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Exquisitely crafted with precision detailing, this model speedboat of the iconic wooden-hulled Stancraft powerboat will take you back to the luxurious pleasures of lazy days upon the river or perhaps waterskiing as you race across the lake.  Feel as if you’re speeding across the water with the wind in your hair with this powerboat model of a classic mahogany hulled Stancraft speedboat. This iconic racing boat was originally designed by George Crouch in 1924 and went on to win the 1924 and 1925 APBA Gold Cup. It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world. There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin hatch assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc.
Every frame has been redrawn from the original line drawings and table of offsets to reproduce the Flyer into an easily assembled boat.
The pull cord is stuck out, and there’s no battery for the electric start, but the motor still turns by hand. You’ll own the water when you climb into the plush aluminum interior on this Feather Craft Vega Bond. At first glance you might not realize how cool this 1963 Glastron G3 is, or that the seller spelled Glastron wrong.
This 1963 Glastron G3 has some funky lines, and that startship bow light is reason enough to buy this boat all on its own. The interior of this classic Glastron is clean and simple, and the chrome shit handles for the rear seats are a nice touch.
Do you wear your Oakleys on your head all night, even when you haven’t been out in the sun in hours? It’s not exactly ready to launch, but this 1954 Century Imperial Sportsman is only a few hundred hours of labor away from the water.
The interior of this Century is going to need a little work, but no more than the rest of the boat. Thumbody doesn’t want you to see this 1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra, but you should take a look.
At least you get a clear look at the interior – pretty nice for an original 40-year-old boat. The simple red and white vinyl interior on this Century is more bowling alley than resort, so grab a sarsaparilla and go for a ride. This classic 1958 Aluma Craft Flying D aluminum runabout is so clean and simple there isn’t much to say.
The steering wheel and the seat cushions are about the only things on this 1958 Aluma Craft that aren’t aluminum. It only takes $175,000 to recapture the roaring 20s with 26 feet of Stancraft Gatsby Speedster.
Check out the rumble seat on this Gatsby Speedster, perfect for a boat with 625 horses worth of rumble.
Pretty much everything is here, but this 1951 Chris-Craft Rivera is a long way earning admiring looks on the water. This Taylor SS is in excellent condition and the seller will give you your money back if you don’t like it. This 1985 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Powerslot Competition Ski Boat is one of the coolest ski boat from the 80s – a well designed boat that handles perfectly and is a joy to ski behind. From the outside, this Stars and Stripes edition Mastercraft Competition Ski Boat still looks like one of the coolest boats of the 80s. On the inside, this Mastercraft looks like a victim of repeated natural disasters, but carpet and upholstery are easy to replace. This Donzi prototype has been beat to hell, but you’ll have the only one around if you buy it.
The owner of this 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger speeds across a local lake, letting the ladies know he’s up for whatever. This 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger is a pretty simple little boat – a few seats, a hull and an outboard. This 1957 AeroCraft runabout has space age styling, but it’s current propulsion system is more 19th century. This 1976 Volga Hydrofoil needs a complete interior, in addtional to some cosmetic exterior work.
If you had purchased the previously posted 1958 Cutter Jet de Ville and you were cruising up to your local marina for a fill up, Pennzoil wanted you to use their oil for your mixture and this vintage sign is how they would have let you know. Hang this vintage Pennzoil Outboard Motor Oil sign on your dock and the one guy still pre-mixing his outboard oil just might stop in for a fill up.
Feast your eyes on this motherfucker – 1964 Hallett Barron v-drive. So, so, cool. Where do I start?
The tuck and rolled glitter red over white interior is an absolute perfect match to the rest of this Hallett’s style. Top this whole package off with a matching pearlescent white tandem axle trailer with white walls and all I can do is try to figure out how to lift this entire boat through the picture window into my living room for permanent display.
This Shepherd couldn’t wait to get out of its Ontario, Canada birthplace and enjoy the warm sun of Vincent, Alabama where it currently resides. The seller does a nice job of demonstrating this boat’s condition through a good amount of quality photos.
The old mahogany plywood boats don’t get as much respect as the older planked woodies, but this is still a very good looking Shepherd. This is kind of the money shot to figure out what you’ve got to work with on this little Ski Sporter.
This thing is so gosh-darn fast that turbulence over the bow the past 50 years wore the fiberglass away. Guessing the fiberglass engine cover is missing, probably similar across all Ski Sporters and Sweet 16s, but still, you’ve got to track one down or build it.
This Collegian in Labanon, Indiana is powered by a Chrysler Crown six cylinder engine pushing out 135hp.
The seller claims to have spent nearly twenty grand on the restoration of this old Correct Craft and it looks it – lots of new wood, a 5200 bottom and 15 coats of spar varnish later you can now buy it on eBay where the current bid is just short of $9,000 with the reserve not yet met.
I did not put that little glimmer in that picture with Photoshop, that’s real shine, people. The all-new for 1958 Cutter Jet de Ville would set you back a staggering $845 according to the brochure posted by the owner of this little gem in Middlebury, Vermont.
I am such a sucker for the old Mercury Kiekhaefer outboards, and this one done up in the sunset orange to match the Cutter Jet de Ville is like a shiny, yummy Skittle. The front of this vintage Cutter Jet de Ville would look really cool with some period correct chrome goodies – like a spotlight and dual horns. The seller claims it’s all original – Cutter Jet De Ville, Mercury Mark 55 Thunderbolt outboard and the trailer. Do you have a large, empty wood shop just begging of a new project to gobble up floor space, keep your attention for the next 14 months, then be forgotten until you die and your children sell it off?Then you, my friend, are a perfect candidate for this 1951 Chris-Craft racing runabout project boat. The low, frameless windshield with a single driver cockpit and the thought of a thru-hull exhaust roaring out the back gives me goose bumps.
If you share my passion for forgotten projects that are worth about half of what you have invested in them, shoot out to eBay where this Chris-Craft racing runabout in Mattituck, New York could be yours for a current bid (reserve not met) of about $5,000. I can get past the missing engine when I lay my eyes on that original wheel and those gauges. You show me a Chris-Craft with a lot of rotten wood, missing parts and no engine and I’ll show you an empty checking account. We see a lot of Century hardtops but this Coronado hardtop slider complete with porthole definitely deserves a little attention. I feel like if President Kennedy and Jackie O were going for a boat ride around the Hamptons, this would be their vessel of choice. This Century Coronado sliding hardtop is currently listed on eBay in Couer d’Alene Idaho with a Buy it Now of $37,500.

Like a Ford Skyliner retractable hardtop, only it slides and shares its window with a Thunderbird. This Glastron Seaflite is a nearly 60 year-old marvel of sculpted coral over white fiberglass. Fitted with the hardtop, which requires hands and knees ingress and egress, it certainly gets attention. This Glastron Seaflite has got all the right moves, and maintains nearly all of its original parts, pieces and trim. I wonder if this guy stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a box of Munchkins and just decided on the spot to sell his 1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx.
This 1956 Larson Falls Flyer is one of the coolest and most unique boats we’ve ever featured. The narrow hull, double cockpits, rear steering, swept stern that wraps around the transom – this Larson Falls Flyer is straight out of a 1950s comic book. This 1974 Hondo T-Deck Runner Bottom has an award-winning Von Dutch paint job and enough motor for a boat 6 times its size. This fully restored 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat will do a lot more than win you a ribbon in your local boat show. Bring back the classic resort era of the 1950s with this 1955 Thompson Sea Coaster runabout. This 1955 Thompson Sea Coaster is in beautiful condition and it’s ready for the water. That’s a pretty simple instrument panel, but electric start was a pretty cool feature when this Thompson Sea Coaster was built. I sure would like to see Daisy slide off those Dukes and get a little sun in this 1997 Challenger. This 1972 Correct Craft  Mustang is a total restoration project, but if you’re into ski boats, this Mustang would be a damn cool boat to restore. This 1972 Holman Moody-equipped Correct Craft Mustang is in need of a full restoration, but please keep the original color. A large swath of Honduras was reportedly cut over to provide enough mahogany for the impressive 25-foot hull on this 1935 Garwood.
This one is in great cosmetic condition, but the 40-horse Xenoah jet drive needs a little attention. Rick Moranis reportedly bought the boat after filming and frequently drove it with his helmet strapped into the passenger seat.
The 20-foot hull could use refinishing, but you can do that after you enjoy the rest of summer. Unfortunately, this one looks like it spent the past 20 years being trailered around Oklahoma from one tornado to the next. Unfortunately, the Mercury 850 85-horse outboard won’t fire, but you can still haul it on a trailer. The listing provides almost no information, but that may be a lingering Cold War reluctance to share secrets and divulge technical information for fear of weakening the Motherland. I would actually get some sort of creepy pleasure pain out of burning my ass on the red seats in the scorching sun.
This Hallett Barron can be yours with some aggressive bidding on eBay where it’s currently creeping up on $26,000 (reserve not met) in Mooresville, North Carolina. We know the original powerplant is long gone, but I like the GM 350 conversion that puts out a claimed 300hp and propels this old plywood beauty to speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour. Moving an 18 foot long chunk of double-planked mahogany takes some power, and that was the biggest six cylinder Chrysler made at the time. Fast forward almost 60 years and  this restored Jet de Ville is hovering right around $4,500 with the reserve not yet met on eBay.
Seller claims that every single part of this boat is in original and near perfect condition.
The bulbous bow moves to a downward sweeping centerline darting back up to fins that make a ’57 Bel Air look kinda meh.
And then he was so swept up in the decision he ran out into the parking lot and started snapping photos right next to the drive-thru. The flamboyant Von Dutch paint job has apparently won awards, but I’ve never trusted the Von Dutch. Sure, those punk wake boarders and surfers think they own the lake, riding in the wake of their giant Moombas and Malibus, but you’ll outclass all of them when you grab a rope and hitch a ride behind this mahogany dream.
Thompson was the largest builder outboard boats in the world at one point, and this 16-foot mahogany runabout is a great example of the company’s Wisconsin-built boats. This 1977 Challenger is painted that familiar orange and carries a big 01 on the side, but the name has been shortened and the Confederate Flag has been left in the past, so you can drive it without fear of protests at the boat landing.
Luckily the stroked out 454 Chevy in this 1977 Challenger is plenty fast enough to stay ahead of the law. The 17-footer has its original Ford Holman Moody 302 and Borg Warner Velvet Drive Transmission. This little 13-foot speed boat is more oddity than Fantasy, sort of a parody of a speed boat, if you will. But make sure that launch isn’t shallow, because this Fantasy F-13 rides about four feet off the ground on this custom trailer. For starters, the hull design, with those funky sort of side fins , makes the boat look like it’s ready for flight.
Why yes, and it has 4-wheel drive, but you have to jump in the water and manually lock the hubs. Luckily he left enough of the frame open to get a look at this 1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra.
The Jesus might prefer something like this Schiada, and the Nihilists no doubt would be in one of these, but this 20-foot Resorter is a clear reflection of the year it was born, and of The Dude’s aesthetic.
She was rehabilitated in the 80s, and based on the photos, she’s been systematically abused every day since. This Switzer-Craft has been family owned since original purchase, has been used less than 15 seasons in almost 40 years. This 1957 AeroCraft was actually built by an aircraft company, and it’s been completely rebuilt with all vintage parts. In the one photo from the stern it looks to be missing, in one side view, it appears it might be in there. It looks it and I love it.The Kiekhafer outboard engine drools style like a dental patient on novocaine.
A peak in the round glass is like a jittery old black and white movie featuring a gently-smiling Jackie Onassis in a polka dot high-waisted bikini enjoying herself while her first man handles the throttle. I really like this old boat, but I just can’t get past all the dollars swirling around in a cyclone of lost investment. It is in excellent condition with the original 25-horse Johnson motor in perfect working order.
The seller doesn’t say much about it, other than the fact that 454 Chevy in this 1977 Challenger has been stroked out to 496 cubic inches.
The engine and transmission were working fine when when it was last used, but the boat has been left outside under a tarp, forgotten and neglected for far too long. Promotional company’s, water front businesses , dealerships,  I can not even begin to tell you the amount of attention this rig attracts. It comes with a 15-horse Nissan four stroke outboard with low hours, but the part of you that loves the idea of a owning this American classic should hate being powered by a Nissan. But the 351 Ford V8 has been completely gone over with a bunch of new parts and a rebuilt Holley carburetor.
It’s sort of like an El Camino, only instead of a shallow truck bed you get a stern full of nasty motor and a mound of headers and exhaust pipes.

And it runs on vodka, which can be fun, but it can put you in a world of hurt the next day.
If you ever had concerns about your outboard motor oil being safe lubrication, and 100% Pennsylvanian, this old advertising sign would let you rest easy.
Alas, to see it on this boat is magnificent, the grain is striking and a perfect match for any type of wooden racer. The interior appears clean and its got some obvious modern upgrades to compliment the vintage wooden style.
The Mercury Mark 55 Thunderbolt Four is a name that should surely be resurrected by the folks in FonDuLac, Wisconsin. The Mercury Magnum LX engine is equipped with an aluminum Edlebrock intake and has less than 170 hours on it. Everything on it is either new or rebuilt, including the original 283 Chevy engine, which only has 15 hours on it since the rebuild.
This Spiko SK is packing a 1955 Corvette 265 engine, one of 700 originally manufactured engines of that year with a four barrel carburetor. The boat is in pretty good shape. Do you keep a comb in the back pocket of your acid washed jeans?And a Def Leppard tape in your truck?
I live on a very small lake and get chased around by boats taking  photos, cars stopping etc. It’s located in Waupaca, Wisconsin, and frankly any good Wisconsinite should know better than to put a modern Nissan outboard on a boat like this.
The seller says with an “interior and a some details” this classic Mastercraft could be a showpiece. And if you’re a good negotiator, you might be able to negotiate for some VHS tapes of family outings in this boat after she got clean the last time. That’s a 508-cubic-inch Chevy Roller motor out back, with a pair of Eddlebrock carburetors and Basset headers. It doesn’t come with a motor, but aside from that, this 14-foot AeroCraft is ready to blast across your lake of choice.
You can find this 1957 Shepherd utility runabout on eBay where the current bid just broke $5,000 and the reserve is unmet. It’s all matched up with a Bravo outdrive and stainless Mirage Plus prop to give you plenty of power. The double cockpit design with controls in the back accentuates the long, narrow hull, sort of like having a steering wheel in the back of a canoe. The Mastercraft trailer has also been restored, but you’ll have to buy it separately for another $550.
The old Correct Crafts are getting more and more collectible, and this Mustang deserves to be restored to her original glory.
This Century hasn’t even been in the water since the engine was rebuilt, and it has new carpet and upholstery.
This 1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond is begging you to take it out on the open water and write your own adventure. Buy It Now for $3,500, sell the Nissan to someone from Illinois, and put a vintage Mercury or Evinrude on the back of this Aluma Craft. While the exterior needs a few band aids, the interior shines. The mahogany side panels are elegant, fitting of a first lady, and the pleated interior vinyl is certainly more luxurious than new. But at a $7,500 opening bid with a $12,000 Buy it Now I think this boat might be moored in its Boulder, Colorado home for quite some time. If you want a Chris Craft, but you’re not ready to trade on-the-lake excitement for the vintage boat show circuit, this is the perfect boat. This Thompson Sea Coaster is located in Lake Forest, Illinois, and you can Buy It Now for $4,950. It’s located in Johnson City, Tennessee, so rock me mama like a wagon wheel, and buy this Mustang.
You could also pull that 265 out and use it on your Corvette restoration project, but that would be sort of a shame. It looks like restoration didn’t make it all the way to the dash, but you can probably find someone to fix the trap door on that cassette deck. The journey begins in Fremont, Michigan, where your Feather Craft Vega Bond is listed on eBay with a current bid $3,500.
It’s a 21-foot tunnel hull with a new Mercury Promax 300 motor and a brand new interior. You can cruise all day, bring it to the vintage boat show, or pull your buddy Stanley across the lake on his trick skis. If you want something weird that turns heads, why not buy a fake jeep mounted on some sort of miniature boat hull? But the real appeal, the piece de resistance, is the cushy, high-backed, 1970s nightclub vibe of the interior.
It’s located in Fort Myers, Florida, but thankfully it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $2,000, so you can buy it and take it somewhere much better. Mostly I just want to see more of every part of this Larson Falls Flyer because it’s so damn cool. The sleek little hull is wrapped around a brand new 509 big block Chevy with enough high-end aftermarket parts and components to start your own racing shop.
This 18-foot Century Sabre is located in Lansing, Michigan, and you can Buy It Now for $8,000.
I mean, it doesn’t look nice compared to a Chris Craft or a Donzi, but for an odd little novelty, it looks really nice.
This Chris Craft Super Sport is located in Meredith, New Hampshire, and you can Buy It Now for $18,995. This Jeep Wrangler Ski Boat is located in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, and you can Buy It Now for $8,800. This Century Resorter is located in Merdith, New Hampshire, and you can Buy It Now for $16,500. You can feel equally comfortable behind the wheel of this Taylor in shorts and flip-flops or a nice white suit with wide lapels and a heavy gold chain around your neck.
With a Buy it Now price of just $13,897 (dude comes up with some unusual numbers) it’s the perfect boat for a balla on a budget. Everything in this boat is clean and in god working order, and it’s all kitschy cool.
In January 1953 Castoldi drove the Hydroplane dubbed "Arno XI" to an unofficial top speed of over 124 MPH.Attempting to break the speed record set by his rival Mario Verga, Castoldi installed a new engine with twin superchargers. And that paint job includes a Cancer Awareness dedication, so you can cure cancer, and go fast. The Glastron of your childhood comic book dreams is awaiting you in Port Republic, Maryland. This 80s dream machine is located in Colchester, Connecticut, and you can Buy It Now for $15,000. Restore the mahogany exterior and grab your first lady – guaranteed, everyone will be looking in your porthole. This 1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx is located near a Dunkin Donuts in Toms River, New Jersey, and you can Buy It Now for $16,500. This Hondo T-Deck Runner Bottom is located in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and you can Buy It Now for $34,995.
You can write the next chapter yourself if you head down to Gallatin, Tennesse, and pick it up.

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