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The months, weeks, and days leading up to a major admission test can be a major source of stress for students.
The post 5 Ways to Cut Stress After an Admission Test appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. After the test, remember to keep the focus on your own test performance, not anyone else’s. There’s no use spending time or energy on the test anymore when you can’t go back to change your answers. Catherine writes for the Magoosh Blog to support future grad school students by unlocking tricks of the test prep and application trade. In the last post, we illustrated 5 key story elements with these opening application essay line: The moment I found the lump, I suspected my life was about to change – in a big way. The post 4 More Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. It was tempting to wish the lump would just go away, and for a few days that was my strategy. These seven lines contain important story elements including a killer opening (more literally than usual, in this case), context (mid-20s consultant, Chicago, 2011), stakes (life and death), obstacles (cancer), and character (fear and determination). It was time for some deep research: with my wife’s help and inputs from my oncologist and other doctors, I pored over journal articles and other materials to understand my treatment options and their risks.
Here we have more evidence of character (how our guy took a methodical approach, rather than just picking a treatment impulsively or based on one doctor’s opinion), along with process, or the exact steps he took to approach the obstacle.
After weeks of research and deliberation, I opted for two rounds of outpatient chemotherapy. The last part of our story brings more process (how our survivor made a decision) and another twist (his low white blood cell count), along with the outcome and lessons learned. It’s also always recommended to wrap up your story by returning to your opening, to end with a killer ending with a broader theme or key realization or glimpse of the future.
The post 5 Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
It’s not about lifting plots from Harry Potter or hoping you suddenly gain magic storytelling powers. To get the admissions reader to keep reading – and even better, to keep reading enthusiastically – start with something attention-grabbing. This keeps the reader interested because it brings in two new elements: an obstacle (cancer) and character (your personality traits). By this point in the story, your readers will know that you are the main character – you’re the consultant, father, etc. The post How to Write Waitlist Update Letters appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
Don’t talk about your disappointment; instead focus on how the school’s philosophy and approach fit your educational goals. Choose achievements that you did not address in your application and try and tie them back to key themes in your essays. You want to prove to the adcom that while you were a responsible, accomplished, impressive candidate before, now you are even more so. 4. If you are sure that upon acceptance you would attend, inform the school of your commitment.
The message you want to get across is this: You were born to attend this school and this school was created just for you.
The post Multiple Acceptances: How to Deal With a Win-Win Situation appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. First, stop biting your nails and take a moment to bask in your mammoth accomplishment: You applied successfully and got in! This week, join us for a rebroadcast of one of our most popular shows – our discussion of how to address a low GPA.
The post What to Do About a Low GPA [Episode 146] appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Many applicants are concerned about their undergrad GPAs, and nervous that their GPA might be too low for their target graduate program. She also addresses important questions unique to international students: how can you tell if your non-US GPA is low in US terms? Whether you’re considering applying to b-school, med school, or any other graduate program, this episode has practical advice for you.
It can be confusing: Half of the advice you read urges you to stand out in your application, while the other half advises you to explain how you’ll fit in. The post 4 Application Strategy Tips: Stand Out AND Fit In appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
Distinguishing your personality through your unique interests is one way to stand out, but it’s not the only way, or even the most effective way. For those who fit snugly into an overrepresented profile group, demonstrating fit should be a piece of cake – after all, so many of you are attracted to Top School X probably because it’s the best school for people like you to pursue their goals.
The Prompt The new ACT essay prompts that premiered last fall have been giving even top-scoring students a run for their money.
The example essay prompt on the ACT’s website (which I highly suggest you check out) is about the presence of intelligent machines in our world today.
This introduction is intended to make sure you both understand what the heck the perspectives are talking about and to get your creative juices flowing for writing, so make sure you do read it. As you can probably tell, these first two parts will change on every ACT; the third part, the essay task, will be the same on every test, which is why you should know it by heart.
Write a unified, coherent essay in which you evaluate multiple perspectives on [insert controversial topic here]. Your perspective may be in full agreement with any of the others, in partial agreement, or wholly different.
Even though that is not a lot of writing time, I suggest you spend a full 10-15 minutes prewriting and outlining before you begin. With three tasks to accomplish: analyzing the given perspectives, developing your own, and explaining the relationship between yours and those given, you need a plan. This isn’t the only way to structure a winning ACT essay, but it definitely makes sure you do everything the prompt is asking you. Your essay will be scored by two graders who will grant between 1-6 points on four different dimensions: Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use.
Whereas the SAT essay puts more emphasis on analytical writing, the ACT essay puts more emphasis on argumentative writing. By Kristen Fracchia and Chris Lele. Kristin Fracchia and Chris Lele are Magoosh’s resident ACT and SAT experts. When I was admissions director there were some things applicants would do that were apparently minor, but that I found to be very annoying. Some applicants would do that to “make conversation” or to try to get on the adcom’s good side by letting them “brag” about the school’s strong points.
Schools put a lot of effort in designing their essay questions to get the information they consider important for deciding whether an applicant is a good fit for the school or not.
If you were denied and the school clearly states that feedback is not provided, don’t demand it. It’s understandable you want to know, but the truth of the matter is that the adcom cannot give you an evaluation on the go. Finally, don’t feel that you have to make yourself known to the adcom by sending them an email about you or your case. By Esmeralda Cardenal, previously the Associate Director of Admissions at Yale SOM, Director of MBA Admissions at MSU Broad, and consultant at Cardiff Business School in the UK. In the graph above, the blue and green dots represent students who received an acceptance letter. Also, while letters of recommendation are optional at Cornell College, they can help round out your application.
Unfortunately, that stress doesn’t necessarily go away once the test is over. In this post, we cover some of the best ways to manage stress after handing in your test. How your best friend, neighbor, classmate, or study buddy feels they did on the test really doesn’t matter. We know it can be tempting to worry over potential missed questions, but it won’t be worth the stress. Put your energy toward your personal statements, essay supplements, resume, and interview prep, and you really won’t have time to stress out about your test score. Catherine spends her free time checking out local farmer’s markets, reading food and lifestyle blogs, and watching Bravo. The options had the exact same survival rate (very high), but very different side-effect profiles. Twists, or surprise turns in stories – in this case, the challenge of choosing treatment – are not essential for grad school essays, but they can certainly make them more engaging: a teammate with a secret, a client’s abrupt shift in expectations, etc. For example, we learned that the surveillance course could take over five years before one could consider themselves cancer-free. Too many applicants leave out their process, skipping from “My team faced several major hurdles” to “The client loved our solution, and I got a raise.” You need to tell the adcom what you did, how you did it, and ideally how you engaged others to overcome the challenge as well. These last two elements typically tie together: the outcome (surviving cancer) reinforced multiple lessons, as noted above.
Check out our 1-on-1 services for more information on how we can help you use story elements to write effective essays. I was a busy consultant in McKinsey’s Chicago office, the proud father of a boy about to turn one, and a generally happy guy in his mid-20s. Context (person, place, time) is important because readers want to understand the story’s circumstances; it helps them relate to the story, even if they’ve never been in that situation.
Stakes further help the reader relate to a story – if there’s little for the main character to lose, then the reader won’t care much about what happens next. But the text above shows your reader what kind of character you are: one who is human (tempted to wish something bad away) but also one who takes action in adverse circumstances (going to the doctor).
Check out our 1-on-1 services for more information on how we can help you use story elements to write effective essays.
You’ve still got a chance of getting into your dream school, so now’s not the time to slack off, and it’s certainly not the time to give up. These could include a recent promotion, freshly minted A’s, a new leadership role in a project or organization, a recent volunteer experience, initiatives you’ve taken in your department, business, or club, additional work responsibilities, etc.

Adcoms do not want to read a bitter and angry letter, nor will they want that writer in their classrooms. Before you start writing, be sure that your target school is open to receiving waitlist letters. The point of your degree is to secure your future and it simply would not make sense if you chose a program that did not support or assist you in achieving those goals. Whether you’re an Indian IT male applying to b-school or a Long Island Jew applying to law school or an Exeter Prep student applying to an Ivy League college… you’re probably (okay, definitely) not alone.
Conversely, those who have no trouble distinguishing themselves (like, say, a coffee farmer from Kenya), may need to tug at their creative strings to make the “fit factor” happen.
Each tile is distinct – with its own shape and color combination – yet when pieced together with the other tiles, becomes part of a large, beautiful, cohesive picture. The reason is because the ACT is now asking students to do a lot more in their essay responses. The essay begins with some general thoughts and examples (the robots that are now building cars on assembly lines once manned by humans, the automated checkout counters in grocery stores) and ends with some rhetorical questions for you to consider. You can feel free to use any information you see here as a jumping off point for an introduction or as supporting points in your essay. Three (as opposed to two) is interesting because you are not going to be dealing with just one side that is clearly “for” the issue and one that is “against.” Instead, you may find two on one side and one on the other. Whatever the case, support your ideas with logical reasoning and detailed, persuasive examples. It’s not a ton of time, but honestly you probably don’t want the ACT to give you any more time after several hours of multiple choice questions. That time will pay off in an essay that is far more organized and persuasive than a rambling list of your thoughts as they occur to you. The ACT graders seem to care most that you are making your own argument, so I suggest you start here: end a brief introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that gives your perspective on the issue. Don’t fall into that trap; it can interpreted as laziness or lack of knowledge about your intended school.
They are aware that you are applying to multiple schools, but really dislike when applicants provide generic answers that do not address the finer details they consider important for their decision. Last but not least, adcoms truly hate when applicants ask them about their chances of admission.
If they happily volunteer their thoughts about the strength of your candidacy, that’s great, but don’t put them on the spot asking them something they are not prepared to answer. The college's intense one-course-at a time curriculum tends to attract serious students, and the majority of successful applicants have grades and standardized test scores that are above average.
Like most colleges, Cornell takes into consideration the rigor of your high school courses, not just your grades. Stay away from Internet forums, which are a popular place for people to gather and discuss how the test went online. If someone asks how you did, just say you’d rather not talk about it and change the subject. Follow up with your professors about the status of your letters of recommendation; ask your school’s registrar about when they’ll be sending your transcript. Take a few days off to have some fun – whether that means going on a shopping spree, taking a weekend trip, or going out to a fancy dinner, there’s no shortage of ways that you can treat yourself. Note that this does not mean your stories need to be as life changing as the one in our example; we’re talking about structure and storytelling technique here. For example, the surgery was associated with potential nerve damage, while the chemo could have resulted in lower lung capacity. In this story, the unexpected challenge also represented an obstacle, in that our courageous subject had to choose from three very different treatments with similar levels of effectiveness. But the experience reinforced the importance of a proactive approach (I found out most men wait over six months to get lumps checked), of careful due diligence in health and other matters, and of never giving up. The best way to distinguish yourself from other applicants is to tell the admissions board a good story, a tale of your greatest achievements, dreams, and challenges.
If you started an essay with One day I decided to watch TV, then your readers probably wouldn’t really care what happened next.
Luke Skywalker had to destroy the Death Star to prevent Darth Vader from taking over the universe, which would have meant a lot of suffering for everyone. If the school states explicitly that it doesn’t want to hear from you, then do not contact them – doing so will only hurt your case. Or maybe you’ve been accepted to one of your safety schools with a huge scholarship and your top-choice program with no funding. Regarding financial aid, you need to do a little math: If the better program – the one that didn’t offer you funding – will eventually increase your earning power by more than the amount of the scholarship offered by the just-okay school, then it may be financially and academically worth it for you to choose the superior program. Sounds like you could use some professional guidance! Speak with one of our experts today when you purchase our consulting services.
Accepted’s founder & CEO, Linda Abraham, walks you through five practical steps to analyzing and dealing with your low GPA.
You want the adcom readers to think that they’ve stumbled upon the missing tile in the mosaic that will become the next Top B-School, College, Law School, Med School, or Grad School Class: YOU. More likely you’ll find that at least one of the perspectives, if not all of them, is more nuanced. Then devote a body paragraph to each of the three perspectives, ending with the one that you agree with. Your raw scores are then converted to a scaled score from 1-36 points, similar to how the multiple choice sections are scored.
This doesn’t mean you should plan which test to take based on the optional essay, but it might be a consideration in your overall decision. This is not only annoying but time consuming and can be detrimental to the outcome of your application. My colleagues and I would be happy to provide you with a Rejection Review diagnosis of your application. Asking about your odds puts them in a very awkward position, particularly when those chances are low. If you must contact them, do so as you would a prospective employer, with a succinct email, to the point and free of grammatical errors. Students who reveal some kind of remarkable talent or have a compelling story to tell will often get a close look even if grades and test scores are a slightly below the norm.
Practicing deep breathing (for about three to five minutes daily) can calm your mind and balance out any emotions you have about the test. Remember, no one will have their score back yet, so there’s no point speculating about your scores.
Once you get your test score back, you want to be ready to submit your applications (particularly so if the programs you’re interested in practice rolling admissions). But as I neared the second, my doctor called: the chemo had pushed my white blood cell count too low, compromising my immune system. It may be that you were watching TV when you found a worrisome lump, but your bored readers likely won’t get to that point because of the snooze-inducing opener. If Dorothy couldn’t navigate Oz’s Yellow Brick Road past the Wicked Witch, she never would have gotten back home to Kansas. Or, you’ve been accepted to a top-tier program but you had really had your heart set on going to Harvard, which did not accept you. Other factors that could influence your decision include religious versus secular or liberal versus conservative. You’ll need to prove to the adcom that while your profile lands you smack in the middle of their “Typical” file, you’re actually an incredibly distinct and unique person. Your motivation for becoming a doctor, however, wasn’t the psychology courses you took in college, but your summer job in an orthopedist surgeon’s office. By explaining the ways in which you and the program are MFEO – how the program will help you achieve your goals and how you, in turn, will contribute to the class and to the school’s overall goals and missions. Maybe it provides a different reasoning for the validity of the issue being discussed, or maybe it “approves” of the issue only in certain circumstances. The good news is that with such a short time limit, the ACT really isn’t expecting spectacularness. If you choose to argue for a perspective different from the ones given, you may need a fourth body paragraph. In any case, the best way to practice writing these specific styles of essays is to practice writing these specific styles of essays. If you must contact the adcom, be strategic, and ask only what you can’t find anywhere else.
Also, never attempt to re-apply to a school without understanding what went wrong in your previous application. Some students with grades and test scores that were on target for Cornell College did not get get in.
On the other hand, an opening like The moment I found the lump, I suspected my life was about to change – in a big way will do a much better job of drawing in your readers.
If you had never figured out the source of the lump and treated it (if needed), then you wouldn’t have been able to continue your life as a busy consultant, proud father, and generally happy guy. Remember, you’ll be living here for 2+ years (depending on your program) – you’ll want to be comfortable in the school and in the area surrounding it. You want to combine your passion in psychology with your interest in the human skeleton to become a geriatric orthopedist. The variety provided by three perspectives makes your task a little harder than an essay in which you are asked to simply argue for or against an issue.
Finally, if you have time, write a brief conclusion (two or so sentences is fine) that wraps it all up. Note also that a few students were accepted with test scores and grades a bit below the norm. He is co-author with Mamie Till-Mobley of her Death of Innocence: The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America, He points out that, in addition to being the 47th anniversary of the Rev. This is because Cornell College has holistic admissions and makes admissions decisions based on more than numbers. Cornell College uses the Common Application, and the admissions folks will be looking for a strong application essay and meaningful extracurricular activities. As an African American whose family had barely escaped Southern atrocities, she recognized the potential pushback when you stepped out of place.

How do we respond when the lynching is verbal, not physically fatal (most of the time) and the klan has its own network, which is the most watched in the US?
Telling the truth and exposing these people for what they are and what they do is important, but it won't be enough.
That was so long ago that the small schools at Orr High School, whose LSC signed on as original plaintiffs, have been closed again and reopened under the auspices of AUSL (for more about AUSL, read the latest here).
It would also mean that it was more important to get accurate, useful information that could be used to help schools and students.
Who needs that when you can damn schools with data?No, it's far more important for testing to be "standardized" - that is, given at the same time to everyone, according to state supt.
Chris Koch's rationale: "This is the state's attempt to say, 'How can we treat everyone the same and everyone fairly?a€?It may be standardized but that doesn't make it fair.
The On the Issues site provides a list of statements by Kirk on education and his education-related votes as a congressman. It suggests that he is a moderate on social issues such as school prayer and green schools.
Kirk got into some trouble earlier this year when he claimed that he's influenced by his experience as a teacher, which turned out to consist of a year at a private high school in London and another as a teacher aide at a church run nursery school. There's a third candidate who deserves some attention, too -- LeAlan Jones, the Green Party candidate. I remember him well when, as a 13-year-old, he and a friend reported on life in the Chicago projects for National Public Radio. Senator, and will have the responsibility to make critical decisions about education along with every other issue before Congress. Rick has been a staunch advocate for public school children and families, and for Local School Councils.
We know that too many of them don't. Even on a traditional calendar, non-air conditioned schools can be ovens, places where it's too hot to learn and too unhealthy to stay. CPS district offices? Most of our currently-used schools were designed to be closed during the summer, just as they were designed without lunchrooms because all the children went home for lunch. At least health codes address some of the worst sanitation problems that schools without lunchrooms face.
CPS claims that its so-called year-round school schedule is better for students, but the proof of that is slight. Teachers should move their classes to municipal cooling centers until CPS does the right thing and upgrades every school so that children have a reasonable chance to learn. That's not much time, and the appeal is supposed to go to the Chief Education Officer, a position that has had no person in it since Barbara Eason-Watkins left for Michigan City. Usually the appeals go to the Chief Area Officers. Good News was a modestly successful program; the church was in the very needy North of Howard area of Chicago and ran a well-attended food program.
The down side we saw was a lack of interest in supporting the local school council at the nearby public school, which went through a traumatic time after the district refused to allow the LSC-appointed principal to serve. They claimed that the price of food was going down, so hungry people won't need so much. As House Finance Chair David Obey, who proposed the RTTT swap, said, "Well, isna€™t that nice. Why is it the responsibility of Chicago community colleges to spend $30 million a year to pick up lost math and reading skills?" Chico said. "I'm not saying that as a society we shouldn't be charged with doing that someplace. But why is it placed in the lap of higher education?" (Sun-Times 8-8-10) I guess it just slipped Chico's mind that he is in large part responsible for the math and reading skills of these very students.
A student who started preschool in 1995, when Chico was appointed president of the Chicago School Board by Mayor Daley, would have been in fourth grade -- when most of the fundamentals of reading and math should have been laid down -- when Chico left that position in 2001. These books were written in 2004 and 2005 in response to many requests to help start PURE chapters around the country, and from folks who just wanted to know how to create a powerful parent organization. It explains why folks in power hate to fund schools adequately and demand "accountability" using methods that destroy rather than strengthen schools.
The President's speech to the National Urban League was in large part a defense of these programs against the many concerns that have been raised about whether they are the most effective ways to reform U. Obama suggested in his speech that people who oppose his proposals may simply be a€?afraid of change.a€? A few days earlier, he threatened to veto any attempt to use even a small portion of funding for his controversial Race to the Top program to save thousands of teacher jobs.
Education Secretary Arne Duncan stonewalls critics of his department's demands for charter expansion who cite the research on the overall poor performance of charters nationwide; he offers the nonsensical excuse that he doesn't support charter schools, he only supports good charter schools. Today, columnist Leonard Pitts tells opponents of the President's plans to a€?lead, follow or get out of the way.a€? Perhaps the most important moment of the President's Urban League speech was his paraphrase of Dr. In a democracy, education reform cannot be defined only by legislators, politicians, and corporate and media leaders. Pitts' piece repeats much of the empty, nonsensical rhetoric we just heard in the president's and Duncan's recent speeches to the National Urban League, speeches that were in large part responses to the powerful opposition that has been raised against RTTT and the proposed School Improvement Grant program by civil rights, community, parent and teacher groups. For today's  Public School Action Tuesday, why not respond to Pitts by leaving a comment after his article here, or write to a newspaper or comment on a blog of your choice opposing RTTT programs such as test-based teacher firing, school closures, and expanded charter schools, and in support of fair, research-based teacher evaluation or other sound education reforms? One notorious example was when Mayor Daley's favorite "superstar" principal, Curie High School's former head Jerrylyn Jones, handed out folders with copies of petitions demanding that the LSC renew her contract, instead of the budget and school improvement plan information the LSC had requested as part of her annual evaluation.Other principals refuse to give documents to individual LSC members, and insist on a vote of the full LSC before they provide information, another ridiculous excuse.I recommend that LSC members download and file this article - you may need it!
And keep the phone and address of the Attorney General's Public Access Counselor handy - they have become a great resource for LSCs.
The web site also offers free online training in the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act, which would be a good choice for your LSC lessons 7-8- or 9.
The dread Status-Quo is on the loose! Both Education Secretary Arne Duncan and President Obama are on the defensive this week about their education plans after a group of civil rights organizations challenged the basic elements of the administration's Race to the Top and Blueprint for Reform plans, adding a powerful voice to the increasingly loud complaints coming from other sectors across the nation about the direction Duncan and Obama are trying to take public education. Your Public Schools Action Tuesday assignment for today, if you choose to accept it, is to give a gift to PURE. The internet gives us so many new opportunities for reaching people with our message and our perspective. That's what it's like to be a CPS principal these days in terms of trying to figure out how to lead your school in the coming year. "I'm growing more concerned about the planned rise in 'combined-grades' [not to be confused with multiage or ungraded] classrooms, due to the teacher layoffs and increased class sizes. You wind up scrambling the days before school opens, and the week the students return, just to figure out who's who and 'where' they are in terms of their next learning steps, based upon their test scores from spring (=old data, let's face it) plus your expert judgment of children's learning needs. THEN you have to scramble to quickly sort 'em all out into their learning groups so that by Week 5 you can administer the required District curriculum-based tests (half of which you'll now have to create from the new curriculum you're teaching, due to the other grade-level's children in your room). I fear not a whole lot of learning--through no fault of the teacher or the kids or the parents. "I also fear this will be the proverbial 'final straw' on teachers' backs--and we'll lose some fine folks in our system." What can we do?
Join the CTU for a community summit on the CPS budget, Saturday, July 24, from 11 am to 12:30 pm at Ariel School, 1119 East 46th Street. Anthony House yesterday, opining that a field trip would have gone a long way toward improving my sense of local history. Not so surprising is that the Frederick Douglass museum, just down the block, is still very much a work in progress.Anyway, I loved the tour and especially loved the sculpture, in a little park midway between the Anthony house and the struggling Douglas Center, depicting Susan B. This means, he said, "notification, outreach, public input, and honest, open discussion about the right option for each community." Unfortunately, Duncan's track record in Chicago makes us skeptical that this is anything more than empty rhetoric.
His efforts to "involve the community" in turnrounds here meant that perfunctory hearings were held where hundreds turned out to offer powerful testimony about a school's strengths along with thoughtful, research-based suggestions about how to support and improve the existing school, yet Arne Duncan ignored it all and shut the schools down. This means that Arne Duncan must begin really listening to parents, and the only way we will know that he is actually hearing us is when he begins to modify the RTTT and ESEA proposals that parents so strongly oppose and replace them with solid, proven programs that parents want.
Education Secretary Arne Duncan for changing this federal education law.The signers and hundreds of other parents sent this letter to their congressional representatives. While many are saying that a revised (reauthorized) ESEA is unlikely to be voted on before the fall elections, revised language is being hammered out in committee right now, and it may be too make meaningful changes later on in the process. Here are a couple of things that many in Congress still seem unaware of:Parents, students and community members join teachers across the nation in opposing the major elements of Race to the TopCharter schools are not working as hyped, and in fact the majority are not performing as well as regular public schools.
Durbin is one of thirteen senators who recently wrote a letter to Senate Appropriations Committee chair Sen.
Daniel Inouye opposing this bill, which was formulated by the chair of the House Education committee, Rep. Leonie offers a thorough analysis of the damage and dishonesty of the Gates Foundation's incursion into public school policy making. Urban Prep Charter School still has a 100% college-going rate with ALL 95 graduating seniors going to college!Problem is, for the past few weeks, the orgy of happy-weepy media reports about the Urban Prep Miracle was that all 107 graduating seniors were going to college (see, for example, People Magazine, Good Morning America, "Urban Prep Named Person of the Week on ABC World News).  So, since their first self-promotional blitz, they've lost 12 students (the Sun-Times suggests they "transferred") ? This yields an overall school graduation rate of 64%, or nearly 6 points lower than the average district rate of 69.8%. Yet no one is "socially promoted" because no one moves until they are ready. And in these tough economic times, doesn't it make a lot more sense to stop doing something that is expensive and doesn't work -- flunking students -- and start doing something that actually helps them? A new documentary, Waiting for Superman, will soon be released and we are working on getting Examiners free, possibly sneak preview access, to this film. Wea€™d like you to participate in screening the film and covering the critical education issues it addresses. Wea€™ll also be promoting content related to the film, profiling profound teachers making a difference.
We know that these schools push out lower-performing students and refuse to even admit many special education or limited English-speaking students. And, overall, research shows that charter and other corporate-run schools are doing a worse job than traditional neighborhood schools. In fact, one of Arne's greatest assets is his ability to lie with a pleasant, non-threatening smile on his face. And that's a problem because, if Congress believes his lies, they will pass his ideas into law.
It's time to tell the truth about Arne Duncan, what he's done here in Chicago, and what he's trying to do to our children's education. However, we strongly disagree with your opposition to paying for this initiative with funds previously allocated for Race To the Top (RTTT) strategies, teacher pay-for-performance programs, and charter school expansion.
While you characterize these strategies as a€?sweeping reforms,a€? we believe that they are unproven, reckless, wasteful experiments which put our most vulnerable children at risk.
However, we strongly disagree with your opposition to paying for this initiative with funds previously allocated for Race To the Top (RTTT) strategies, teacher pay-for-performance programs, and charter school expansion. You call these programs a€?vital,a€? a€?bold,a€? and a€?critical reform efforts.a€? We see the Obey amendment as a win-win situation.

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