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Comfort CruisingEach model in the Comfort Cruising category guarantees complete enjoyment at sea.
Sport CruisingSport CruisingThe Sport Cruising range is aimed at lovers of all nautical sports from fishing to waterskiing and diving. TendersTendersChoosing the right dinghy to perfectly suit your boat is an essential precaution.
The flat upper section allows a wide range of navigation instruments to be installed and makes storing the boat in a garage easier by reducing overall height.
The many options available enable you to turn it into the ideal companion for watersports, fishing or relaxing. We can also offer packages with the recommended seats and consoles for how you intend to use the boat. CLASSIC MARK1,2C PDF DOWNLOAD PDF CLICK HEREFashioned by 50 years of continual technological progress, the Classic stays true to the traditional strengths of the original Zodiac® - security, stability, durability - but is faster and has a larger cockpit space. During long trips or for water skiing, Futura crafts will give you full advantage of a smooth and comfortable ride enjoyed from either the steering position (with its elegant, GRP console of modern design) or the three seats with backrests (optional). The spacious, watertight locker was carefully designed to make boarding and disembarking easier.
Ready to go at a moment’s notice, the Zoom, stored in the boot or on the roof of your car, goes wherever you go.
Easy to handle, the Zoom has an inflatable keel whose shape is designed to perform as an easy-to-handle and effective hull.
Easy to handle, the Zoom has an inflatable keel (except Zoom 230) whose shape is designed to perform as an easy-to-handle and effective hull.
Yachtline Deluxe 420 A natural complement for the modern yacht, the Yachtline Deluxe range marks a decisive development in the concept of yacht tenders. Their design, ergonomics, materials used and fittings were created with ease of manoeuvre in mind, to offer the crew all the space needed. For those who are looking for a boat which will provide them with the highest level of comfort, performance and security in which to practise their favourite sport. With its unique experience in this field, Zodiac has built a range of dinghies to suit any situation. Its deep-V hull, designed with mini-steps on the strakes with buoyancy tubes that do not touch the water, reduces water resistance and giving the boat optimum performances. As well as its non-slip deck and under-deck cable routing*, the boat has a new generation of topsides.
Its inflatable keel optimises performance while the oversized buoyancy tube increases stability; the boat planes quickly even with a modest sized engine.

You will enjoy its space, its comfort under way and its planing ability, even when heavily laden. Combined with its padded hull, it boasts an impressive load capacity: 50% higher than a traditional-design tender!
You will love its principal qualities: inexpensive, light, compact, quick and easy to set up. Its buoyancy structure with progressive capacity gives more stability and hence more safety.
High performance, the plywood floor models (series Solid) have inflatable keels which means you start planing rapidly and enjoy greater manoeuvrability.
The design of the console and the original line of the rear compartment, the stainless steel bow rail and cleats, and the white and light grey tube retain immediate attention. Its deep-V hull enables it to cut smoothly into waves with ease, giving the boat optimum performance. In keeping with the spirit of the line, the Pro Open is at ease in all situations: fishing, water sports or cruising. As they are higher, they enable sharp objects to be carried (harpoons, hooks, etc.) without needing to protect your buoyancy tube. It benefits from many developments: Semi-recessed valves, choice of 2 floors, bow bag, optional adjustable bench seat (rigid floor only). The large detachable bow bag, the optional bag under the bench and the built-in console locker make on board stowage easier.
The new turbocharged 4-stroke engine gives optimum performance, and the cooling system ensures total reliability. So many features that owners of sailing boats, motor yachts and catamarans will love… The spacious, watertight locker was carefully designed to make boarding and disembarking easier.
Its wide diameter, combined with truncated-type cones, ensures amazing stability, and is especially suited to the weight of 4-stroke engines.
Its new colours make it an exceptionally elegant boat, on the water as well as in the port, catering to sailors who demand excellent seaworthiness from their boats without accepting to sacrifice an iota of quality of life on board. This unique concept, especially suitable for 4-stroke motors, has an amazing load capacity and superior space. The slatted wooden floor (series Roll Up) completes the layout of the tender on inflating the buoyancy tubes, and it can be stowed in its carrying bag without dismantling the slats.
Fitted with a comprehensive range of equipment, and roomier than their competitors, the Yachtline Deluxe tenders have been designed for optimum passenger seating comfort. Folded in its carrying bags, the Classic follows you wherever you go, fitting easily in the trunk or on the roof of your car.

The Futura hull (a Zodiac® patent) is a perfect technical combination of Zodiac know-how. Their hull design is specially adapted to the heavier 4 stroke motors providing for faster planing, with minimum bow rise. Inflate or assemble the floor, according to the model chosen, then inflate the buoyancy tubes and get family and friends on board for a fishing trip or just for a ride. It comprises a large diameter keel and two detachable, perfectly proportioned, cushioning inflatable tubes, under the boat (inflatable from inside the boat). The performance and handling are outstanding and they are easy to manoeuvre in the most congested waterways. The result is a fast, comfortable ride since the speed tubes reduce surface drag and absorb bumps from choppy water. The larger Yachtline models can easily tow a skier, thanks in part to their built in trim flaps, or take you to a diving spot. The hydrodynamic lift and reduced drag resulting from this design allows Futura to plane easily, even with a full load, and to reach remarkable speeds with only moderate sized outboards. Stable, Futura tracks straight and true, without sideslip or cavitation, especially important when you have a slalom skier behind. Standard equipment, including electrical and fuel supply systems, have been designed to meet or exceed the stringent standards of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council). Full of confidence, you can enjoy your sport to the full or just simply take to a stretch of water, open up the gas and experience the Futura in its element.
Very elegant, the ProJets also have standard equipment that bigger models would envy: an aft locker, a swimming platform, water ski towing ring, navigation lights and a fixed high-capacity fuel tank providing long-range cruising. All Yachtline Deluxe tenders have a compact, low profile design, ensuring easy hoisting aboard and a minimum of inconvenience when stored. ZODIAC INFLATABLE BOAT DUBAI UAE Futura Futura Mark III FR PRETENTATION,SPACIFICATION,EQUIPMENT.
The 98 HP, 750 CC, 4-stroke turbocharged engine has a closed circuit liquid cooling system (intercooler type).

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