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Bourbon is one of the oldest known varieties of Arabica coffee used untill today. It started as a distinguished coffee variety when the French planted coffee seeds from Yemen on the Island of Bourbon (Reunion). From there french missionaries brought the coffee to East Africa. This variety is called French Mission. From Reunion Borubon was also brought to the New World.
Today several varieties of Bourbon exist: French Mission, SL28, SL34 (although modern research suggest that SL34 might be a Typica), Kenya, Tekisic, Jackson.
We have Bourbon from Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle, Paul Maier, Andres Quintanilla and Tomas Edelmann.


Catuai it a cross of Mundo Novo (itself a cross of Bourbon and Typica) and Bourbon.
We have Catuai from Mario Jordan.


Cauvery (also called Catimor) is a cross of Caturra (a mutation of Bourbon) and Hybdrio de Timor (a hybrid of Arabica and Canephora).
We have Cauvery from Jacob Mammen.


Geisha is a variety that - as far as we know today - was selected in 1931 from wild coffee trees from an area called Geisha in Maji in Ethiopia. From there it made its way to Central America. Eventually it started to produce very good beans in Panama. And was recognized as a variety.
We have Geisha from Mario Jordan.


Heirloom isn't actually a variety. And it is also not through that all Ethiopian coffee is old untouched coffee trees. There are distinguishable varieties in Ethiopia. But usually coffee is not sorted or grown in a manner which enables to distinguish between different varieties. That is why most coffee coming from Ethiopia is referred to as "Heirloom".

Orange Bourbon

Orange Bourbon ist a mutation of Bourbon from El Salvador.
We have Orange Bourbon from Epe Alvarez.


Pacamara is a cross of Pacas - which is a Bourbon mutation and Maragogype which is a Typica mutation.
We have Pacamara from Mario Jordan and Marisela Ochoa.

Pink Bourbon

Pink Bourbon is actually not a Bourbon variety. And it is also not pink but rather orange. It should rather be called Huila Naranja or Orange Huila.
It is probably a cross of a local Catimor-like variety with a Ethiopian variety. But that is not totally clear. There is an interesting story behind that variety. You can read it here.
We have Huila Naranja from Nestor Lasso.

Portillo FES

Portillo FES is a variety created by cross pollinating Bourbon trees. This was done by Salvador Portillo - who also discovered the Pacas varriety. Some seeds were selected and given as a present to Rodolfo's father.
We have Portillo FES from Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle.


S795 is a hybrid of Kent - a Typica variety - and S288 which Liberica selection.
We have S795 from Jacob Mammen.


Typica is the oldes distinguished variety. It was taken from Yemen to India. And from there to Java from where it was spread all over the world.
We have Typica from Paul Maier.