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Simply put you bring them home with you.  If you live in an apartment the colonies unchecked may expand into your suite but the primary source of bed bugs is them getting into your luggage and bringing them home. It is not an issue of being dirty or having a messy house,  pure and simple they come after you to suck on your blood.  Their food source is blood.
There is an absolute global epidemic of bed bugs and the more you travel the greater the chance you will encounter them in hotels, independent of the number of stars the hotel has. If you are getting bitten and think you have bed bugs, do not delay get a specially trained bed bug dog to inspect your home and if you find them discuss your alternatives with a pest control expert.
A lot of parents wonder if it’s really necessary to have their children get fillings in their baby teeth.  Since baby teeth just end up falling out, why not let the cavity fall out with the baby tooth rather than paying to have a dentist remove the cavity? Many people assume that baby teeth aren’t that important since they quickly get replaced by permanent adult teeth as a child grows.
Now that you understand why baby teeth are important, let’s talk about whether or not baby teeth need fillings. When thinking about getting cavities in baby teeth filled, there are a couple of main things to think about: How much use your child will get out of the filling and how big the cavity is. If a tooth is about to fall out (or exfoliate if you want to speak in fancy dental terms), then your child probably wouldn’t get much use out of a filling in that tooth. The other main factor to look at is how big the cavity is.  Although dentists recommend treating cavities when they are small, sometimes a cavity can be so small that it can repair itself under the right circumstances!
If the cavity is small and has just started, there is a chance that it can repair itself through the process of remineralization.
Most dentists will be able to give you a good idea as to whether or not your child would benefit from a filling in a baby tooth or if it’s really not necessary. Do you have any questions or comments about fillings in baby teeth?  I’d love to hear them in the comments section below. My baby got her firsts cavities when she was 6 months, i know shocking i brush her teeth when shes done.drinking her bottle or eating. Unless the cavity is severe enough to do damage, filling cavities in baby teeth is costly and does no good for any child.
If a tooth is going to fall out in a matter of months, it shouldn’t be filled as I stated in the article above. Hi Bernard – You may want to ask the dentist what would happen if the frenectomy were not performed. Whenever you will be investing over a thousand dollars into something, it might also be a good idea to get a second opinion.

I found out my son (3) has a number of cavities and the recommendation is to have them filled which I plan to do. I have a 5 year old son and on a recent visit to a new dentist (we moved states), the new dentist said that my son needs several fillings on his back molars.
Anyway- my question is this: do they do fillings on a little boy this young, or do they do stainless steel caps?
Hi I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old son with autism his dentist said they both need to have fillings and x-rays done they will have to put them under I’m a little scared about that should I have them do it ?
My baby young toddler has 16 teeth in her mouth and recently went to her first dental checkup. And if the cavities are really that small, do they really have to be filled right now while she is so young?
I have a daughter who is 5 years old and has one very tiny cavity on the top of one her back tooth.
My 6 year has some cavities in her teeth and the dentist wants to cap All of them is this necessary. I initially took him to the dentist because he had a little ball on his gum above the front tooth. The dr said wanted to fix 6 teeth due to cavities, possible do the baby tooth root treatment, crowns, fillings and remove his two front teeth.
My 5 year old son has cavities on his two back molars and I refuse to put him under for fillings. I’ve recently changed dentists because of the awful care we all received in their care. Drilling and filling baby teeth should be avoided if at all possible, but many dentists will never tell you that! I started this site to help you have a better understanding of dentistry so that you can make informed decisions regarding your dental treatment. I can understand if a child has a very severe cavity that causes pain, but usually these types of cavities take many years to develop. He has three visible brownish cavities on his two lateral incisors and one central incisor, near the gumline. The dentist said that her mouth was full of small cavities and she wants to fill 3 of them. We took her once to true getting it filed and they got one shot in but stopped after that because she is completely terrified of more shots.

When you arrive home do not put your suitcases in your bedroom instead wash all your clothing and leave the bed bugs in the garage or your storeroom. Then the dentist tells me not only does she have 7 cavities, but that she NEEDS a Frenectomy. I was upset because I’ve brushed her teeth twice per day since her first tooth sprouted, and I thought I was doing an okay job.
They want her to see a specialists to put her to sleep to fill it but I don’t believe a child so young should be put to sleep. The dr said he needs crowns and fillings for his back teeth, possible root treatment and his front teeth need to come out.
She filled them as cavities and obviously made me feel like the worst mother on the planet. My dentist has remarked to me about this; she will not fill cavities on small children unless infection is a problem, or unless there is pain associated with the cavity. I understand there are risks with using anesthesia, but I don’t want my baby to have a traumatizing experience, either.
It will be done in two appts but it sounds a lot of dental work for a 5 yr old for baby teeth. I nursed until she was 12 months old, she went straight to straw cup not sippy and I brushed her teeth the same as I did my 7 year old. Since switching after 2 years there the new pediatric dentist says her decay is severe and wants to cap almost every tooth silver. Why have parents spend money on cavities when the teeth are only going to fall out in a matter of months?
I am so ashamed that he has cavities, because I know it’s my fault for not enforcing better oral hygiene. That dentist just scraped away the decay, put a little bit of cavity filler in it, hardened it, buffed it and he was done. It literally only took him 3 minutes to do it, but it took 2 nurses and myself to hold him down.
But it looks perfect and you can’t even tell where the filling was done a year later!

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