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Most coffee farmers in Colombia have relatively small farms. So usually they sell their coffee - often just as pulped cherry - to local brokers who sell it to bigger companies who export it.
Our friend Rodolfo from El Salvador is teaching local farmers about processing methods and advising them. He brings the coffee of some the outstanding farmers to Europe, connecting them with small roaster.
This is how we started to buy coffee from Nestor Lasso.

El Salvador

El Salvador is known as the "Bourbon Country". That is because most coffee gronw there is from the Bourbon variety or some offspring of the Bourbon variety.
When everybody in Central America was changing the old Bourbon varieties to new hybrids and easier to handle varities, El Salvador was in the midst of a civil war. Not a time to renew a coffee farm. So they stuck with their Bourbon trees.
From El Salvador we have coffee produced by Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle, Epe Alvarez, Andres Quintanilla and Marisela Ochoa.


Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. At least of the Arabica variety. In Ethiopia we can actually find coffee growind wild in the forests.
Coffee farms in Ehtiopia a very rare. Most coffee farmers are small holders. That means, they have some coffee trees, maybe even small fields. But not enough to make it their main bussiness.
So they sell it to local washing station. Those washing station process the coffee and prepare it for export.
From Ethiopia we have coffee produced by Tesfaye Bekele.


Guatemala is a very developed coffee growing nations. Coffee is grown in almost all regions of Guatemala.
Our Guatemalan coffee comes from Nuevo Oriente in the south of Guatemala right at the boarder with El Salvador and is roduced by Mario Jordan.


India and coffee usually suprises people. Yet India has one of the oldest coffee growing traditions (after Yemen).
There are different stories. Either a pilgrim brought coffee seeds from the Arabian peninsula or the Dutch. Maybe both.
From India we have coffee produced by Jacob Mammen.


Mexicos seems too much north on the globe to grow coffee. But Chiapas in the south of Mexico is not.
From there comes our coffee produced by Tomas Edelmann.


Coffee came to Tanzania from the island of Bourbon (Reunion). It was brought by French missionaries. Hence it is often called "Franch Mission".
From Tanzania we have coffee produced by Paul Maier and family.