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It's no secret, that denim is quite personal thing, as it's quite difficult to find an appropriate ones for yourself. They either fit you or not, so finding perfect denim pants may take you hours or even days.
Keep in mind these things: if it's sunny outside and warm then try on midriff baring top (this look will balance out the lower silhouette), wear a half-tucked in shirt or cool t-shirt teamed with bomber jacket and sneakers.

Today, I am going to share with you this season's denim trend which is called boyfriend jeans. These jeans are an extreme statement piece, as many girls and women try to find more oversized models.
This particular style of jeans works perfectly for casual days and believe me, wearing these jeans is like feeling that you are at home, as they are so comfy and practical, that sometimes you do not feel like wearing jeans.

The best designs so far are slouchy at the hips but fairly slim on the leg and the mid-rise boyfriend jeans.

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