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Whether you're planning a unique corporate event or a special social event, we've found that working with ExecChef is your best bet! It has come to our attention that some charter operators will tell prospective guests that they don't have to comply by the US Coast Guard's Inspected Passenger Vessel regulations by offering a Demise or "bareboat" charter. Read these "5 Important Things to Know Before Chartering a Vessel" and it'll be smooth sailing! The United States Coast Guard regulates charter boat operations. Before we recommend a caterer, we want to know that their food and presentation is something that will enhance their event with us.
The scam works something like this:The operator leases you and your party a boat for the afternoon. This is a great post by our friend, Captain Dan Peretz, President of Dolphin Landings Charter Boat Center in St. ExecChef not only met our expectations, they exceeded them and have received rave review from all of our clients who've chosen them to cater their event with Tampa Bay Yacht Charter.

Whether they don't know the rules or choose to ignore them, we don't know; however we suspect the latter. In fact, some said this was the best outing we’ve had since we started them about 2 yrs ago. Then the operator has you hire them as the crew for your "private charter".But for this to work, YOU, the customer have to assume full control and responsibility for the vessel. You have to pay for the fuel, you have to pay for all of the food and beverages, and you have to pay for the crew, etc.And (and this is a *big* and!) if anything goes wrong, YOU are legally liable for it.
You signed a contract saying you are in full control of the vessel. That's a scary thought, isn't it? You go out for an afternoon of fun with your friends, something happens, and now you're on the hook for damages!Fortunately, the US Coast Guard got wise to this a while back, resulting in the Passenger Vessel Safety Act of 1993. Peretz, a charter boat industry veteran who’s been in business for more than 36 years, observed that the issues involve the mechanical and structural integrity of private-turned commercial boats, the quantity and quality of safety equipment on board and the experience of the crew.

Peretz’ boats are rigorously inspected annually by Coast Guard inspectors and carry certifications regarding their equipment, stability and passenger capacities. Uninspected passenger vessels operate without regular inspections or training requirements. Petersburg in Tampa, a vessel may be required to be USCG-certified if the vessel carries more than 6 passengers-for-hire, even if it remains docked. To determine what safety regulations your vessel needs to meet, or to schedule a USCG inspection, please call Sector St.

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