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Historic connection to Sorrento, owned and operated by Tally Erlandson founding commodore of Sorrento Sailing Club and operator of the baths. After graduating from the Marine Science Department at Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute in 1972, JON BARDO was employed on the schooner yacht AMERICA as an engineer.
Realizing that the diesel engine powers the world, we are offering this course to provide you an in-depth view of the small marine diesel engine. During the week, students will be presented with a wide array of hands-on demonstrations and lectures designed to cover the care and repair of the small marine engine.
You’ll get plenty of grease under your fingernails in this course as your instructor details correct operation of your engine from start-up to shutdown.

Having survived 14 months of bluewater cruising, Jon came ashore and spent the next seven years repairing diesel engines in everything from commercial fishing vessels to logging equipment.
Despite their apparent complexity, diesels are quite simple machines that can be given an almost indefinite lifespan by painless preventive maintenance techniques and proper operation. Fuel systems, cooling systems, lubricating systems, electrical systems, exhaust and intake systems, and more will all be explored and thoroughly explained in layman’s terms. Students will have a great chance to find out what to look for in troubleshooting common problems, and which repairs you can do yourself and which should be done by a professional mechanic.
He did a terrific job of helping those of us with little knowledge about engines while also challenging those who had more experience. He presented all aspects of diesel engines and maintenance in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Lectures were clear and understandable, there were plenty of hands-on, trial and error exercises, and every question was answered in the simplest detail.

Eventually drawn back to the sea, Jon worked on commercial tugboats for four years and then started his own business working on diesel engines, which he enjoys to this day. And if you should need repairs, Jon will teach you how to find and deal with a mechanic, and how to tell if you’re being taken care of or being taken for a ride. If you are one of the many boat owners who are interested in improving your understanding and ability and gaining confidence in dealing with your motor, then come join Jon Bardo for a fascinating look at the marine diesel.

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