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Just wondering what you would list as your favorite minimalist(ish) voyaging yacht for 2 relatively spartan people.
I'd be more interested in seeing more designs than less, so I'll leave the constraints pretty wide open. While crossing an ocean your Ipod will have no cell signal, your camera will rust in the salt air and your guitar will warp from the wet (everything will be wet on a small boat). There are thousands of designs out there and you will only see a few on this forum so the more you can pin down what your needs will be the better the chance we can be of assistance. I like the photos of Sundowner from the bow and in profile but the transom is not pretty to my eye. The 28', Paul Johnson, Venus 2 , 8 ton dbl ended gaff ketch , is a little bigger and a lot heavier.
Things will stay as dry on a well found small vessel as they will on a 45 footer that has lots of bells and whistles , and windows and butterfly hatches and wires going through the deck . In this design a client asked for the largest and safest single handed offshore yacht that he could get on a very limited budget.
But there are so many older small fiberglass yachts around at prices far less than the cost of a new one off build its hard to see why anyone wants to build a small blue water boat these days unless there's some very unique requirement you just can't get or modify in a production boat.
I was intentionally leaving the conversation wide open because I'd like to see what people come up with. This yacht was designed a modern interpretation of the junk type for music arranger and composer Mike Hale.
Thomas Gillmer designed a 29' voyager with a small cockpit, snug cabin and large lazarette (practically an aft cabin) and forepeak, separated by bulkheads. Wouldn't have known it was a sharpie without the name - looks like a very nice shallow-draft pocket cruiser to me. I checked it out and REALLY liked it, but I think it should have a skeg in front of the rudder starting about the point aft of the bridge deck.
I would consider going to a two-mast unstayed rig but I wouldn't use the boomless standing lug Thomasson shows in his pictures.
Whether this design or the Romily I take one look at the height of the high aspect lug and can only conclude the design is for areas with winds of 5 knots or less most of the time. I've seen design costs in the multiple thousands for stock plans, I'd say NIS plans are a pretty good deal for what they are.
The Thomasson sharpie is not unballasted - it carries about 600# of lead, as does the NIS 18. Concerning sail area, if you look at old designs for sailing boats in this size range - boats that were not auxilliaries - they typically had a lot of sail area and really deep reefs.
I have worked as a design engineer, not on my own but as part of an employee-owned design company. Princess Sharpie 26The Princess Sharpie 26 like her little sister, the Princess Sharpie 22, is an easy to build trailerable, beachable vessel.
This boat also has the V-bottom to maintain the handling and performance which has made her little sister such a joy to sail.
In order to get the shallow draft and lightweight trailer-ability, we have have to forgo full standing headroom, but there is ample sitting headroom, even for tall people, at 5'.
The basic hull construction, except for bottom forward section and the keel batten, is straight-forward stitch and glue.

If the yacht lost her spars she could easily be rolling her guts out beam-on to 5 to 8 metre seas.
Yup, Vic Toews has them charged and convicted before the ones picked up by the tanker have even set foot on the ground. It wasn't all that long ago a SARTech jumped into the ocean to help rescue someone and froze to death. 1) I want a boat that is appropriate for learning on, but would also be enjoyable to sail when I am more skilled.
3) I'm not sure I'm interested in learning how to hike out or run the risk of capsizing with any regularity. Finally -- in spite of my brief consideration of a sunfish, I have a strong preference for a lapstrake or carvel-planked boat. I know it would be preferable to sail a number of small wooden sailboats prior to choosing one to purchase, but I'm afraid that my schedule simply doesn't allow me to take trips to the northeast very often, and the South simply doesn't have the resources like Mystic Seaport or the Woodenboat School. First, you are looking at two significantly different types of boats -- proper sailboats or sail & oar boats.
Sailboats are propelled by sails, but secondary propulsion for most over 12' is gonna be a small outboard. Sailboats are far more stable than sail & oar boats, probably a better match for two adults and a dog as crew.
So, you've got a choice between the two types, which may be based on your willingness to use an outboard or desire for overall stability. It sure sounds as if you really like the Beetle Cat -- so that may well be the best choice for you.
You can search the listings, but finding the right wooden boat for sail at the right price is not like buying a fiberglass boat off the shelf. As far as launching the boat -- I plan on putting it in a slip, so carvel or lapstrake should be ok. We five (three kids) used an outboard for visiting those islands and would take bicycles for us all to ride on the hard sand beaches. Carrying an outboard motor is certainly an option but rowing along the creeks (particularly) is special because of the wildlife you'll see: eagles, osprey, porpoises, otters, wild hogs, herons, alligators (!), etc. I'd recommend a boat at least in the 16'-18' range for sufficient speed for two, and room for a dog and camping gear. If it were me, I'd make bids on the 18 and 20' Whitehalls listed in Woodenboat For Sale Online (ads #734 and 737).
The 1996 Olympic sailing events were held off the mouth of the Wilmington River and the local sailors hoped it would jumpstart a big interest in sailing and racing.
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You could build it, buy Annie Hill's book on Voyaging on a Small Income, and secure a case of Bean-no and you'd be all set. That said, please provide more information such as your realistic budget, where you are planning to build (where in which country, in what building or space), tools you own, sailing experience and woodworking skills.
I was 3 years on a Seabird and another 2 on a 21 ' Antigua sloop.Both too small for 2 people. She had to be a safe and comfortable cruising yacht with cross channel capability as well as the ability to venture into shallow waters.

Stores and spares take a lot of space and it's more than a lifestyle choice (quite risky) to try to do without. If I were ever to go offshore again alone or with another that would be my choice, but it's not a simple or lightweight build. These builders need to stabilize their ships better these days, Or the people operating them need to be more educated. I'm guessing you are thinking of camping out at Williamson, Wassaw, Ossabaw or other barrier islands.
One thing to be especially aware of in small boats there in the creeks, rivers and sounds is the strong current, tidal flow, tide heights and long flats that become exposed.
The hull is of multi-chine shape and is assembled from pre-shaped ply components with fore and aft girders also acting as bunk fronts bilge board cases and locker fronts.
But in that case, you want a boat that rows reasonably well, not one that can just be moved around a bit.
Welsford started by asking himself how much space and weight the stores required to cross an ocean are and then built a boat around the answer. 2 burner primus, bucket, no built in tanks, small diesel, couple of small silly panels, minimum batteries, small winches , no fridge , not even an ice box. Add to this type of hull a simple box ballast keel filled with scrap iron and cement and you have a very seaworthy, inexpensive and quickly built design. Nor do I think you will have enough cargo space for even minimal camping gear, a partner, a dog and a small Honda OB. The junk rig has been used for it’s safe easily handled single handed qualities and the design has been set up so that virtually all operations are controlled from the security of the doghouse. The interior might look nice but it was pretty cramped, like all boats of this size with a little cabin. I work in the marine industry in Mississauga and have never heard of one being built in these parts. However, it is very easy to rig Bettle Cat for sculling; providing a very easy and plesant way to move in calm waters. A good balance between capacity and stability on the one side, but not too heavy to manage under oar and getting on and off the beach.
I seem to always stay out just a tad bit too long; wind dies and I'm a distance from shore. However, the design can easily be adapted for simple ply construction and the keel arrangement may be altered to bilge or centreboard (we will be very pleased to advice and supply drawings for any modifications to any of our designs). The junk rig may be supplemented with a reacher and all sail controls are led back to the cockpit.
In any case both would need outboard motors because they are not rowable for any meaningful distance. Robert Ayliffe in Adelaide, South Australia has lots of experience with them, and is now selling them as kits.

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