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I know that every little almost seen the Disney movie and series Little Mermaid and captivated by the red locks of Ariel. The distinctive feature of this girl is the long and flowing red hair that you can imitate buy buying a good quality hair wig for your costume party. Aside from the perfect fitting wig, you can copy her blue eyes by buying contact lenses, her green tail by other purchasing it online or doing it yourself tactic and the purple seashell bikini top that you can get customized from your favorite sewer. REASON 4: When Grimsby offers him a very arrogant statue, Eric is humble enough to not connect with the image but polite enough to pass it off gently.
REASON 10: Even when shit gets real and Eric stumbles and injures himself, he gets Max out. He takes Ariel on a friendly tour of the kingdom, but by the time he takes her to the lagoon he realizes his feelings are changing.
He knows that Ariel surpasses any ideal fantasy and abandons the mystery girl for his real love. I know that some rides like Star Tours, and Toy Story Mania, by necessity need to use screens as part of the ride. In Ariel's transformation to a human, why not use an animatronic with fiber optic sparklers around her legs, or even a Pepper's Ghost trick to make it look like her fin changes into legs? And why have a screen Ariel overheard when I guess they could have built a little Ariel animatronic to make it look like the real Little Mermaid is circling above?
Maybe that's a good thing as it might mean that there is some space behind these screens that they could use to put in a real scene. I just ask because the screens are very close to the ride vehicle, just figured there was a wall a foot behind them or something. I personally have no problem with the use of screens where it is appropriate, it's not like the entire Mermaid ride is nothing but screens they are only used in three place (best I can remember).
And at the risk of starting another argument, I just don't understand you deep seated hatred of this ride? I would also say that I love the BoG restaurant area, and that 7DMT just might turn out to be a very nice ride if they had the same level of details.
What I really would like to see would be a diagram that shows the space in the Mermaid show building, as far as screens are concerned.
Plus, I believe there were rumors that the old plans for FLE used some really neat magic trick where Cinderella would transform from the maid into a ball gown in front of guests eyes. I figure that a Pepper's Ghost type trick could be used to switch between two version of Ariel, perhaps masking the transition with the use of fiber optic pixie dust or something.

I haven't ridden Potter or even Spiderman yet, I always just visited Disney parks in Orlando, though I am interested to see Potter in the future when I make it back out there. Maybe this diagram explains why some scenes don't have a lot of real estate to play with.
The ride would be better if they had real actresses playing every Ariel animatronic and interacting with each guest.
I'm not known for giving Disney any slack, but at what point do you say people are being unreasonable. Peter Pan has the pirate ship flying to London, a nice little scene with a fiber optic (I guess) pirate boat at the end, much more whimsical than Peter Pan, Wendy, and the lost boys lining up to wave good-bye. Remember, Mermaid will be where it is for a long time, probably four decades or more, I think it is better to do it right the first time and let the quality bring people back into the parks. You will want to swim around the crowd gathering lots of attention with your beautiful voice.
You if you are planning to have this kind of inspiration, either for yourself or for your kid, better prepare yourself first by watching the movie again. This isn’t an attempt to argue against it—this post is a trendsetter every prince should represent! He has it on a ship in the middle of the ocean because he loves sailing more than anything else and all his bros want to throw him a bash because he’s just a badass motherfucker.
He doesn’t wait a moment to help his fellow seamen batten the hatches and prepare the ship for the storm.
So he does the one thing every mofo knows to do: he returns to the burning ship TO SAVE HIS DOG.
He risked his life to ensure the safety of others, and he would have died if Ariel hadn’t been there. He’s developing affection for her and it makes him uncomfortable to feel for more than one woman (in his eyes). He’s out in the middle of the ocean with no weapons, facing a sea-witch with an all-powerful trident. He grabs the rope from a ship in the middle of a whirlpool and manages to run to the helm while bashed by waves.
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I know that there are screens used extensively in Mermaid, but I guess I just chalked it up to limited space, but now I'm not so sure.

Maybe this is why it is hard (at least for me) to get into the magic of the ride as you switch between screens and animatronics and nothing feels like it is connected.
The screens are just another tool in the imgineers toolbox, I see not reasonnot to use them.
You can't deny it, this is the second thread you have started to criticize elements of the ride, not to mention discussions in other threads. I can't imagine disliking a ride SO much that I would feel the need to continually post about it on a website.
I really think the animated effect for the transformation works better than any animitronic would. Toad where Toad winds up in hell and the ride ends, which I think kind of works as it is part of the story, and is a neat scene visually. We’ve seen this with Max already, but in the next few scenes squid will hit the fan on a whole new level. He wakes to Ariel and once again he puts aside thoughts of where he is or how he got there—he just runs to her and spins her around.
Of the three uses in Mermaid the I like the overhead one the best, I don't thing they could have gotten anywhere near the same effect if they had used animatronics. His protective instincts fire strong and he speaks gently and kindly, helping her back to the palace.
Also a wannabe translator of the Japanese-to-English variety, currently learning by translating random things. Also, in DCA space was an issue, since they built Mermaid to fit into an existing space in the park, so the size and shape of the ride was constrained by the space they had to work with. If I remember right, the top shot is not really visible for a long period of time and was more of a transition turn. Eric’s more than a little awkward with girls in general, but his affection is always genuine. I know it is post-wedding for Ariel, but she got married on a ship, and the scene looks very cramped.

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