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Enter the My American Girl Doll Drawing for your chance to win a doll from American Girl & Borders.
I don’t usually post sweepstakes deals, but I know that we have a decent-sized coalition of American Girl fans in our readership. Thank you, my daughter wants one so bad and they are just way to spendy, her bday and Christmas are both in Dec. The holiday craft sales at various churches in Nov always have homemade AG clothes & sometimes furniture. DD & I also buy patterns when Joann has their sales (holidays like Labor Day always feature $1 or $2 patterns by various companies) and make our own unique clothes. Target has a set of dolls that aren't the same quality, but their clothes fit just fine! Plus, with so many prizes being awarded and there being such a short entry period (less than three weeks from start to finish), your chances of winning are slightly better than usual.

Check Craigslist in these areas, as employees get a discount and may be looking to resell the dolls for a small profit. In addition to their annual sale as posted above, they carry some great girl & doll clothes. The prices listed in the post are based off of a reader's comment, so maybe prices have gone up since then? Also, if a product is out-of-stock at the American Girl store, they can order it for you and ship it for free. The prices are actually a little higher than you listed… historical dolls are $65 (customers are limited to one historical doll), Just Like You are $65 (limit of 3), Bitty Baby and Twin dolls are $30 (limit of 1), and Girl of the Year dolls are $95. The sale is a great way to have a fun weekend in Madison, but watch out for all of the crazy people on Sunday.
My mom bought the dress pattern when I was a kid and she made many dresses for our American girl dolls(3 sisters).

She cut up a few old brides made dresses and even her wedding dress to make some fancier ones. I said before I would need lots of luck and I really didn't think I would win, I have 4 daughters, one who has been begging for an American Girl doll. This could not of happened at a more perfect time either, I am no longer working and am owed back pay (hopefully I will see that) This will be a perfect Birthday gift!

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