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Michele Messer is having a horrible time trying to recover after running into her ex-boyfriend at a party in Myrtle Beach when he decided to enact brutal revenge after a breakup weeks prior. On February 7, Michele said she ran into her ex, Chris Campbell, at a party held at her friend’s house, and he asked her to go outside to talk, according to FOX2.
Messer, in shock from what had transpired, didn’t believe what he said, until she looked down and saw the aftermath. At that point, according to Messer, Campbell told her he was going to kill her, then he tried. Originally, Campbell was charged with criminal domestic violence, which had Messer afraid for her life.

However, after investigating further, it was determined that the deranged man had the intention of murdering the woman due to the amount of force used and the fact that he choked her, so police changed his charges to attempted murder, which gave Messer a feeling of relief. Despite the fact that her attacker has been imprisoned and likely won’t be able to touch her again, she doesn’t feel the battle is over.
Domestic violence is something that affects many women, and the monsters responsible are rarely ever taken to task for it because the abused are afraid to speak up. But Campbell didn’t have talking on his mind, and what he did as soon as the two got into her vehicle would change her life forever. He grabbed her by the throat and tried to choke her, but she still had the energy to fight him off and managed to get the car door open.

Being a mother of two, her main concern is being with her children, and it’s obvious that Campbell posed a serious threat. Now Messer wants other women to look to her story as inspiration to get away from abusive men, so the same doesn’t happen to them.
Hopefully Messer’s story shows others what can happen if nothing is done to escape an abusive situation.

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