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If you needed Jadakiss to make this remix to know he’s a 2-stroke blunt blowing banshee,  you must not have been paying attention.
From the Irony Department comes this headline: Fire Extinguisher Factory Burns Down in Chicago. A German court fined the father and two uncles of an 18-year-old Muslim citizen for depriving him of his personal freedom when he was a minor in an attempt to force him into marriage with a woman despite his homosexuality. Germany will allow, for the first time since World War 2, for the book Mein Kampf to be published.
Party Poopers: Ikea apparently will no longer allow massive hide and seek games in its stores. Customs officials in Italy seized a ginormous egg fossil that a man attempted to ship to the United States.
Finally, Microsoft announced this week that it is killing off Internet Explorer, the tool commonly used to download Chrome or Firefox. My goodness, I do understand how the offended aesthetics of the posh Inkwell village victims was aroused in such a case, but I must say I am somewhat disappointed.
Or does he mean (as I rather suspect, knowing him) that each sex has a strict “role” to play in the sexual act? Both Wartburg Watch & Spiritual Sounding Board have been watchblogging about this guy for some time. I would think that the first thing I would do, after trying to see to both their safety, would be to reevaluate my relationship choices. That comment by socialjusticeNOW is a bona fide, 100% genuine example of leftie silliness. The only way I can condone the selling of body parts is if it involves the removal of buttocks in excahnge for an average cash amount.
Actually, on the Oklahoma marriage law, most states have had similar laws on marriage since the 1800s, they just aren’t enforceable.
I’m sure that Mein Kampf can be found and read by anyone who wants to do so in Germany, despite censorship. How do you discuss the evils of Nazism in an educational setting without having access to its ideas and cultural manifestations? Ok, i stand corrected, but truly, there was a long period of just not teaching about WWII and the Holocaust in W.
I think it is important to know some of the background here, so i am trying to providewhat i do know about this.

Please note that the Slate blogger does *not* say that she ever was taught the history of WWII, the rise of the Nazi party, or more than a nominal mention of the Holocaust. Anna Rosmus was born in 1960, so… you can look her up and do the math, as to how people kept trying to silence her as well as why they did so. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Find out about arts and culture events in Miami and offers you won't hear about anywhere else.
Nevada is considering a bill that would allow pet owners to buy marijuana for sick animals.
For now, some churches try to split the difference: The sexes are interchangeable in the pulpit and at the table, but radically distinct in bed.
The victim’s father and uncle allegedly threatened him to make him renounce his homosexuality, and then had him kidnapped  in order to arrange his marriage to a Lebanese girl. The right to life and the right to freedom of religion or belief are both enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Last summer the company allowed a few hundred people to play the game in one of its Belgian stores. Last year a sociologist at Rice, Elaine Ecklund, reported that 76 percent of scientists in the general population identify with a religious tradition.
I fail to see how comparing civil rights movements to Satan or making pastors the gateway to marriage, even for non-Christians, preserves the sanctity of marriage. Silly me, I guess I thought we could all agree that murdering people so you can sell their body parts is evil. It is a sore point in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, fwiw, and doubtless in others that were invaded and occupied by Germany during WWII. She ended up emigrating to the US, largely due to continuing death threats against herself and threats to her daughter.
Charlize TheronAll girlfriend had to do was smoke weed from an apple and just like that we were in love -- like finding that special dealer who not only makes deliveries but always hooks you up with an extra few grams. It’s a much more normal-looking photo of Laina eating an ice cream sundae, and while it starts off with a seemingly crazy act, the punchline reveals that your Misunderstood Girlfriend just wanted to make your life better. Last week’s post just did not have enough silliness, so we are doubling up this week. That unsteady position will erode, and churches won’t be able to hold the line on the same-sex marriage issue without revisiting and resolving the question of interchangeable sexes in pastoral ministry.” Thoughts?

But if practicing your beliefs involves the murder of another human being for whatever reason you’ve convinced yourself is legitimate, prepare to face the consequences. That’s our job, each of us individually…Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. If the route proves a success, the company will consider introducing more buses. Sewage will be turned into biomethane gas, which powers the vehicle. Or does he mean (as I rather suspect, knowing him) that each sex has a strict “role” to play in the sexual act? And yes, it was stupid, and totally ignorant of the legitimate conversations regarding privilege.
It still is a frightening thing, and you can look into things like the actual biography of the woman who is portrayed in the film The Nasty Girl (as well as watching the film itself) in order to see what i am referring to. Kind of like Good Girl Gina and those memes that show that you’re just way too paranoid! If that’s the case, he is making cultural and hermeneutical leaps of assumption that would give an Olympic longjumper fits of envy.
Is marriage really that miserable of a sacrament that you have to commit to being unhappy, ’cause all of my happily married friends seem to be doing something wrong? Just because a girl pays you some extra attention doesn’t mean she wants to steal your used tissues and perform some African voodoo to make you fall in love with her. It seems almost 80 albinos have been murdered in the past decade or so, and one set of albino body parts sold for $75,000 (in a country where most people make only a few hundred a year). Among Evangelicals, 48 percent view science and religion as complementary, 21 percent view the two world-views as entirely independent of one another, and about 30 percent see these world-views in opposition.
Microsoft is said to be debating between Dora the Internet Explorer, Internet Tourist, Firewolf, or ChromeME2.
Germany, back in the late 70s, i felt like there was a very heavy silence on everything related to the war.
And how is this anything close to a “blurry balancing act” between religious freedom and the right not to be murdered? There was a corresponding surge in kids openly wearing Naxi regalia, and some went much further than that, into neo-facism.

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