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These two designs are being introduced following the SC166 superyacht and the Zeus Twelve Gold Rush models, which are, to be honest, additional epitomes of luxury and great looks. The pieces which interests us the most is the Xhibit G car – a marvelous, stunningly looking 4-wheeler to match the greatness of the Xhibitionist yacht.
The interiors is designed to host a 900-Watt 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen BeoSound audio system, carbon fiber accents on the dashboard and seats, as well as touches of white leather.
Sign up for Luxatic's free newsletter and get the best news delivered straight to your inbox. This image is featured as part of the article New designs based on the 73m expedition yacht Pegaso platform by Pegaso Marine, Moore Yacht Design and Freire. This image is featured as part of the article PARADIGM 180 motor yacht design by Pama Architetti Design.
The 280ft Adamantine Motor Yacht Design by Ivan Erdevicki Naval Architecture & Yacht Design Inc. I was googling on boat accidents and boat crashes and I found some horrible pictures online. This image is featured as part of the article Odyssey Yacht Design’s 39 Meter Superyacht Opus. A collaboration between H2 Yacht Design and Laurent Giles Superyacht Architects sees the development of Project Atlas, a modern 110m motor yacht that utilises the efficiencies of sail power.
When using both motor and sails the vessel can cruise easily at 14 knots with a possible fuel saving of between 40% and 60%, coupled with an equivalent increase in range. Heeling is limited to maintain the comfort expectations and characteristics of a motor powered Superyacht.
Power is provided by a diesel electric power plant and is designed to be totally flexible with the sail power. If you’re attending next week’s Monaco Yacht Show, stop by Icon Yachts to get a look at the model for Britannia, this 85-meter (279-foot) megayacht concept. In examining Britannia’s lines, you’ll see a blend of thoroughly modern elements and classic ones. Icon Yachts and H2 Yacht Design are leaving interior decor and the general arrangement to the owner’s choice. Accommodations are available for upwards of 18 to 20 guests, depending on needs, for a maximum capacity of 24, including the owner.

Icon Yachts further suggests employing diesel-electric propulsion, which it says should result in a 19-knot top speed and 16-knot cruise speed. Stunning design on this yacht… it’s simply beautiful to look at the outside, I can only imagine the inside! From supercars, luxury homes, yachts and bespoke watches, to gorgeous hotels and resorts and the latest trends in high fashion.
We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The conventional wooden boat building era has ended and the new fiberglass and carbon boat building era is arising. Boating accidents can be pretty dangerous so it is very important to know a thing or two about boating safety and safety at sea. Stabilisation under power and at anchor is provided by retractable active stabilisers; however, underway the natural damping of the sails offers energy free stabilisation.
The diesel electric combination can alone power the vessel to a maximum speed of 18 knots with a range without sail assist of 8000 Nautical miles. She’s the result of Icon Yachts collaborating with H2 Yacht Design for styling and interior design and Laurent Giles Naval Architects for engineering input. The swath of superstructure that flows from the megayacht’s top deck to the main deck lends drama, as does the vertical bow. Given the 14.5-meter (nearly 48-foot) beam, lounges, lobbies, staterooms, and more should benefit from plenty of elbowroom.
Alternately, they’re offering a scaled-down, 12-person arrangement, which no doubt will translate to capacious cabins, particularly for the owner.
In addition, it is fitted with solar panels for additional green power, but the platform they are mounted on may also work as a concert stage or even a helipad. I am constanly in search of new beatuiful yachts on the internet and in other places and so I decided to publish a collection of some of the hottest designs out there. There are lots of people who buy fast and expensive boats and they don’t even have a slightest clue regarding safety of them and all the others so they just move their throttles to max and enjoy the ride. Among the suggested features that Icon Yachts and H2 Yacht Design are recommending are a glass-enclosed elevator and circular dining area, the latter surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. Either way, the VIP stateroom is recommended to be on the main deck, with balconies, and the master suite is located up one level, complete with a skylight.

When anchored out, two limousine tenders will shuttle guests back and forth, and an array of watertoys will be at their disposal. They are the brand new Xhibitionist yacht and Xhibit G car designs, courtesy of Gray Design. For all of you who think that nothing can happen to you here are some photos that will make you think different and the sea a safer place for all of us who enjoy it in a calm way. Another feature owners may wish to keep: a glass-bottom Jacuzzi tub, which filters light down to the bridge deck. Icon Yachts envisions the typical PWCs plus inflatable kayaks, windsurfers, scuba gear, and kitesurfers.
By this I mean that theay are coverd with solar panels to generate electricity to charge their batteries and power their massive engines using the sun lights, which is the biggest source of free energy that can be found on our planet.
I would also like to apologie to the authors of these photos becouse I didn’t took note of photos source pages and authors.
An extra Jacuzzi tub is in the beach club, which further can contain a traditional sauna and a hamam (Turkish sauna). I anyone feels offended feel free to write to me and I will state you as author or remove the picture from this article. I like to look at this pictures becouse I get a lot of  great ideas on how I can improve my boats and my designs.
If you want to know more check the Blogs on Boating Safety Information article so you will learn something about boating safety. Also be sure to watch all the videos in the Top 10 Boat Crash and Funny Accident Videos to see some nasty crashes caught on tape. If you like this post you should also consider reading 24 Top Boat Accident Pics,where you will see what can happen if you don’t follow the rules at sea. Everthing else that matters in boating safety topic is collected in 10 Thing You Must Have On Your Boat and you can find them in my Boat Building eShop. If you are more of a traditional boating fan, then you must read the Wooden Boat Plans article.

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