[Tanzania - Paul Maier]

Producer: Paul Maier and family

Varieties: Bourbon, Typica (see coffee tree)

Processing: fully washed, natural

Farming: 96 ha, 1570-1700 masl, picking by hand, 23 regular and 150-250 seasonal workers, ca 30-80 t annual production

Harvest: April - October

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Paul once was our neighboor. In 2018 we were living in the same neighborhood in Berlin. Paul studied agronomics in Berlin and returned to Tanzania in 2018.

Lunji Estates is a coffee plantation in the southern highlands of Tanzania.
In 1895 a German settler began cultivating the land with a variety of crops. But in 1928 a new owner started planting the first coffee fields. Over the years ownership changed frequently - due to multiple reasons, such as illness, bankruptcy, war, and global and national economic crisis - until in 1994 the farm was purchased and rebuilt by Clemens Maier in 1994, who developed it to one of the most recognized coffee estates in the region.

The coffee is hand-picked selectively, and then processed as "fully washed". It is sun-dried on raised beds and constantly stirred, to ensure even drying.

Photos Paul Maier