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Goodson the designer, plans and kits for sailboats, powerboats for building in boat plans, wood boat plans, steel boat The Slocum Spray Society of Australia even having a list of notes stapled on one side – the study drawings for the F-41 alone give more information on building a boat. The founding company of Bruce Roberts sail boat plans Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and the of interest to you, is the many titles of Boat building Australia's biggest supplier of boat plans, kits and materials. Loftsman Purchase boat building plans for amateur or professional builders from Loftsman in Perth Western Australia.
Sport, dive, fishing or cruising designs for recreational or commercial use ranging in length from 4 metres to 18 metres. IIt is a tradition that has been handed down from father to son since the time of Henry VIII and to modern eyes the men of Bulukumba, Indonesia seem like an anachronism to modern boat builders.A  But on Tanjung Bira Beach, traditional craftsmen continue their centuries old tradition of building their traditional wooden twin-masted Phinisi sailing vessels. The Phinisi are often described as a schooner although they are more accurately compared to an Arabian Dhow.
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He was able to show us on the evening a full colour leaflet intended for recruiting students and a typed list of ideas for about thirty different courses or topics covering workshop techniques and tools, their correct use, designing, different methods of construction, timber types, rigging, restoration techniques and much more. Further down the track, and possibly in the Slip St site, Brian would like to establish a Wooden Boat Foundation to ensure the continuation of the trad.
The editor was unable to attend the Xmas bash at Maylands Slipway on Dec 8, but Chris Davis contributed the following article on the two boats visited on what was a very successful day. They are currently focussed on removing the deck ply which had reached the end of its life.
Paul & Rosemary are on a learning curve with this project and welcome any advice that can be offered. This is the historic launch now being restored by the yard owner, Arno Dawson, who was unable to be present at the time.
After our inspections, courtesy of Peter Russel, we were treated to a very relaxing sausage sizzle on the lawn by the river. This process will also involve relocating the chainplates to the exterior of the hull and restoring deterioration that has occurred to the plywood on the inside of the hull where the old chainplates had allowed the ingress of fresh water through the deck. She is of traditional carvel plank construction – jarrah on the bottom and possibly oregon on the topsides.
The layout consisted of a small cockpit at the stern with a ladder to the upper deck and fly bridge helm position.
We visited the Maylands Boatyard for the end of year Christmas toolbox meeting to have a BBQ and see what has been happening at the Yard post Arno. A surprising development was a Mens Shed had been set up with much of Arno’s old tools and equipment. We were able to see the original MTT Ferry Valhalla undergoing a new lease on life as her new owners were hard at work doing what owners of old wooden vessels do: sand, scrape, repair, replace, etc.
Thanks to Peter Leggatt and Peter Russell for the afternoon tea and BBQ and the Maylands Boatyard for allowing our visit. This event preceded the Technical Meeting on 26th Sept and was very well attended, with about 22 people present.
Most of the officers’ roles had already been established in advance but we decided to add an extra position, that of Vice-President, at almost the last minute and that had to be filled from the floor. A new (ish) member, Ed Essers, addressed us on this topic, one that hasn’t had a lot of airing with us so far. As with all materials, lofting full size comes first and can take a long time but since it provides accurate patterns for frames, stems, etc, etc, it’s essential. When all the plates (planks) are on the hull, starting from the midships on both sides, and working towards the ends, tack the plates together using 6mm tacks about 50mm apart, making sure the plate edges are level with each other. The frames are mostly edge-bent out of 50mm X 4mm strips, rather than cut to curves and Ed pointed out that hydraulic pipe benders are quite cheaply available from car parts shops these days and do the job well. A square, level building jig for inverted construction comes next, legged high enough to make crawling inside not too difficult.
Holes are now cut for portholes, hatches and so on, followed by the welding on of all deck hardware, internal fittings, mast steps, etc. We had a very successful Toolbox Visit to Jay Niven’s Lesmurdie home on Saturday, 13th October. When we saw it the hull was complete and partially decked, mounted between rolling pins fore and aft so that we could roll it over at will, (and we did). The single cockpit, the aft deck and the outboard well all await completion, although the floorboards are in already. To cap off the visit Pippa had spoiled us with a magnificent afternoon tea including rich fruitcake, strawberry flan and Pavlova. Runs boat plans and makes special design solutions suited for homebuilders and smaller boat building to help with all your boat building needs and more. Free plans and links to technical boat historic Victorian settlement of Sorrento on Port Phillip Bay, Australia.
Email for price quotes Legend Boat Builders specialise in manufacturing and sales of aluminium boat building in Naval Base, Western Australia.
Unlike western vessels, often built with steel, fibre glass and aluminium, the Phinisi is still hewn from locally sourced timber, often cut and shaped with hand tools first designed more than half a millennium earlier.
Brian has been a professional boat builder all his life, having been apprenticed to Savages in Victoria many, many years ago.

This project first saw the light of day, with Brian at its head, in a small part of B Shed on Victoria Quay. The list also included short courses on fire prevention, first aid, health and safety and personal protection equipment. Brian also had colour slides of two different topics, ably screened by his works offsider, Maro Vischi. He would dearly love to return to Slip St, but the Fremantle Port Authority, on whose land it stands, seems distinctly cool on that idea, it’s Henderson for now.
Our sincere thanks are due to Brian and Maro for making the time to come along and talk to us.
This has produced some difficulties around the gunwale area where they are contemplating several conflicting pieces of advice. She has been well known at Royal Perth Yacht Club for most of her life, being launched in 1952 and owned for many years at the club by a chap by the name of Emil Same. Peter not only provided sausages and buns complete with tomato sauce but he did all the good cooking as well.
One of her advantages is that she appears to a large extent to be original with much of the original hardware still in evidence.
A few steps down lead again into the forward cabin area (being careful not to knock one’s head on the deck beam and bronze Classic Boat Club plaque). Of these, about 15 were able to pay their new membership fees on the night, which was also excellent, but don’t forget, these fees are now due. Fortunately, Chris Davis, an ex-treasurer, had decided to re-join and he took the position. Although a new member to us, Ed has had a lifetime of cruising experience, including international waters, and knows what he’s talking about. In one accident he was blown 50m over a reef into a lagoon, the boat suffering only scratched paint and a damaged rudder (it was a timber rudder). The heat of welding can easily introduce distortion into steel, however, and so the smallest of tack welds have to be used initially when setting everything up. The steel itself should be old fashioned mild with a carbon content of less than 0.2%, preferably pre-blasted and primed.
Use it to grind the external welds down to flush with the plates and finish off with sanding discs. Cabin-top beams, deck beams and other parts can also be bent up at this stage and the bottom of the keel cut out, all from the loft plan.
Successful in two ways – firstly, a good roll-up with at least sixteen members, and secondly, a great opportunity to view not one but four boats in a brilliant workshop.
The fore-deck and cover board was all down with suitably large caulking gaps left between deck planks. To withstand 65hp the transom is laminated from two layers of 1″ ply and seemed nice and solid to me. This is basically a wide, flat, partially decked canoe, popular in North America for duck shooting in swamps, etc. At 24′ long these were a fair bit of boat to tow on the road, but quite popular in their day, with class associations and all.
Best Answer: My father is also passionate about boat building, and i can understand your Power Boats Sail Boats PDF Study Plans The Drawing Board Boat Building NEWS Free Houseboat Plans, and almost free!
Aluminium boat building in design and Online store for sailboat and powerboat plans and designs, kit boats, boat building books, boating equipment and special offers.
The strands of rope where hammered between the individual timbers to help create a waterproof seal. Savage later moved to their present, well-known range of fibreglass and aluminium boats but Brian retains his life-long dedication to wood. The site could include a small museum and be a meeting place of interested groups such as the MHA, ABBA, etc. One advantage to us is that he has enough space to be able to let some of it out to amateur builders like ourselves, and very few of us have quarter acre blocks for backyard building these days. I was pleased to find that he was just as impressed with the original 1880′s Thames skiff as I was, as with the Dutch Music Boote (a one man band in a 3m aluminium punt).
Construction is all plywood, at first sight hard chine, but with a small double chine arrangement allowing for a filler piece which is faired and then appears as a large radius, rounded, single chine. Currently they are leaving two inches of the deck in place with the intention of building up the deck beams to the old deck thickness and placing the new deck over the top of the residual old deck around the gunwale line.
This was complemented by the tea and coffee kit which Peter Leggatt brought along complete with milk. Worthwhile considering if you’re just starting out or lacking some vital equipment or tools.
And the boats Ed has built have been nominally difficult, round bilge types, most notably a Herreshoff 36. And I believe that repairs in remote parts of the world are much more easily effected in steel than in timber or aluminium. For cutting it Ed has just used oxyacetylene in the past but he’s thinking about oxy-propane for the next one.
Again, starting from the midships, inside, and working towards the ends, welds about 150mm long are applied, in the middle at first, then above and below, working up and down to equalize distortion.

Then it’s time to mark in the gunwale edge with a fair curve and cut off any excess before welding on a tubular rubbing strip. The planks are placed from the bow and the stern, and port and starboard, simultaneously, to equalize stresses where ever possible. The builder has done an awful lot of welding, (perhaps a lot of awful welding) but he’s saved a bomb on timber fastenings and epoxy and created the toughest medium to large sized boat possible. Originally the workshop, under its previous owner, was the storage and display area for a collection of Rolls-Royces.
Jay is not actually building it in mahogany, but that best describes the type of between the wars, American speedboat. It had been cut too low for even a shortleg motor and so some of this area will be filled in again. This is a single chine stitch and glue exercise, finished all white, and clearly a great boat for getting sunburnt in. PLAN COST Boat building plans for yachts, launches, cabin and overseas in Australia, Holland, England and even Croatia.
Boat also feature some of Australia’s best boat and personal boat designs to commercial boat operations. Graham later was able to move into much larger premises nearby in a shed at the western end of Slip St.
The OGA Regatta was much more extensive than I’d imagined, covering a huge number of entries including some non-gaff trad.
Inside the generous coach house makes for full headroom for average height sailors (well that’s what Chris Davis said anyway!).
Further forward the floor was raised to a central dinette and the internal helm position (one could call this the bridge). Right at the bow was the anchor locker and on this vintage of launch possibly the marine head) The vessel still had much of the inside in its original varnished guise but the exterior showed the signs of the 5 to 10 years that Que Sera has been sitting out of the water on the hardstand at RPYC, but this should all come good under Arno’s care and attention.
This will mean that Bob Walsh will have a back up during Ruth’s protracted illness and recovery.
I thought you’d bitten off more than could be chewed but you came through with flying colours and we are all the wiser.
Now, under the stewardship of Jay and his wife, Pippa, the area has been divided across the middle. The external hull still requires some more filling, fibreglass sheathing and sanding but it’s getting awfully close. Jay admits to not setting the sails too often but has motored it with an outboard several times in the last couple of years. In Indonesia, however, the boat builders use fibres gathered from native trees and a special sticky sap to ensure the vessel is watertight.
Here he was able to spread his wings quite a bit, doing restorations and new builds geared to TAFE and apprenticeship courses.
So a big thankyou to all for a very pleasant afternoon of indulgence and a pleasant pre Christmas end to the ABBA year. With two quarter berths aft, at least one berth in the dinette (caravan style) and a V berth forward, she could accommodate up to five overnight. Pipes welded onto bow and stern act as pivots on frames but make sure you’ve got clearance between workshop floor and roof for the exercise.
It gives Pippa a painting studio, complete with en-suite and small kitchen, at one end, while Jay gets a very complete workshop, with plenty of electric power tools at the other. I felt it could have side seats built into the aft area as well, as it was pretty spacious.
There were many shots of Coutta Boats, of course, but then they have their own racing class at RFBYC. The milled straight edge goes down as the leading edge on the hull and the rough-cut edge of the next plank is shaped to meet it. Horizontal stringers, spaced about 30cm apart are now bent up and let into the frames, tack welding in place with the least intrusive welds possible, to avoid distorting the frames.
Come to think of it, varnishing the whole deck with two or three coats before caulking will make removal of surplus Sikaflex a lot easier anyway. One of these, Onawind from Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club was a very active ocean racer in the 1970′s. Basically the MDF template is laid close to the final position of the next plank and the necessary curve traced from the previous plank onto it using a compass. Each plate (plank) is first tacked to the keel sides and then pulled in to the hull shape using plate pullers tacked to the plate appropriately. The plates can be tack welded to the horizontal stringers, minimally, but not to the frames if at all possible.

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