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We hope to start the wooden boat repair workshops this fall… let us know your ideas—see Wooden Boat Repair classes above. The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation does not gather boats, store them, or transport them, but rather acts as a go-between.
Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation is dedicated to wishing, researching, locating, saving, placement, learning and dreaming of wooden boats. Wooden Boat Rescue (FREE boats) - The WoodenBoat Forum Well, this is getting NO action down amongst the bilge rats.

We need boat builders and yards to volunteer time or reduce rates for moving or working on these boats. Even if you don't have from whatever somatic harm, chances are that your gravy boat might final stage up getting damagedBoat Listings A« Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation Boat Listings Recently we have experienced a technical problem with our database. Lucy Lavers is a single-screw Liverpool type Life-boat, built in 1940 for Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station.
Bone Yard Boats and Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation Hello from The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation.

It has come to my attention that the website for By-The-Sea and BoneYard Boats link implies that their web address was .

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