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The Couta Boats of todayThe new Couta Boats Built at the Wooden Boat Shop are a very refined Craft, having completed major rebuilds on countless old timers and about 30 new 26 footers. Above Right, Muriel Racing, reveered as the best Couta Boat ever buillt, she spent most of her life cray fishing out of Flinders. It is largely from this experience that the construction of these boats has been perfected, finding the weaknesses in the old boats and seeing where they have failed.
Our Couta Boats represent years of dedication to learning and applying the skills and traditions of a bygone era.
Left Patsy displayed Proud above the Imax Theatre at the entrance to the Victoria Museum, was restored at the Wooden Boat Shop in 2000. X You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. It doesn't matter whether you're planning a long trip up the coast or just a day on the water with family, you'll love the freedom and flexibility this boat has to offer. The boat also had to be big enough to take another family and their kids on for the day, and versatile enough to have the options to have a sit down lunch, take the family fishing, or to have a lazy day swimming at anchor.
It also had to be a size I could handle by myself getting on or off moorings, or into jetties. We never travel very far, and when we do half the fun is in the journey; so speed was not a priority. This was taking us to a price bracket we did not want to go to, not to mention the running costs. Then we realised we could get exactly what we wanted by building our boat through "The Wooden Boat Shop" for the price that suited us. The boat has proven to live up to all of our expectations and more, recently completing a leisurely trip to Tasmania stopping at numerous ports on the way down to Hobart. Based on the fisherman’s type dinghies of old, the WBS Dinghies offer the opportunity to own something unique. Copper fastened with steam bent frames, fitted with laminated and tapered knees, our dinghies boast great carrying capacities.
Our boats are built with a proven blend of modern technologies and traditional skills to ensure a hardy boat with a timeless elegance. Our dinghies plans and materials are also available and present a challenging and fulfilling experience for the accomplished woodworker.

Owners name burned into the transom for theft deterant and identification, comes with a spliced painter, chain & padlock! In the days of fishing under sail a clinker dinghy was an essential work boat for most fisherman. The WBS Dinghies are based on the Tasmanian cray-fishing boats built by such Famous artisans as Percy Coverdale,Wilson Brothers and Ned Jack, to tender big boats such as Storm Bay and Derwent Hunter. The swing centre-board and folding rudder make launching, retrieving & getting off the beach under sail easy. With all the beauty of copper fastenings and steam bent frames, long stylish graceful knees The WBS Dinghies are available in solid timber or plywood clinker construction, epoxy 2 pack painted making them virtually maintenance free. An important fitting for any boat with a bowsprit the long fitting shares the load avoiding the common problem of stressing the stem or hood ends of the planking.
Measurements may vary slightly, as such tracks may need some machining for perfect headsail car fit. Converts the linear motion on a steering cylinder into the rotary motion of the rudder stock. The Wooden Boat Shop has years of experience in the hand made manufacturing of Traditional Tapered Wooden Flagpoles, available in various types and sizes they are of the highest quality. The Tabernacle goes beneath the ground level by approximatly 26" to 32" and is concreted in place. Treated with penetrating epoxy wood preserver and finished white with marine quality two pack paint system. These poles are great for Yacht clubs, large homes or any site that requires a nautical feel or display of multiple flags. An important part of Australia's fishing, yachting and maritime history the Couta Boat and the Wooden Boat Shop are also represented by the beautifuly restored Thistle at the Australian Maritime Museum. Strong numbers of Couta Boats are now sailing in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Perth. Her proud owners christen her Sorrento after the town in which she was builtLeft Wagtail Leads C97 in a hotly contested race to the finish. We also wanted a boat that would stand the test of time both physically and from a design point of view. When we looked at all our options, the fibreglass boats that ticked the boxes had very elaborate cabin fit outs that we did not need and huge engine capacities that we also did not need.

When we looked at the second hand fibreglass boats in this market there were a few things that stood out: they were all tired, the styles were dating and they came with all the "uncertainties" of owning a second hand boat. Beautifully functional dinghies were built for rowing, sailing and always for carrying a large load. There was always a fine line between the size of the boat and what one man could row, or two men could haul aboard the mother ship, often hurriedly, sometimes in very hazardous weather when time was essential to escape a lee shore under sail. Quick and Easy to rig their conservative, balanced sail plan will astound you when they ghosts along in a light breeze, then get up and starts to plane on the reach in a fresh breeze. When the breeze is down the 2 hp outboard, a pull of the oars or skulling will shoot them home in a calm. The hull needs enough depth forward to drift well for flathead, which was also quite a big part of the early fishermen's activities. They would occasionally luff up into the breeze, and if a hull was too shallow forward it would fall away, start sailing, and move too fast. I often think of the days when I was at the Cliff, how she used to walk through the fleet, beating up from the easterly or westward" - Andy Johanson. Couta Boat Racing has become a unique culture attracting all of the big names in yachting from Australia and abroad. With the addition of deck chairs and the fold out storable table for six, the layout is flexible to suit any use. We needed a boat with cabin space to give the kids somewhere to go and rest during the day and also get out of the sun.
If the kids want to ski or be towed on a tyre or go to the beach, we leave mum in peace for an hour on the boat and take the kids out on the duck.
Should you not see the part you are after, or have a specific requirement, please don't hesitate to contact us. My design philosophy is to go back to the era prior to the influence of engines, to the time when the boats were purely commercial sailing and fishing vessels".
A loop traveller hawse, cast rudder gudgeons and shrouds lashed to chain plates, carry on the traditional concept evident in boats old and new alike.

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