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Tell us where you are and we will all try to get you along in the direction you want to go as far as possible. If you think imported timber is dearer than local you are in for a very big shock, however, depending where you are, there are seconds ply outlets arround the country. Most Hoop Pine ply is so nicely made that even the exterior ply has nice clean faces and no voids in the interior. Unlike small yachts, power boats have far greater hull pressures and, these vary along the length of the hull( they also vary along the hull with yachts too).
The problem with buying old plans or even plans from another country, is that the plans usually don't conform to Australian Builders plate compliance in regards to power boats.
You wont always be able to get what you want immediatly and may have to wait for the right sheets. Using solid First Principles, the governing factors for hull pressure is LWL, displacement, width of the bottom plate, speed and angle of deadrise. This then means that prior to registration, you'll need to send the plans to someone qualified to look over the design and do some number crunching for the numbers to go onto the plate. I'm thinking probably 3ft frame spacings and 12in stringer spacings based on your boats bill of materials. Ita€™s also a good choice if you do not have a lot of wood working skills or time is limited on how long the construction phase can take.

Knowing these factors, you then engineer the panels to take these loads which is then based on frame spacing, stringer spacing the mechanical properties of the plywood and it's hull loading (or pressure) at that location along the hull, defection of the material and then include a safety factor. It also means being that the boat is under 19ft or 6m, you'll need bouyancy in the form of expandable foam to support the boat in either a basic or level condition. Youa€™ll find other important information below on the four main wooden boat building techniques so you can make the right choice for your next project. Stitch and Tape This is generally the fastest, easiest, and least expensive means of building a boat with a plywood hull.
Typical plywoods that you get from the hardward store etc are usually made from hardwoods and imported from Asia. This means that the boats weight ( hull only)needs to be calculated along with the motor in order to determine the boats max capacity and number of persons allowed,which is also required for the plate.
This construction method uses epoxy glue, a€?stitches,a€? and detailed cuts to create the hull. In regards to our designs, all our power boats have been calculated for the builders plate. It'll weight about what a 75 HP two stroke does, but will have better mileage and low end torque for butt kicking hole shots.
Ita€™s also called a€?stitch and tapea€? or a€?tack and tape.a€? This wooden boat building method became popular in the mid 1960a€™s with televisiona€™s first do-it-yourself expert. One of your free bonuses really sold me and it was the complete guide to boat building techniques.

However if built here in Oz, the numbers are available along with the required amount of foam and location within the boat.
This type of boat building is strong and reliable when completed correctly. Strip Planking Strip planking is a type of cravel planking.
The edges are glued and fastened together. Modern epoxy adhesives are used to hold the hull together, not the fasteners. There are many variations to strip planking and most woodworkers will tell you that this method is best suited for those with quite a bit of experience. Clinker Ply This method of constructing the hulls of boats is done by using wood planks in such a way that their edges overlap.
The joint is called a a€?land.a€? This is an ancient form of wooden boat building, with the Vikings being the most successful in its application. They used wood planks and iron plates. Today, the iron plates have gone by the wayside, but the method is still used with wood planks. A boat crafted from this construction technique is lighter and it tends to move more efficiently.
Obviously, this type of boat building will take a lot of knowledge about the clinker ply or lapstrake method, but the results are quite exceptional. Another boat plan supplier who have focused their plans towards the unskilled is Gator Boat Plans, 8 types where you might find a plan to suit your needs.

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