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Regardless of the reasons surrounding your breakup, it’s typically not a great idea to reach out to an ex. Adele’s beautifully told stories of love and heartbreak can bring out the romantic cry baby in all of us, but it turns out they can also be used to have a little fun. We understand Matt’s confusion, but, at the same time, who hasn’t heard the new Adele song at this point? A woman used the lyrics of Adele’s new song Hello to confuse her ex-boyfriend into thinking she wanted a reunion and posted the results on Twitter. The op Chart Lab Art Print Cataloging The Cast of Over 230 Characters From Seinfeld, Yada, Yada, Yada. Products designed for children often portray a happy-go-lucky world filled with sunlight, flowers, smiling animals and friendship. This twisted blog maintains a collection of illustrations from children’s coloring books that have been twisted and corrupted by darkly humorous adults.

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It all started when Mary Caldarella decided to text Adele's emotional lyrics to her ex-boyfriend.
That said, this woman decided to text her ex the lyrics of Adele’s Hello—and the public LOVED the reaction. That is, unless you’ve got the guts to to what Mary Caldarella did to her ex-boyfriend.
We denken dat Adele niet alleen populair is om haar stem, maar omdat ze zo goed weet te verwoorden wat we allemaal voelen. But what happens to this world when jaded, miserable adults with a morbidly dark sense of humor get their hands on it? Two octopuses frolicking and playing under the sea become a pair of predators dragging a diver to his doom, and a playful Martian becomes a murderous heart-eating monstrosity.

If you’ve got a dark sense of humor and a knack for coloring with crayons or pencils, give it a try! Upon its release on Friday, the video broke Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus' previous Vevo records, had celebrities overwhelmed with emotion and inspired Ellen DeGeneres to make a can't-miss parody.
Most of the art seems to have been done with crayons and colored pencils, just like it should be in a real coloring book.
The blog’s website recently crashed due to the massive surge of visitors it has received since it went viral, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on! There’s definitely something funny yet unsettling about seeing cute childhood characters in situations like these.

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