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She is always reluctant to pay, resorting to gimmicks like ‘I forgot my wallet at home’, ‘my credit card isn't working’, etc. Poor Sandra Fluke, the 30 year-old far left activist who wants you to pay for her $9 a month birth control, is dating a rich socialist. It was a lovely getaway for the women’s rights activist and her rich socialist boyfriend.
So does anyone else find it a bit odd that she would go before Congress and ask America to pay for her $9 a month birth control rather than asking her rich socialist boyfriend? UPDATE: And would you selfish taxpayers please buy her rich boyfriend a new pair of trousers. I’ve been told that all of the male dogs from Naples to Barcelona are howling and tearing at their tethers. Seems them liberals love vacationing and then telling America want they should do with their tax dollars.
Perhaps Adam can answer the question that all America wants answered about Fluke: Spit or swallow? IS THIS THE WOMAN WHO IS SUPPOSED TO “CHANGE” THE CONSTITUTION, THE LAWS, THE LAIC AND CLERICAL APPROACH TO THE COMMANDMENTS?
Of course, if you don’t pay for her birth control then she’ll go have an abortion! The Mutterperl family, via Adam’s great grandfather Sol’s handbag fortune, established the “Mutterperl Scholarship Endowment Fund” in 1951 for Brandeis University.
The next step is the fight for the right of individuals to have all the sex they want, whenever they want and with whoever they want and be guaranteed fantastic orgasms. Laws should be written that a pretty girl cannot reject a homely guy or that a heterosexual cannot say no to a gay person. If you think I am kidding, the British government has allowed mental disabled and emotionally impaired individuals to experience sex in European brothels at tax payers expense. Frolicking in Spain and Italy with a 1%-er is a woman issue, and Govt should alleviate the burden on poor Sandra.
For voters to disapprove of Obama’s energy and economic policies may be completely rational.
Not as rare as you think since many of the rich Socialists got that way because of governmental interference in the free market. Oh, the execs at Fannie and Freddie getting multimillions in bonuses as they ran both institutions into the ground despite the massive government, taxpayer funded bailouts.
Totally confirms she’s an upper 1% aristocrat brat, living a very priviledged and uber-connected power lifestyle.
I don’t have my meds paid for by my employer, so why should a Catholic institution, of all places, be forced to pay for this? John H Dorge – This has absolutely nothing to do with insurance companies paying for contraceptives.

If you’re fluking like poor Sandra,you’re going though more rubber than Goodyear !!! I was thinking about a vacation but am too busy getting my quarterly and annual tax return and payments together so I can help spread the wealth. I will pay for a lifetime of contraception for Miss Fluke in the expectation that she never procreates. Her complaint, by the way, was that the costs of contraception were putting the health of women like herself, who attended or worked for Georgetown and other Catholic owned institutions, at risk. Delight – MiwaTheme song of a Rich man Poor women in New Yorkwhich is a special to the amazing drama rich man poor women.
But for her, the real relationship is with money, and you are just a provider, an easy access to lavish lifestyle. Understanding the weaknesses of men very well, she uses her charming smile and sexy figure to get things done from them.
There is no ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ in her dictionary, because these words show general respect and courtesy. Though I may not match your targeted demographic, I appreciate you taking your valuable time to foster an open and candid dialog from which we all will no doubt benefit.
A woman has a boyfriend, took a vacation, and thinks that insurance policies should cover contraception. This school, as some people call it, is named for Louis Brandeis, a secular Jew, Zionist, and United States Supreme Court Justice appointed by Woodrow Wilson.
She can’t help it if Nancy causes most dogs to run the opposite direction, or that Obama is so cursed that every team he picks ends up losing.
But to reassess a president’s performance in the context of a short-term increase in gas prices is more of a tantrum-like response to a new feeling of discomfort over which the president has relatively little control. She was more than willing to be used as a political prop, to push a purely partisan agenda.
Thanks to our desire for a better America we now have sources that report the TRUTH and FACTS.
It has EVERYTHING to do with the government forcing insurance companies to pay for these things. The question is whether this flowering example of Marxist loveliness will meet the standard? BUT now knowing she’s a hetero, I am not surprise in her choice of a rich beta-male, with socialist pedigree several generations deep.
Also why should the Catholic churches have to pay into insurance that goes against their teachings and policies? She advocates that contraception is a natural human right which must be provided at no cost to the user even when the insurance buyer is a Church which has a fundamental opposition to contraception. When she is with you, in a Mercedes Benz, she is happy because she is in a Benz and the world is watching, not because she is with you.

You wanna talk about a Capitalist racket… Anita should have paid her $500K for that stunt, especially if she still believes in Mao. There are probably lots more companies and executives that would surface with a bit of digging. I am guessing she wants to get pregnant from the first guy who actually wants to sleep with her ! I do believe if she is concerned about this, she could pay herself or do what I did in grad school and pay for personal health insurance! Under oath, that would be dismissed as hearsay, but since she was at a fake hearing, who cares about integrity?
So, if you can’t or if you have a dislike for what others say, I sincerely suggest you leave.
Herbert Marcuse, the famous Frankfurt School Marxist, came to Brandeis in 1954, three years after the Mutterperl fund was created. She’s got a new acting gig, thanks to Anita Dunn, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and has done her part perfectly. Confused, the bartender said he wasn’t familiar with that drink and asked how it was made. Find a picture of her hands taken during testimony & compare 2D-4D ratio ( index-to-ring finger). Seems like the kind of woman who would pay her college bills by slutting it out to the camera. Fluke and you have the Human Right to work someplace else if you disagree with Catholic doctrine. Brandeis University is one of the nation’s leading petri dishes for anti-American and neo-Marxist thought.
If what she meant to say is that she knows people who can’t afford tuition at G-town, plus a nearby condo, plus ski trips to Aspen and Spring Break in Europe, Iphone service, shopping trips to New York on the weekends, expensive shoes, AND contraception, well then she might be correct. Birth control should be one of those benefits, not just for preventing pregnancies but for a whole host of other medical conditions. This is like the girl’s last chance to find someone to latch onto, in spite of her claims that she needs some 3000 condoms a year so she can party it up all slut style. It’s not about sex or contraception or any other groovy thing that you can understand.

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