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Join my email list and get access to The Back Porch - Roger StouffThe Back Porch is the kick-back and put-your-feet-up section of the site! The wallpapers have been divided into several categories and they are all available in minimum 1920x1080 resolution. Volunteers working on their M-W-F schedule are moving outdoors now to take advantage of milder weather.
An Amish crew from Grabill, Indiana, provides the craftsmanship for laying stone along the base of the new boat's storage house. Contractor Jack Cohee is enlarging the "turning basin" at Washington Street beside the Stone Arch Bridge while waterlevel is down.
Seeded and mulched the same day of construction and a silt fence placed below the slope indicates the need for keeping the canal clean and attractive during and after construction.

Ernest Avery called one day with a challenging message to come look at his old a€?weigh sheda€? and see if we might want it. For hiking interests in this nation the first Saturday in June is called National Trails Day.
For all the volunteers in the past year a free lunch begins the festivities at 12 noon at the Canal Park Shelter House, 1030 North Washington Street. All canal and trails volunteers present will receive an Earth Team hat or shirt for their efforts. Fun also comes in the form of hearing a report on the progress being made on the building of the replica Canal Boat and seeing the exciting new "warehouse" building that will house the new boat. Concerning the need for community involvement this spring McCain says "If you use the trails and love the setting of some special place-consider adopting it for the season.

We held it Saturday and Sunday, April 16-17, in association with the Bayou Teche Black Bear and Birding Festival.
The meal is provided by the local Psi Iota Xi sorority as they have done for many past workdays. My Chitimacha ancestors traveled this watery world in the dugout canoe, and my Acadian forebears in the piroque, bateau and skiff. So pull up an ol’ straight-back oak kitchen chair or a rocker if there’s one empty, help yourself to some ice-cold Southern sweet tea.

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