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This skiff was designed and built to meet the U S Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety Requirements.
If you reap enormous satisfactions from creating your own drifter then a scratch built boat from a set of plans can do that for you.
I have been asked by a friend if i could build him a wood (plywood) flats boat to be used for fishing here in sw florida. That wooden drifter looks familiar and it's a nice boat.I might have seen your boat on the Sky a time or two. Thanks for all the compliments everybody!Here's the pic of the girlfriend fishing on the Skagit in her skirt, we were taking a photographer for the Nature Conservancy down the river so she thought she should dress up.
Back ttt, I hate to see it go but, I need it gone to make room for the boat I am now building. Thanks man,It was great meeting you last weekend.Sounds like you guys had a good time at the derby, the girlfriend and I were regeting not being able to go. Ya I know what you're saying about the salesman thing, I just don't have any room for this thing.

Here's the link to the Helfrich's, they do the stainless steel oarlocks, I'll bet they can make clonger ones too.
This is not your average 20 year old sea biscuit wooden boat(not that all 20 year old wooden boats are sea biscuits, I've seen some that are as nice as the day they were built, just not many) . I need this thing gone, I am getting really close to finishing my next boat and have nowhere to store this one. You're a metal worker, can you weld on a longer shaft, machine it to size and then extend the blocks with a spacer? The first roll pin would keep your oarlock in place, the second could prevent a washer from sliding up the tube. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. How about if you machined a piece of steel to slip over the current oarlock shaft with an opening for the pin to lock into the existing hole. The current block could be drilled out to accept the tubing and at the bottom of the tubing a third hole could hold a cotter key.

On the new piece of steel weld a collar or washer that would provide a higher surface for the oarlock to now rest on.
Essentially a sleeve with a collar sized to fit the existing shaft and to raise the oarlock.
I also have some great bronze tig and gas rod that I used to sell for Cronatron Welding Supplies.
If you were to cut down the existing shaft leaving a space for a  v fillet why couldn't you extend it and braze the fillet. It has served me extremely well and the only reason I am selling it is to make room for the boat I am now building.

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