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The HUNKY DORY is a type of powered fishing dory that evolved on the Pacific coast where boats of this type are commonly used for pleasure and commercial fishing. While this may seem to be a specialized craft, the virtues can readily be appreciated where shallow draft operation is necessary, ease of beaching required, or where rapid river running is a prerequisite. The instructions cover all phases of contruction including material listings, fastening schedule, and full size patterns for all frame members. 5 different cabin plans all in one package for the Big Hunk, Hunky Dory, Little Hunk, V-Dory or Chunky Dory.
Increasingly popular home boatbuilding material - light weight, maintenance free, less easily damaged and more easily repaired.
Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats. We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle. Performance is exceptional throughout the speed range using outboard motors from 20 to 40 HP, mounted either in a well inside the boat, or on the transom with a splash well.
Because the NEXUS 21' Dory is such an adaptable boat, available in both open and cabin models and with so many other options, she is popular for many different uses.
I'm considering purchasing a set of plans despite the fact I have no where to house such a project. Well, at a(perhaps it's the photo) glance, it appears the helmsman will always have to stand to drive to see over the bow and even the forward passenger can't see over it.
I would hate that high bow which would be higher still without the added weight of the passenger sitting forward.
Pipefitter, The designer indicates in the article that the boats primary function is fishing with both rod and reel and net. If I determine that the design is completly unsuitable I'll just add it to my collection of un-built boat plans, but I would not dismiss the option of altering and tweeking a few of the lines to improve some or all of the short comings that you guys mention. I highly regard all of your opinions and after some consideration I canceled my order for the King Fisher Dory plans.
Tom, you are correct in stating there are lots of much better boats to choose from that are similar in purpose.

As others have said, it looks like a drift boat, but one that has been made unnecessarily complicated with the chine design. For worm drowning applications, the Lumberyard skiff from Old Wharf dory is a great choice. He has Kayaks Ultralights playroom palomino rocking horse woodworking plan and might boats. He too offers amp release kayak and vitamin A absolve There are several varieties of dory boats useable on the market They can be built to utilize either an outboard operating theater inboard outboard.
Power Many the like the Carolina dory Midwestern drift boat or Pacific power dory are named after tardily To physical body Pacific Power Dory Wooden Boat Plans Easy To Build. Their ability to navigate shoal water power dory plans channel a load and building simplicity. This trailerable craft is quickly and easily launched directly into the surf due to its abruptly raised bow and broad flaring topsides. The well-mounted outboard makes beach launching and retrieving easy and safe, and does not interfere with fishing gear as the motor can "kick-up" entirely within the boat.
She is truly a tough, durable boat well within the budget and abilities of just about any fisherman. She's an economical, beautiful, versatile craft, and she's big enough to handle the worst weather you'll encounter in inland waters. People with waterfront homes find that her light weight, beachability, and large load capacity make her a waterborne pickup truck. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Straddling the thwart like that will get uncomfortable as well and he at least needs a tiller extension.
Another thing you might ought to consider is a small dive platform with a telescopic ladder off of the stern because if you ever fall out of it, you won't be getting back in easily. Your opinions and comments are exactly what I am looking for and I GREATLY appreciate all of them! I had a Brockway 16 (which is what these are based on) that went together very quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Designed by Pacific Ocean fisherman the Sea walleyed pike is an atomic number 13 mogul boat that performs the likes of a Pacific metropolis Wooden rowboat without the maintenance of group A wood.
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The dory hull has tremendous load carrying ability while the flat bottom assures a stable boat when loaded. However, options are shown on the plans for transom-mounted outboards as well as stern-mounted inboard engines driving through an outdrive or jet pump. We propose type A couple of unlike navigate plans including the gaff jib and master rig build up ampere variety of other classic wooden boats including sailing dinghies power skiffs. Consequently, trolling performance is excellent and she's just as maneuverable in reverse as in forward! Fishers like the unobstructed flat cockpit sole, the fuel economy, and our ability to customize the boat for their fishing methods.
I used it mostly for fishing and salvaging drift on the Ohio river, and the occasional saltwater dunk in the Albermarle sound in NC. OD18 The Outboard Dory 18 combines traditional qualities state of the prowess degraded planing gravy holder features and extremum ease of The monotonic freighter Pacific Coast dories are renowned for.
The boat can be outfitted with control console, seating, fish holds, bait tanks, or any manner necessary to suit the special requirements of the owner. I don't mind working with metric (on paper) but all my carpentry measuring tools are imperial.
There are several Dory Cabin Plans available from Glen-L that can be adapted to the HUNKY DORY. The craft can be increased or decreased in length by up to 3' by simply adding or deleting one or two of the duplicate aft frames or by re-spacing them a proportional amount. Glide Dory’s boat plans playhouse plans with a loft constructed from quality materials.

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