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Prayers for strength are great to say on a daily basis, either in the morning, or nightly before bed time.
Please provide for all we ought to pray for To a God who may or may not exists - help my unbelief! Prayer for Peace in Our Family  O lord jesus I come before you, I bring to you my family. Prayer to Reconcile My Marriage God please forgive me for my failures within my marriage. Prayer to Find a Job Soon and Extra Money  I have lost my job, and have been searching for one for 8 months now. Prayer for Family's Safety and Protection  Lord I come to you because I know that you care for me. Prayer to Have a Permanent Job to Provide for My Loved Ones  I need help with my work situation.
Prayer to Find Employment and Have Financial Stability Dear Lord, I ask in your holy name to allow me the job position that I have applied forthis day. Please bring my overdue wages from my Shipping Company employers; as I have not been paid the same for over a year. Prayer to heal a relationship  Lord, I ask that you may heal all of the problems that are making my relationship complicated. Prayer for a Sick Child I pray for my friends daughter who has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition and is very sick in hospital. Prayer for my child Dear God thank you for all the blessings and answered prayers that you have blessed my son and helped to heal him of his afflictions.
Prayer for Help During Difficult Times Dear Lord our God I pray for help with my marriage. A healing prayer needed for my newborn Brothers and sisters please say a prayer for my newborn baby girl. Almighty Father, I know you're the best doctor, the best healer and the best physician of all.
Prayer for My Husband's Success in Finding Employment  For over a year now my husband has been out of work. Prayer to keep us in our home Dear God, I pray to you to please help me in saving my family from homelessness.
Prayer to get a job immediately Dear God I come to you as my first and last option to seek help from. Thank you for looking down on our family with favor and for helping us along with the sale of our home. Prayer for My Mother's Healing  Jesus please heal my mom, she fell went to the hospital to find out she has brain cancer the cancer is only in her brain. A prayer for older people Lord of love, thank you for everything and yes to all that is to come. Miracle prayer  Father God in Heaven I prayer for your miracle as I have been suspended from work awaiting hearing Father.
Prayer for Employment  Lord, I come to you with thanksgiving for the many blessings that have been bestowed up on me.
Prayer for my little brothers safety Dear Lord, please watch over my little brothers, especially at times of travel. For all cancer patients including my mom Heavenly Father, I raise my prayer to you to help create miracles in the lives of those fighting cancer. Prayer to cure my sisters throat cancer Lord I implore you to please cleanse my sisters body from her cancer with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Prayer for housing Holy Father, please listen to my heart and help me to keep a roof over our heads. To get rid of pride & ego Lord, God, give me strengthen me Lord to accept the fact that my ex-husband is about to get married to the girl who he cheated me with.
Prayer for Strength and Reconciliation Dear Lord God, I need your help and your strength to get through this hard time with my husband and my family. Prayer for a friend Please pray that my friend Marc will be cleared of the charges he has been accused of at work.
Prayer for healing my body from injury Please God heal my Sacroiliac Joint injury which has completely caused me such great pain in my back, legs, & feet. Healing Heart Disease Our Loved One You are the great physician only you Lord God determine when we are called to be with you in heaven. Prayer for finding an apartment with a trustworthy and kind roommate Dear St Joseph, please help guide me along with our Heavenly Father to the right apartment with the right and kindness of all hearts roommate. Prayer for my mum who has stage 4 lung cancer Hevanly Father we prayer for Mary B who has stage 4 lung cancer, witch has mover to the liver and bones. Restore my relationship Dear Jesus, please touch Nigel's heart and mind while he is gone on holidays.
To be healed from cancer Lord God, please wash away the cancer from my husband with your precious blood.
Marriage restoration God I pray that you continue to unharden his heart, protect him from further adultery, renew his love for me and bring him home to be with me and our children. Prayer for Financial Miracle and for daughter to return home Father I ask forgiveness for mismanaging our funds. Peace in my heart  I pray that I can gain peace in my life to remove anxiety from my daily routine. Prayer to save my marriage Please St Jude, I pray that you help me to save my marriage. Prayer for employment and keeping faith I have been seeking employment for the last six months with little response.
For our lovely daughter Please help our daughter to love herself and have the courage to live her life with joy and compassion. Lord watch over my daughter when I cant Lord, please watch over my daughter when I can't. A prayer for safety and freedom Dear Lord, I pray that my children and I can safely get out of living with their father. Prayer for my mariage to be restore My husband and I have been divorced for a few years. Prayer for emploment for my son-inlaw St Jude I pray for that job my son-in-law has been after and because of a negative background check has not been considered for the position. Prayer for stability in our life Lord, I ask that you help guide us to the path we should be on. Prayer against my husband's alcoholism Lord Please help my husband see that there is more to life then drinking. Prayer for Healing for my son's mental health My son 11 years old is slightly mentally retarded and with autistic specrum. Prayer for Physical healing, guidance and financial breakthroughs I've been very active before. Father, firstly Thank you for your presence in my my life Father, firstly Thank you for your presence in my my life. Prayer to my father, our mighty god O mighty god,give me love and blessings of yours so that no harm either to soul or body may happen to us. Prayer in Finding a Good Job Dear God, As you know I lost my full time job in 2012 and have been working several part-time jobs in order to meet my financial obligations. Prayer for Help to Go Through this Trial  Dear Lord I know I have sinned against You and I beg for Your mercy and forgiveness. Prayer for Company Benefit Grant Heavenly Father, please pray for my husband that their company finally grant to them their 4th tranche interim payplan and other pending benefits.
Please stand beside me, as I know you always do & help me find peace, strength & balance in my life. Prayer from Evil Persecution  I pray that the Lord will help me unto the path of justice and continue my honest work to clear my name and protect my husband. Prayer to Resolve Family Estrangement  Lord, please give me strength and patience to accept my path in life. Prayers for Resolution Dear Lord, Please help us find a resolution to the problem we are facing. Prayer for Work Success Dear God, I have applied many times for school and work but no concrete answer yet.
Please keep me in your prayers this week I took my test this Tuesday and should receive my score to become certified science teacher. Prayer For Employment & Guidance Father in Heaven, I am full of anxiety and worry today as I wait for an answer.
Prayer to Heal My Hearing  Dear Father in Heaven I know I don't deserve your help , I am truly sorry for my transgressions.
Prayer for Healing My Siblings and I  I was diagnosed yesterday with diabetes, plantar fasciitis and underactive thyroid. Prayer for mother's health and financial prosperity  my mother needs bilateral hip replacements but her health is too poor for surgery.

Prayer for Help, Healing and Health Dear St Joseph, I pray to you with all my best intentions that you may guide and help me through these hard and challenging time.
I am pleading for your assistance with this second mortgage issue and I need some help very, very badly getting this house in order for Tuesday.
Prayer for completion of building our home We are building a home but after the intial stages, work is not progressing and is delayed by 3 months.
Prayer for Letting Go and Selling a house St Joseph it is time to let go of the painful past and sell my house that I thought was full of possibilities. Prayer Needed for Employment  Please pray for my family members and I to find employment to help sustain ourselves, our extended family, and the needs of our church and community. Prayer to help bring love Dear Lord, I pray that you help Shawn and I find a way to make love work together. Prayer to heal my parents from cancer Please God I ask of you to heal my mother and father. Prayer for What has be take away from My son and Peace in my home  Father I ask you power and Blessing with my son Lawrence life. Prayer to Reunite with Spouse Please pray that my heart's desire be granted, the return of the love of my life, my one true love.
Prayer for peace and heal my anxiety Dear Father, I know you have me right where you need me to spread your gospel. Prayer for my husband to come back to his senses Dear Lord I humbly come before you today begging you to bring my husband back to his senses again. Prayer to Restore My Marriage and Change my Husband's Heart Heavenly Father, I pray that you can restore my marriage by making changes in my husband's heart. Prayer for the Blessing to Become Pregnant Dear Heavenly Father as I come to you in prayer lord I pray for you to bless my body to become a carrier of a child.
Prayer for an acceptable offer to purchase our home this week My gracious Lord, I come humbly before you begging your mercies in the sale of our home. Prayer for a second chance Dear God please help me, I know I pushed away a good man,You know that I was emotionally destroyed and I didn't show him the best of me.
Please intercede on my behalf to our Holy Father and pray for me and my family for a smooth transaction on purchasing our new home. Prayer to Heal My Family Dear father God, my wife of 27 years decided that she did not love me anymore.
Prayer for a new Job I am a catholic Lay Missionary who has been working on mission in South America for five years away from my family and friends. Prayer for my husband  Dear Lord, I pray to you in your grace to heal the sickness in my husband's lungs. Prayers please for my beautiful granddaughter please say a prayer that all will go well in family court today and that the judge will award us visitation of my beautiful, 8 year old granddaughter. I pray, heal me Jesus Lord Jesus, I thank you for all the ways in which you have supported me through my illnesses. Please pray for the sale of my home to a very deserving single mother Please help me pray to sell my house. Prayer for job offer Dear Father, please bless me with a job offer for the job I interviewed for last week. Prayer to sell home Dear Lord please help our family to sell our home so that we don't have to carry two mortgages.
Prayer to help me with all my bad luck Dear Lord, i beg you to forgive me as I may sound selfish or greedy right now.
If you have ever tried to teach a bunch of Sunday School kids the Nicene Creed, you probably know what I'm talking about. We have tried so hard to do for others and wish only for the necessities …Click here to write your own. Joseph, the most chase spouse of Mary, I'm asking you to help me find a buyer on our home the soonest possible! Joseph hear my prayer in Jesus's name- we need your help to rent my son's condo now so that he will not lose anymore money by having it vacant. You know the situation that I am going through and I ask that you keep her safe today and always. Jude, I pray for my husband that he can get a job to a free zone area in Dubai as soon as he got back from exit.
Please Lord, guide and direct us along the garden of forgiveness and through the tunnel of reconciliation. Joseph, I thank you for your love and support and intercession in selling our house quickly.
Jude's Help  I ask of you, St Jude, the patron saint of things despaired to help us find the means to buy this house. Prayers that are short are easy to memorize, and great for children to learn as an introduction to Christian prayer.
Before the marriage, the man held her hand, walked with her, opened theA door for her, called her on the telephone, wrote her romantic notes, sent her flowers, and took herA to dinner. These men begin to act as if they haveA forgotten how to show their brides the tenderness to which they had grown accustomed. As a resultA of this change in behavior in their new husbands, young brides often feel disappointed, let down,A and deceived. Perhaps they get busy at work, or their minds are heavy with details, or they are mentally and physically exhausted.
But regardless of what a husband is feeling or going through at work or in his financial affairs, his wife needs his attention and affection. She has great conformation, exceptional movement and is the happiest dog I have ever owned. When the word sun is used in the New Testament, it alwaysA connects two or more people into a very vital union. Her job as a therapy dog for an 83 yr old woman that had is stroke is one she takes very seriously.
When these words are linked together as they are in First Peter 3:7, it meansA to share a house together or to dwell together in one residence. We continually have Home Health therapists in daily and she greets each of them then quietly goes to her spot to watch everything that goes on. She accompanies me into the chicken coop and is great with the chickens as well as with her cat ( yes her cat that she found in a ditch). The fact is, there are many husbandsA and wives who live in the same house, who eat at the same table, and who share the same bed,A yet who dona€™t really a€?dwella€? together. She passed her Herding Instinct testing at 5 months of age and now working on her Canine Good Citizen certification. They are like two ships that occasionally pass each other.A Although they share the same residence, they live separate lives, never really connecting with eachA other. I have owned and worked with many breeds of dogs and Arya is by far one of the most intelligent, willing and trainable.
I would totally recommend PATCHWORK SHEPHERDS and have friends now that have bought puppies from here as well and all of them are as wonderful as Arya. This is a great challenge to men, who often want to be quiet when they come homeA after a busy day at work. Many men would rather sit down in front of the television and flip theA channels all evening rather than communicate with their wives.
They live and act as though they are SINGLE.A Husband, learning to share your life with your wife is a skill that must be developed. A He said, "she is really a love," and described her gentleness and cuddling even from the get-go. First, you must seek to obtain that knowledge by reading the Word, by reading a goodA book on marriage, by attending a seminar on how to be a better husband, by listening to a teachingA tape on the subject, and so on.
A She is very playful with her 'brothers' (two older choc labs), but is extremely responsive to me and is my 'watcher.' A No matter where I am, she is A watching over me. A When we settle in the evening to watch a movie, she will quietly peruse the house, coming back to my side after she has checked everything out. She has cleaned the house, taken care of the children, cooked your evening meal, and faced her own challenges throughout the day.
Even more importantly, she wants fellowship withyou because you are the one she loves and needs the most. A If she could, she would hop up on my lap and sit there, just as she did when she was a fuzz-ball pup! Or why dona€™t you sit at the kitchen table with your wife and let her tell you all about her day over a cup of coffee or tea? And after she is finished telling you every nitty-gritty detail of her day, take the time to tell her about your day! She wants to know what you did, whom you talked to, what they said, what happened next, and so on. It was serendipity that brought you all the way over the mountains on Monday so we could get her!Also a couple of short videos if you're interested.

If she is assured that she is a top priority in your life and feels secure in her relationship with you, she will gladly follow you and help you wherever God leads. I was just getting to the serious stage ofshopping for a black coated GSD to raise for my own pet and protection dogwhen my nephew T.J. You will findthat if you dona€™t plan these times together, all the other responsibilities of your lives and ministryA consume you, and in the end,A you dona€™t spend enough quality time together.
BlackJack (Zoey x Drake 2009) is doing fine, being a good boy that loves to be around us (Right now he is under my desk sleeping at my feet).
Open your heart to her; talk to her like she is your best friend and most important confidant.
You see, if you have aA happy wife, you can be sure that youa€™ll have a partner who is with you all the way.
So I urge youA today to learn how to dwell with your wife according to knowledge.A Make sure that from this day forward, you treat your wife like she is a top priority in your life! We had many family gattering and other partys and he is always good around people in the house. Your rewards are out of this WORLD!!A Lord, I ask You to forgive me for not spending enough time with my wife. I am so sorry Ia€™ve been so selfish and havena€™t been the husband I need to be for my wife. As Goda€™s Spirit works in meA and transforms me more and more into the image of Jesus Christ, I am becoming a betterA husband to my wife.
Because I love her deeply and regularly show my love to her, she feelsA secure and confident in our relationship. As a result, she is willing to follow me whereverA God leads and is supportive of my decisions. When my kid gets around to it she will send you pictures, sorry Ia€™m not the computer savvy one.
Husband, how much time in a week do you think you spend using your remoteA control to mindlessly flip through the television channels?A 2. Husband, what can you eliminate from your schedule so you can spend moreA time with your wife?
Are you sending her the right message when you never haveA time for her, but you somehow have time for everyone else? Thank you again for Morgan, she is a gem, here is her 9 week picture (the ear did come down). I think he will excell, and it will be good for the boys to learn how to deal with him (other than play). We purchased Pruett (black collar male from Zoey x Doc August '08 litter) and were so thrilled with him that we had to get another! A few weeks later we welcomed Daphne (hot pink collar female from Anna x Doc August '08 litter) into our lives. He quickly learns new commands and we are currently practicing, "seek", where we will tell him to "sit and stay" and then we go hide his ball and tell him to "seek" and he finds it. She loves to play in the snow!!She has been doing really well in the house, she is a very quick learner. I know the "puppy stage" lasts for awhile, but if it continues to go as smoothly as it has been going, it will definitely be a breeze. She loves to play fetch and she is really good at it, which is surprising to me for her age.
She is such a sweet puppy, she is always trying to make friends with all the animals she meets, most which unfortunately haven't been too fond of her. Miah is starting to be a little friendly, not much, but like I said, Tymber is a persistant little pup and I believe that eventually they will be pals. We will be taking her on her second fishing trip tomorrow, which is always very exciting for us. She loves playing with any kind of plants and grass- we are hoping she grows out of that stage for our landscape's sake!
Anywho, I just wanted to let you know what a great pup she is and how much Tyler and myself enjoy having her. He is everythingA I could have ever hoped for in a German Shepherd and I am really happy that I got him. Several people in our training class have commented on his lovely conformation as he trots across the room while playing with the other pups.
He's a great dog!A Anyway, hope all is well in your part of the world and that you are enjoying the holiday season.
Although I had some concerns on how Gracie would react, from the first walk that we did on the way home from Patchwork, she has been wonderful. Already they play together, with Gracie laying down so that she is on Argus' level, letting him crawl all over her.
He already knows his name, figured out how to negotiate the step up the deck, and how to run from me when he picks up something I don't want him to have. He follows us around from room to room and always sleeps next to us when we are in the room. I do have a crate and have used it but not very much, mostly I just watch him and when I catch that certain look I just take him out and tell him to go potty.
When I was in shop he would play under my bench and when he was tired he would sleep under my stool. He and Gracie had a good time exploring and finding just about every kind of poop there is out there. Everyone that meets her is in awe of not only her beauty and structure, but even more so of her super sweet and willing disposition.A  I cannot say enough about her. She is very gentle, smart, intelligent, super athletic, and just wants to please and love everyone.A  She loves to crawl into our laps and pretend she is a tiny lap dog. A His big brother Jackson and he are the best of buds, they have really bonded into something special! A Also, wea€™d like to thank you for letting us come out and see him when he was a puppy, and for giving us little updates on how he was doing when he was just a lila€™ guy.A  (10lbs when we picked him up to take him home seems little compared to the size he is now! After working for a vet for more then 10 years my husband had to really talk me into getting a GSD. She has gone though a basic and advanced off leash obediance class and this comming year brings more fun with tracking and agility classes signed up. We are now thinking of getting her a little brother and look forward to coming out to visit and meet more parents.
He is adapting quickly to his new home on Orcas Island, WA A and after 3 days already knows his new name. We have had him for two days now and he has already learned his name, learned how to come when called, walks great on a leash, has learned the command "gentle" for when he takes things with his mouth, is completely potty trained and sleeps all night long in his crate with no problems. We have never seen such a loving, well behaved, intelligent puppy before and we feel so lucky that he is now a part of our family. John and I were so pleased to see the safety measures that you take prior to letting anyone be near or handle any of the puppies. Because of your loving care for your dogs we now have two of the greatest puppies that anyone could ever ask for in life! I am grateful for the time that we were able to spend with the puppies getting to know each and every one of them. You are wonderful about keeping everyone informed through your website just as you did while we were waiting to be able to take the Sebastian and Kasia home.
We were also very impressed that you were so willing to let us come visit and you even encouraged us to do so. We thoroughly appreciate that you allowed us to be a part of the puppies lives even before they were in their new home.
Through your attentive behavior to each and every one of your puppies we new the silly things they did, what they liked to play with all the way down to their little itchy spot that they liked to have scratched.
Because of all your love and attention we have two beautiful, healthy puppies that we will get to love for years to come.A A Thank you so much for our beautiful puppies! A  I got hopeful when I found your pages, with your dog Penny, who reminded me so much of our Isis, who was a beautiful, athletic,and loving black and red blanket pattern longcoat. You DID say on your page that your goal was to find the right dog for people, right down to the color.
The way you described the parents of different litters, and later the pups themselves, was exactly right.A  Patiently, you discussed all the little characteristics of each pup in a way that just about made up for our never being able to actually see the pups in person or hold them in our arms. Pashi learned every trick all of my other dogs know in one 10 minute session at age 11 weeks, and never forgot them.A  She and Itta (9 weeks) both sit at the door automatically now, better than any of our other dogs who have been working on it for ages.

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