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For too many of us, weeks, months and even years go by, and there’s too much strain, stress and striving and too little laughter, love, lighthearted fun or quality time of any type with dad. Don’t worry if you’re a “long-distance dad”—you can still put your family first and have fun with them on a consistent basis. Spell casting: love spells & wicca spells, With an expert in the casting of authentic dragon spells!
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Because no matter how far you are from your family physically, they need your love, support and encouragement in their lives.

But one thought I guarantee you will not have: I should have spent more time at the office.
I believe that in many cases we as dads choose, consciously or unconsciously, to put something (or multiple things) in front of our family. Fun time doesn’t have to be a grand vacation (although good family vacations are not to be missed). We all choose what we focus on in life, and if we choose to put work or worry or our bank account or something else in front of our families, we will eventually reap what we sow. It can just be time rolling around with your kids on the floor, watching a good movie together on Friday night or going to the park or the beach together on a Saturday.

It can even be helping your son or daughter with their homework—as long as it’s done in the right way. It definitely should include occasional romantic evenings with your wife (leave the kids at home). Not only will you have fun together (and what’s a family for if you can’t have fun together?) but you’ll also be creating warm and wonderful memories.

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