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The Source of All Evil is the title given to the most powerful demon and ruler of the Underworld.
The Source itself is an essence of pure evil, which possesses and merges with a new host each time it is vanquished. The Source is an evil essence which possessed the bodies of numerous demons over the centuries.
This means that every known Source was in fact the same essence, while demons in general believe that a new Source has risen. Once Cole was vanquished, the essence went into their unborn son and used his powers to take control of Phoebe until the child was transferred to the Seer. The Source of All Evil is the ruler of the Underworld and must be coronated by a Dark Priest in a dark ritual involving the Grimoire to be recognized as such.
The most prominent Source of All Evil was the demon known as the half-faced Source, who had been in power for centuries.
When the Halliwell sisters first became the Charmed Ones, they were pursued by two warlocks named Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster. The Source of All Evil made his first appearance when magic was exposed to the world after Prue and Piper Halliwell vanquished Shax on the street after the Source had sent him after an innocent named Dr.
The Source renewed his war against the Charmed Ones when the existence of a fourth sister was revealed by his Oracle. In an attempt to destroy the Power of Three, the Source kidnapped Piper and placed her in an illusionary world inside her mind where she was a patient in a mental hospital with delusions of magic. When a demonic advisor known as the Seer foresaw his defeat at the hands of the Charmed Ones, the Source obtained The Hollow, a dangerous power with the ability to absorb magic, and tried to use it to kill the sisters.
It was soon revealed that the Source was not vanquished as the sisters believed, but that his essence had possessed Cole Turner through the Hollow, filling the "void" left in Cole when his demonic half was vanquished.
However, the good in Phoebe eventually overcame the evil inside and she rejoined her sisters in vanquishing Cole.[12] The essence of the Source then possessed his unborn son. Four years later, a Possessor Demon invaded the body of a mortal named Mandi and used to manipulate Wyatt Halliwell in helping her resurrect the half-faced Source. As an disembodied essence, the Source worked with the mysterious Neena and a warlock named Hogan to plan his resurrection once more.
Desiring revenge against the sisters, the Source cast a spell to increase the Discord of Hogan, turning all mortals in San Francisco against the sisters. The Source began attacking Magic School while the sisters prepared to vanquish him by collecting magic from various magical beings. As the ruler of the Underworld and all evil, The Source is one of the most powerful magical beings, and one of the Charmed Ones' greatest enemies. Aside from his powers, the Source is an intelligent and cunning demon, having ruled the Underworld for centuries and dealing with all kinds of threats and concealing his true nature to other demons.
Energy Beam: The power to shoot deadly beams of energy, usually through the hands, at an intended target. Energy Blast: The ability to shoot an incredibly powerful blast of pure energy, hitting a target with great force.
Suggestion: The ability to project oneself as an inner voice to others, implanting suggestions and thoughts to unknowing victims.
Rising: The ability to magically defy gravity and rise immediately upright when falling or after a fall.

Shapeshifting: The ability to alter one's physical shape to assume the appearance of another. Crushing: The ability to surround an objects or power with pressure, causing it to be destroyed. The ruler of the Underworld, The Source of All Evil is the most powerful demon in existence. Neena cast the spell causing the power to split amongst herself and many other demons around her. However, the vast majority of demons is unaware of this truth, believing that each Source is a new demon risen to power. The essence will take a new host and merge with that host's own spirit, taking over their personality and consuming their own consciousness.
When Cole Turner gained the powers of the Source through the Hollow, the essence began to merge with him until they were the same entity. When the Seer was vanquished, the essence became disembodied until it was resurrected as a Golem in 2008.
His face was mutilated from his battles during his rise to power and only a few demons had ever seen his face.[1] This Source was the ruler of the Underworld for centuries and defeated all opposition until he was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.
When Matthew Tate failed to kill the sisters, Rex mentioned that "he" would not be pleased, to which Hannah replied that it was not a complete failure, as they had confirmed the sisters were the Charmed Ones.[2] Rex and Hannah later attempted to steal the sisters' powers, though they failed and Hannah accidentally killed Rex.
During the Window of Opportunity, the Source tried to sway Paige Matthews to the side of evil by possessing her boyfriend Shane and manipulating her into killing an innocent. He nearly succeeded in getting her to give up her powers, though her sisters and Leo Wyatt entered her mind to help her. However, the Seer went to the then mortal Cole Turner and granted him the Hollow to stop the Source, as she had foreseen the future. After Cole's vanquish, the Seer revealed her true intentions and sought to take the child for herself, claiming it had always been hers. When the Source broke through, the sisters combined a potion with Excalibur and a spell to truly vanquish the Source. He also has an understanding of the human nature and has exploited the sisters' bonds, their desires on a peaceful life and their calling to protect the innocents to his advantage on more than one occasion. When Cole was the Source, he cast a curse on a facial cream so that Phoebe would have an allergic reaction. The Fire Balls used by the Source had a distinct upper-level appearance, manifesting as swirling metallic rings engulfed in flames.
The Source possessed the ability to cast an invisible force field around himself, which would manifest itself in a flash of flames and violently repel those who came in contact with it. The Source used this power while posing as a Chameleon Demon and followed Piper through an alley. The Source once used this power to enter and manipulate the mind of Piper Halliwell to make her think magic wasn't real.
The Source once opened a portal through which he vanquished the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
As Cole, the Source used this ability multiple times to remove the evidences of his interactions with Demons.
As a Golem, his raw physical strength is further augmented, due to his new massive physique.

Enhanced after becoming a Golem, due to his new body's stone skin, as Piper noted that her new power would be useless against him, instead resorting into using Excalibur. The Charmed Ones first encountered the Source in the body of a demon bearing the scars of an ancient battle, but the Evil essence has possessed the bodies of numerous demons over the centuries. The essence can also be reborn in beings who are related to its hosts by blood or those who are in possession of its powers.
She then mysteriously combusted in flames, screaming that is was not her fault.[3] A few months after, A demon posing as Inspector Rodriguez is sent by the Source to find out why the ranks of evildoers have been decimated over the past few months.
He made a deal with Cole Turner to have Tempus reset time on the condition that Phoebe Halliwell remained in the Underworld. The magic severely weakened the Source and he was nearly vanquished by Cole, though the Oracle sacrificed herself, allowing him to escape.[9] He was left seriously weakened for a time to the point that a warlock faction led by Devlin rose up against him and he lacked the strength to stop them or curtail their stealing demonic powers. The Source managed to steal the sisters' powers and tried to kill them, though Cole intervened and took his powers. However, Cole's love for Phoebe proved too strong for the Source to beat and he wanted her as his queen. Notable instances of his great powers are when he delayed Cole's death so that Phoebe could see him die, and by blocking Phoebe's premonitions about Cole for months. The curse also tampered with the effects of a vanishing spell, causing Phoebe to become invisible.
After his resurrection as a Golem, his fire balls increased in destructive power, causing large explosions on impact and he could also produce much larger ones than the typical hand-held ones. He also created a portal which would suck the losers of the wrestling ring of Kellman's Academy to Purgatory. He also used it to enlarge Phoebe's wedding dress and to change the name on the card attached to it. The Charmed Ones succeeded in vanquishing that initial demon body, but its essence was transferred into other evil entities before being banished to the Wasteland. The sorcerer Tempus appears to him and Tempus says he was sent by The Source to help kill the Charmed Ones, and offers to help Rodriguez.
However, the Charmed Ones vanquished Devlin and most of his faction, eliminating that threat to him. Cole was then guided by the Seer in his attempt to reorganize the Underworld and to conceive an heir. He is extremely difficult to truly vanquish due his existence as an essence of evil, even surviving being destroyed by the Power of Three on more than one occasion. Also, as a Golem, the Source was able to cast a spell to magnify the effects of Hogan's Discord power, causing the near-entire mortal population of San Francisco to attack the Charmed Ones.
He eventually managed to marry Phoebe in a dark wedding and together they conceived a child that would be pure evil.
After being reborn as a Golem, the Source's already immense powers grow even further due to his powerful new body, and he could only truly be vanquished when the sisters attacked him with the Excalibur, a potion brewed with the magic of the Magical Community and a more powerful version of the Power of Three spell.

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