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To provide this within a budget I proposed that they build the boats as bare hull and deck sets as a club effort and send them home for finishing. There were 6 Sweet Peas Built in the first winter effort, and by all accounts the boats are doing their jobs admirably. I am offering here two new versions of Sweet Pea that would still measure under the class rules, but the structure is better suited to building one at a time. Light in weight so that the tow vehicle can be quite small, needing only ankle deep water with the plate up so she can be slid into the water pretty much anywhere, Sweet Pea has a cockpit big enough for six, even allowing for the outboard motor in its well at the after end of the starboard side seat.
Sweet Pea is a hot performer, she has a very high power to weight ratio, a fine entry and a clean run. She’ll plane on a reach or run, even the alternative yawl rig derived from the cruising Navigator has the power to really move the little craft and it will take a pretty serious dinghy to keep up whether racing or exploring the coast and inlets.
As a cruiser, this sort of boat is a camper rather than a five star hotel, but there is enough space for a couple of friendly people to enjoy a few days away. With the cruising yawl rig, she’ll be simple to rig with short spars, easy to handle, easily reefed in a blow and very capable. I like boats like this, for a relatively small investment in time and a few dollars a week buying the materials the builder gets a capable little cruiser, the social contact of club activity and a huge amount of satisfaction.
Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. Over the last weekend, excellent sailing conditions arrived, with winds estimated at about 10-15 knots, some better gusts.
I am amazed at the power displayed by the lug rig and how well balanced the Goose design is.
But for function they are keeping the rig out of the way of the rower and accommodations – and the type is before reliable motors – which explains why it is (thankfully) so hard to hang an outboard on them!!!!
So whether from the hull or function argument – I would include them as Yawls without much doubt.

Your mention of the contentions on the proa boards made me laugh – we can all argue on the net, but to go sailing is to go sailing and at that point who really cares!
I think your proportion suggestion is exactly right in that it shows there is no real difference.
Clearly, Ketch, Yawl and Schooner are part of a continuum and originally were named related to the purpose of the boat only – to get some particular function. I suppose if a modern boat pushes the masts out to the end of the boat to be a good paddler or rower, then it deserves to be called a yawl – that is a continuing function and so a legitimate name.
Ketch as a fishing rig … probably has little relevance now except for traditional work boats in some areas – but unlikely to be important on the pages of Woodenboat! Hugh Levinson, no doubt inspired by Austin Rogerson's interpretation of the original Ness Boat as a yawl, bought Iain's no doubt similarly inspired plans for his Ness Yawl. Years later, Dan Houston Editor of Classic Boat came out for the special South Australian wooden Boat Festival which paid homage to Iain, and one of the boats there was a caledonian Yawl that had been trailed some 200 kilometers for the event.
With her canoe stern and beam she should be a good load carrier, and should e able to run before a sea without fuss.
4 strake planking a side makes planking easy, and the drawings, the sweeping sheer and the double ends assure very easy on the eye as well. A very competent small double ender with reasonable rowing and very good sailing performance. With a mostly mature membership and close to 200 miles of sparsely inhabited fairly sheltered tidal coastline to play with, there was a need for some simple cruising accommodation as well as enough performance to be a fun class racer.
This way the boats would be turned out quickly, the building jig and patterns would provide control for the class rules, and the advantages of bulk purchasing would still be available.
I gather that there was to be another "batch" done at the end of the season so they must have made an impression!
Using plywood bulkheads and stringers with a 9mm plywood skin over, building her is about as simple a job as one could get in a boat this size.

There is enough space to seat four below, she can sleep two in better comfort than some and has permanent mountings for a stove, storage for the portaloo and enough gear for a weekend! There is enough lateral plane in the big steel centerboard to minimise leeway on the wind, and there is enough weight in that board to steady her a little.
But when I see all the history of these lug variations I know that men used them to make a living on the ocean and bays and had to have an easily worked yet powerful sail plan. Hugh often sqailed his in th Goolwa area with his comfortable dogs aboard, they did noit do well as ballast however, and the shifting of them in brisk circumstances led to self righting testing on a couple of occasions. It was a very cold, windy day, white topped waves whipping down the Derwent toward Constitution Dock. Dan and four others went off for a long sail down into the Coorong waterway, proving the boats' excellent expeditioning potential. This small double ender has Shetland working antecedents, but Iain has reworked the old designs to take account of the needs of the modern recreational rower and sailor. Simplicity saves costs as well, so there would be few boats with the combination of low budget, speed and cruising capacity that this one has. With her kite up out there on the fixed prod there is enough speed there to keep even the most avid racer happy. The Caledonian Yawl, with it's crew of five, looked very at ease in the unwelcoming Derwent, and I had the feeling that they could have taken much more.

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