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Victory Chimes hauled cargo in the Chesapeake until 1954 under her original name, Edwin and Maud, after the first captain's two children.
Domino’s Pizza owner Thomas Monaghan bought Victory Chimes in 1984 and is credited with extensive repair and restoration before selling to the current owners in 1989. Mashnee, a Herreshoff-designed Buzzards Bay 30, was restored at Darling Boatworks in Charlotte, Vt., with Honduran mahogany hatches and toe rails. New owner Jan Rozendaal undertook the full repair and restoration of Mashnee, which was found derelict in 2004. Every detail of this 1902 Buzzards Bay 30 received restorative treatment from Darling's Boatworks in Charlotte, Vt.

The Baglietto Marconi-designed ketch, built in 1928, cuts a beautiful line in the water, shown here with four sails flying. Many original details remain on this Italian-designed Baglietto Marconi ketch built in 1928. Unlike many classic yachts, which have been gutted and redesigned, this 1928 Marconi ketch retains 90% of her stunning, original interior.
On-deck dining captures the height of romance on this lovingly maintained 1928 Marconi ketch. Phillips in 1900, has three masts and six sails, the last surviving Chesapeake Ram Schooner.

Francis Herreshoff’s classic H-28 design, shipyard modified to 29 ?’ with increased length, beam, and freeboard, as well as a bowsprit and a doghouse.

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