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Photographer Anthony Quintano recently spotted in his own Instagram that the app is now showing you who follows you back. And if you stumble across someone you don't follow, the new function tells you which one of your own Instagram friends follows that person.
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For the moment, wea€™ll ignore the PREMISE of the question that there can only be one or the other, or that a little of either is nothing to worry about.
Leta€™s begin by being clear about what these two terms really mean, and, for that, wea€™ll turn to our good friends at the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.
Under a Socialist Government, wealth is distributed by the Government, but that distribution remains unequal. Now, the premise of the argument about whether or not our Government is Fascist today includes the issue of the influence of Big Business on our Government interest. It is only dangerous when Government Representatives begin to a€?Repaya€? their supporters when theya€™re elected, which is termed as a€?Patronagea€? in political-speak.
In my opinion, choosing between Fascism and Socialism is on par with choosing between Arsenic and Cyanide.
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Find a learn to swim centreCongratulations on taking the first step in giving your kids a skill for life!
Getting your children involved in water safety and swimming lessons is one of the key steps you can take to help make your children safer around the water. You'll see a little "you follow each other" next to their name if they do indeed stay up to date on all your ‘gramming, sort of like how Facebook shows you if someone is already your friend when you visit their page. It's also helpful evidence if you spot your boo following a random hot person that you don't know.
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Ia€™ll admit that my response Friday night was not exactly my most shining moment, particularly because I was caught off guard, but Ia€™ve had some time to think about it, so leta€™s talk that question through, OK? This fundamental flaw in the nature of the argument renders the whole thing moot, but, for the moment, well just ignore it. No, ita€™s not, but over the past 110 years, give or take, it has certainly moved toward taking that shape, particularly in the expansion of Federal Authority over the Rights & Responsibilities of the States in direct defiance of the Constitution and, in particular, the Tenth Amendment.
The cost of living, for example, varies greatly depending on where you live in the country. Those who produce still retain much of what they earn, but a portion is distributed through the Government to those who do not, and the Government takes a piece of the action for themselves. Patronage is when special interests are provided with special privileges that are not available to other businesses in the same industry.

Every argument Ia€™ve had with a€?Liberalsa€? about the Government is that Conservatives are just not participating in the discussion and arena€™t proposing solutions.
Please check out the instructions below. When you’re done reading them, consider giving us a Like on Facebook (and asking your network to do the same), and then set your news feed accordingly. A monthly donation helps us continue our vital work supporting kids and preventing future death and disability from drowning. Basically Instagram is looking to start some fights!It appears that Instagram is still testing this out, so not everyone has this feature. The first one is a€?Exalts Nation and often race above the individual…a€? There are those who would like to argue that Conservatives are Fascist because we put our National Pride above the rest of the world. While I disagree wholeheartedly with the a€?Occupy Stupiditya€? crowd, I defend their right to share their views. Another word for a€?Regimentationa€? is a€?Control;a€? therefore, it follows that in both Fascist and Socialist states, that CONTROL is through the Government.
The reason that Socialism is an inherently bad idea is that, in the words of Margaret Thatcher, a€?Eventually you run out of OTHER PEOPLEa€™S MONEY.a€? In all Socialist Systems, the inevitable outcome is that those at the bottom end of the a€?wealthya€? spectrum are taxed out of their wealth to pay for the a€?poora€? through entitlements. In 2008, the last year where all revenue and expenses have been reported to date, the top 1% of all wage earners paid approximately 38% of all Income Taxes collected. For example, during the Financial Crisis, the Goldman Sachs Investment Firm was a€?Bailed Outa€? by the TARP program, while Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers were allowed to simply die out.
We do not live in a Fascist State, and I would not want to, but neither would I support a Socialist State, in part because there is no real difference between them. I will grant that as being the ONLY argument that could possibly or ever link Conservatism to Fascism, because American Conservatives absolutely are proud of our Country and want it to be defended above all else, but the rest of the definition of Fascism is completely opposite to that of the Principles of Conservatism, and far more closely connected to Progressivism & Socialism.
In some cases, it is a simple matter of Supply and Demand, but in others, it is because the regulations, taxes, and, in some cases, UNION influence adds a cost to the product in one region that does not exist in another. I believe that they have a RESPONSIBILITY to follow the law, but that they have every RIGHT to protest their Government for redress of their grievances. There ceases to be a reasonable motivation to work harder as they realize the minimal difference in the quality of life between what they have by working hard and what others have by hardly working, and they invariably become less productive.
I believe in Capitalism, and that means MINIMAL regulation by the Government of Business and the Economy. My response is this: Why should Conservatives HELP those who are continuing to do the EXACT SAME THINGS that have caused the problems we are facing today? You know that person who just nods and smiles when you talk about how cute your cat looked in your Instagram photo from two days ago?
Or you can just assume that all your friends follow you on Instagram and that your bae isn't creeping on an account called Hot Chicks That Aren't My Girlfriend.Or not. Racism, for example, is entirely anti-Conservative, and you should remember that it was the so-called a€?Compassionate Progressivesa€? who did more in the 20th Century to impose racist laws and segregation than the Conservatives ever dreamed of.
Still, even with the increased control of the Federal Government, we do not have a a€?CENTRALa€? Government, where all decisions are made and laws are written by a Single Governmental Entity. A small 2-bedroom apartment in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, for example, could cost under $500 per month, while that same apartment in New York City could easily cost more than $2,000.
In both a€?isms,a€? the State is the arbiter of record, and the responsible party for distribution. As they drop out of the a€?Wealtha€? class, those directly above them become the bottom end of the spectrum. Goldman Sachs supported a specific political party that happened to control the purse strings of the TARP program. It is not the Governmenta€™s business to create jobs, but to a€?Promote the General Welfarea€? as defined in the Constitution, which is to protect an environment where businesses can produce and people can be employed.
And Conservatives HAVE made proposals, and they are proposals that have worked every single time that they have been tried, leading to the most prosperous periods in American History: Personal Responsibility, Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Greater Liberties and an individual adherence to our Honest Beliefs. Now you can see if they're doing their due diligence and actually following you or if they're just a lying liar who lies.

In fact, every civil rights law that was passed through our Federal Government was supported by the Conservatives, and fought against by the a€?Liberala€? Left! There are still many things (though not nearly enough) that are dealt with at a state and local level. In a system of a€?Severe Economic Regimentation,a€? the natural influences of Supply & Demand or the artificial influences of Regulation or Taxation would have no effect, and the price for that apartment would exactly the same. There is a difference involved here.) But so long as Freedom of Speech is protected, our Government cannot become truly Fascist.
As time goes on, this cycle of destruction depletes the wealth until EVERYONE is poor; ergo, the a€?Transitionala€? nature of Socialism. It is not the responsibility of the Government to distribute wealth, but to enforce EQUAL rules so that all of the a€?Playersa€? have an equal shot at success. As the benefit, or PROFIT, of Capitalism is depleted through Socialism, COMMUNISMA  (specifically Socialized Communism, where the Government remains the arbiter of power and the rest of the population is equally poor and powerless) takes root. Thata€™s right, folks: 100% of all INCOME TAXES covered only about 40% of all taxes collected.
I found just the info I already searched all over the place and just couldn’t come across. We live in a nation filled with diverse ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and even family structures.
It is at this point that the people experience a true state of Fascism, and are powerless to stop it.
Considering that our Revolution was spurred by the idea of a€?No Taxation without Representation,a€? is it really unreasonable to assume that our Nationa€™s Businesses should have at least some access to influence the Government that is going to influence them through laws & regulations? For example, as our Government a€?Investsa€? in things like a€?Green Energy Initiatives,a€? it undermines the existing Energy Businesses involving Coal, Oil, Nuclear, or even Hydroelectric Power. When the a€?General Welfarea€? of the country is truly promoted, as required by the Constitution, then businesses are left to fend for themselves as much as possible, with the right to fail as equally protected as the right to succeed. Social Regimentation would require a standard (enforced by law) in all of these characterizations, including skin color, ancestry, religion and family structure. Dona€™t misunderstand me: Ia€™m not suggesting that Government should be controlled by businesses, but it is absolutely unreasonable to deny businesses the right to be heard and considered when laws and regulations are being passed that will affect them. The Government bailed out General Motors to stop it from collapsing, but did nothing to help the folks at Chrysler suffering from the exact same problem. For example, the a€?Obamacarea€? law is being contested in the courts, and a fundamental campaign topic for the upcoming Republican Candidate is the repeal of the law. And while the a€?Normsa€? of society in the United States are predominantly white, predominantly Judeo-Christian in Religious Beliefs, and predominantly Heterosexual in terms of Family Structure, these characteristics are not imposed on Society by the Government, and actual Conservatives believe that they never should be. It is absurd to assume that businesses should not be able to support candidates that support their interests. In an autocratic or truly Fascist system, there would be no hope for the repeal of a law because there would be no hope of replacing those in power in the Government. The regimentation that our Government generally seeks to impose on these characteristics is in the DISMANTLING of those characteristics, but it isna€™t for the sake of Fascism: ita€™s to placate the MINORITY by denying the MAJORITY its right to exist in the name of TOLERANCE. PATRONAGE is the real issue when it comes to the connection between businesses and POLITICIANS, and that dates back to before the 1830a€™s!
Granted, the a€?Obamacarea€? law was passed by Congress, but only by the narrowest of margins and along PARTY Lines. Since 2010, the narrow majorities of his Party have been lost in the House, and narrowed in the Senate, which is why so little of his Agenda has been accomplished since. Thata€™s definitely not AUTOCRATIC, and bites into the argument that we have a Fascist Government today.

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