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20 color combination tools for designers - spyrestudios, Pretty great collection of color tools. We can also assist in organizing cruises, corporate receptions at sea or on the quay and private events of all sizes on the Cote d'Azur. At Master C we have the right tool to locate any type of day boat available in real time and assist you in organizing your perfect day afloat. Sound design, technical design, visual design and explorations to promote Art and Humanity.
In the downtown of Helsinki there is a place called Lasipalatsin audio (Glass Palace Square). The rings of Saturn look like a spectrogram, so it occurred to me try how it would sound like.

The three pieces of Sounds of Calligraphy playlist are the continuation from the Sarana performance at the opening of Viiva & Viiru calligraphy group exhibition in Helsinki, Finland. AMBIENT? interprets the sound landscape of Harakka island in Helsinki into music into another language through a computer-abled generative process.
The game was realized for media company Lansi-Suomi and especially for their online publication Raumalainen.fi. This simple jQuery script will enable you to add images to the individual tags of the Wordpress tag cloud. The website consists of the main informational pages for organizers and interactive pages for children.
By lightly discussing about the general principles of sound design the attention was drawn to available technology and digital sound processing.

Not only to create this showcase website for them, but also earlier in 2015 I collaborated with them to create a data driven dance piece.
The creators were in a quick need for the soundtrack for a trailer, which preceded a Kickstarter campaign for the game. The pain during the menstruation (dysmenorrhea or painful periods) is intimately highlighted with the help of sound.

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