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A new boat builder I'm building a strip built canoe and I'm to the point of filling staple holes and the small imperfections.
We also heard about another sharpie design being 48' long that had a 23' coach over the top and full living space under the coach, if you can believe it. Location: Utah for now Thankfully, we got off topic and on to what we are really trying to do.
Buy a proven plan and build it EXACTLY to the scantlings, when you still are for the homebuild way. Or do as advised, buy second hand, save money, stress, a divorce, and time, and enjoy sailing now, not in 8 years!
Look here to get a clue what requirement can be: The Design Spiral, or where to start building a boat. Location: Eustis, FL Tulipwood (common poplar) has a nasty habit of breaking across the grain with little force.
Location: Eustis, FL Again, it's great on windows or as barn siding, but not in a dynamic loading situation. Poplar used to be fairly good stuff when there was a distinction between yellow and white, but now it's all basically the same and considered of lesser quality (it's all white now).
Most of my information comes from the latest volume from the USDA, which covers the majority of domestic and imported woods in the USA. Location: Eustis, FL A window, even with some fancy hardware attached to it is a static load, not dynamic.
Tulipwood, Tulip poplar, Tuliptree, Saddle tree, Awhitewood, Canadian whitewood, Canary whitewood, Whitewood, Yellow-wood, Canoe wood, Green cypress, Popple, Poplar, Blue poplar, Hickory poplar, Virginian poplar, White poplar and Yellow poplar are common names. Again, it was once a prized small boat planking material, when there was a clear distinction between the yellows and whites. Location: eastern United States Happy New year and this thread was worth the read for the start of the new year. Location: eastern United States Few people would even attempt to build an auto from scratch and will take at least a frame from a known vehicle and convert that to their own liking.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A compact weekending bridgedeck catamaran, perfect for camping holidays with enough performance to satisfy the yearning for the odd race or two. My joint with epoxy is stronger than plain wood with small knots but less stronger than clear plain wood.
Location: Eustis, FL In most applications, fancy joints on the strips aren't necessary, a butt joint will do and is the fast way through.

Location: alameda CA I kind of like the finger-joint, especially if you can do away with that step near the surface of the wood, since it effectively puts a butt-joint at the most highly stressed fibers.
Location: Trondheim, NORWAY When scarfing plywood, the scarf become stiffer than the plywwod around so you get a flat area. Homer in the Heliad described the first known organized navy, where 1186 ships floated to Troy.
Some indications show that Greek ships had gone as far as England to buy metals that were hard to find in Greece. Today Greeks are following the traditions and have many more ships than someone would expect, considering the size of Greece. She wants what seems to be about 75' of boat in less than 50' of length capable of sailing. Can anyone think of a design where the coach house is over full-height living space and it still sails? So sock it to me, whats the deal that between preservative and epoxy you still seem to consistently speak ill of this type of wood. I been working up to a retirement build for a while now and I still got a long way to go before I can think that Ive pinned down what I want to build.
Now picture a bunch of strips, with the their grain running pretty much along the fore and aft load paths. The choice was largely regional, based on where the manufacturer was located,we used aspen which naturally i felt was the best choice. Most structural lumber in boats will be asked to accept cyclic loading, particularly planking. The yellows where much favored, by boatbuilder and barn builder alike, for it's durability and rot resistance. Yet many will jump off the cliff in an attempt to design and build investing in this case several hundred of thousands of bucks on something after reading a book? Maine Finger joints The only problem with finger joints is they will create hard spots as opposed to a scarf. This is sometimes more work to fill and sand than two very small hard spots from a simple step joint.
It was almost 40 metres long and required almost 150 men power to pull the oars and almost 50 more for other needs. As the myth tells, there were two such towers to guide the ships to the passage of Gibraltar. The tyrant of Syracuse Dionisios The Senior had ordered the improvement of the catapults that were available until then and managed to achieve superiority in the Mediterranean Sea in his period.

Its clear straight grained material comes in huge lengths, the charictoristic differences between sap wood and heartwood vary only slightly and its got consistent strength, its also light and takes chemical treatments like glue, stain and preservatives extremely well. The natural strains of the boat will tend to break this species across the grain, which places huge structural considerations on adjacent strips.
I take it from reading here that yellow poplar is not tulipwood, is it a suitable wood for boatbuilding?
This is far from the static environment of a window in a sash, even if occasionally it's opened or cantilevered on hardware. Designing a 50 footer using a computer program and a book is not a good mix for sure without some previous knowledge of what it takes to float a boat.
But they could travel at least from the Greek islands to Cyprus to carry copper and bronze since 3000 B.C. He had constructed specially navigated ships that specialized in carrying catapults as war ships! Slathered with epoxy would it not be protected from moisture and therefor not prone to rot or if so could it not be treated with a epoxy compatible preservative. Best thing to do is hang out and read for a few years, speacially the threads that focus on people who are trying to do exactly what you are doing but screw it up. This wood doesn't exist any more, it all got chopped down and replaced with farm raised or inferior hybrid poplars. Of course if you have the wallet big enough to do this project, divert some of it to a designer that you can give your perimeters even allowing your wife to pass along some imput, and you stand a good chance of surviving the savage sea. There is some great humor in them but the underlying tradgedy is that someone had a dream and could have been humble enough to realize that for as smart as they think they are, they need help to make it come true, when it comes to a yacht, a lot more help than you may realize at this point in your research.
This transition from the second growth stuff to the present day is about 50 years long, starting in the 60's. The strip just above and below the joined section of planking will lend a great deal of strength to the joint, if glued and fastened properly.
The earth tectonic plates of Asia and Africa are moving towards Europe and the connection point is Greece, so a lot of earthquakes gave the country many corners in geographical shapes. Now where is that thread with the 40 foot boat for free that is all gutted out and planks opened all up thats been sitting around on the hard since I happen to have a couple tubes of 5200 and a gallon or two of kilz laying around.
I bet by the end of the month I can have it ready for a late carribean cruise and fishing trip too.

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