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Pop star Ricky Martin is back on good terms with his ex-boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez after mending the rift between them for the sake of his two sons.
The long-term couple’s split was confirmed in early 2014, six years after the singer became a father to twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, via a surrogate, and Martin has revealed relations between the pair were frosty for a year after the break-up.
Martin also reveals he is actively looking for love again, adding, “I am single now after seven years. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your boyfriend broke up with you and you are now sitting there wondering to yourself, “What do I need to say to get my ex boyfriend back?” You probably have all sorts of ideas running through your head, but often times you cannot pinpoint one that you feel would do the job.
When my spouse left me, I deepened my relationship with Dr Asemota and was doing all the preparation he ask me to do for the marriage restoration. The relationship tennis match between Kieffer Delp and Gary Head (in which Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was serving as the ball) is over! The two became more than just friends shortly after Jenelle returned from her ill-fated trip to New Jersey with Kieffer Delp. UPDATE – Speaking of very short times, Jenelle announced on October 14 that she and Courtland had split.
Yesterday Jenelle went into more detail on her blog, revealing in a post that she and Courtland have been living together for two weeks and are moving into a new home together today!
As for me and Courtland, we are moving out tomorrow into our own house and are very happy about this decision. Stay tuned for more posts about Jenelle’s new man, including information about his daughter and what he has to say about his criminal past!

How is she any wiser, she’s moving in with this guy because they’ve managed to go 2 whole weeks without fighting! Ugh I’m so sick of blogs writing obviously biased articles based on which moms will talk to them.
I then realized that I was the prodigal, as I had left my first husband and had married another.
The 20-year-old reality star has finally left behind her dueling manjos and has found a new love interest (and roommate!) in the form of Courtland Rogers, a 26-year-old Southport, North Carolina native who has known Jenelle for four years. On September 25 Jenelle tweeted a photo of herself and Courtland in the car together along with the statement, “Mr. How long will this one last before that cops are called and they break up and have a twitter fued and the she goes back to Keiffer?
One of the reasons this moron does the things she does is because she wants the attention and she always gets it! Starting a relationship 3 days after hanging out with someone you haven’t seen in 2 years, and then living together from almost day 1? Farrah has since responded to the controversy with comments that will more than likely just add fuel to the fire.
We are both happy with our lives the way they are at the moment, I know for me at least I’m EXTREMELY happy. I don’t like having roommates either so with him moving in it will help me with financially with bills for the house for a change. I like to have a conversation, looking into someone’s eyes and finding out their sense of humor… We’re all men.

On last Sunday my loving husband proposed to me and on October 15, I was remarried to my true covenant spouse. Gary might of been tweeting things because he might of been jealous in a way that I was dating Courtland but he agrees to stop today. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet, I was searching for a good spell caster that can solve my problems. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb, some testified that he can cast a spell to stop divorce and so on.
There was one particular testimony I saw, it was about a woman called Erica,she testified about how papa dodo brought back her Ex lover in less than 72 hours and at the end of her testimony she drop papa dodo e-mail address.
He is always asking me when is he able to see him again and when can me, Jace, and Courtland go out to Chuck E Cheese again, lol. Ed Taylor December 31, 2012 at 11:57 am Hey dumb ASS Troy won 3 super bowles,How many have you won? Aikman is one of the greatest quarterbacks in Dallas history, and a key member of the dream team, I must insist that you learn to spell.
Furthermore do you think some dork accountant could take on Troy on his worst day, or you for that matter?In conclusion, both of you go back to grammar school.

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