership, knowledge and appreciation of classic sailing craft in Australia and to preserve them for future generations. The Association  now has approximately 250 members and 120 boats on its register, and produces a quality magazine twice a year.
The third and revised iteration of The Melbourne Cup Regatta is planned to get underway on Friday the 30th October with two special contests. As always we are encouraging our interstate and Trans-Tasman members and enthusiasts to attend. The CYAA exists on the membership fees it receives each year and a limited amount of sponsorship.
This modest contribution will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of CYAA membership and ensure that you never miss an edition of our twice yearly magazine. I keep them because they are leftovers from the great family boatbuilding project, when Pater built an open wood launch intended, as so many boats are, to help him escape the tedious double duty of suburban living and parenthood. Initially they wanted a picturesque tender for a picturesque 40ft wishbone yawl, but a secondary role became apparent. Balmain, until surprisingly recent years, was one of the great boat and shipbuilding areas of Australia.
The partners enjoyed the concept of patronage, commissioning from a craftsman what they see as their resident work of art. Ribs and stringers are American White Oak, one of the world’s classic boat-building timbers. Manager Larry Eastwood, an owner of several wooden boats, strives to improve the knowledge and understanding of construction and maintenance of wooden boats to add to the numbers of wooden boats owners – especially on Pittwater. From beautiful Halvorsens, yachts and skiffs, classic speedboats, steam yachts and even Navy workboats it represents Australia’s rich maritime history. This year is our twentieth anniversary, where we celebrate the diverse breadth of interest that our members both past and present have always had for wooden boats of any shape or size.

Members appreciate wooden boats for their aesthetic qualities, the inherent beauty of handcrafted wooden boats and the materials from which they are constructed, and the pure romance of wooden boats. Most members own boats, others do not, but we all enjoy the chance to get together and mess about in boats.
It has active branches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania and has a range of sailing activities based around regular  State based racing schedules and Regattas.
Please support the Association and its aims by joining as either a Boat Owner ($75AUD) or as a Crew Member ($50AUD).
No matter how far you stray from the boats of your childhood, they are the ones that remain most evocative. The premises from which Nigel works, one the last old slipways in the region, is about to succumb to the relentless onslaught of the upmarket townhouse epidemic in this area because of the large areas of industrial land occupied by the ship repair yards.
Floorboards are White Beech, knees and stem are grown Ti Tree, keel and mast step are Mahogany, spars a beautifully clear Oregon, and oars Sitka Spruce. Unfortunately we aborted one of our planned meetings when the Aston’s ignition system gave trouble.
Boating enthusiasts and families enjoy a packed program of demonstrations, workshops, kid’s activities and more set against the backdrop of sparkling Sydney Harbour. In an age of mass production, each member’s wooden boat is truly as individual as her owner.
Our boats include rowing boats, putt-putts, Couta boats, radio controlled models, pond yachts, canoes, kayaks, steam-powered boats, sailing dinghies, dayboats and ocean-going yachts.
We publish Watercraft, a quarterly journal with news and articles about events, boats and people across Australia and around the world, and Shavings, a monthly newsletter that brings together timely news about wooden boat events and activities in Victoria.
No matter how satisfying the flutter of the telltales across a broad expanse of Kevlar, the vision of a bit of oiled teak or a bronze fitting is the image you take home with you at the end of the day.
Members without boats are able to use the Association's own trailer boats, two traditional sailing boats, the Begonia and Lindsay Symons, and the canoe Stringybark. We also cater for armchair enthusiasts and members who want to carry out nautical research, with our extensive and growing library of boatbuilding and other nautical books.

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